The Words of the Yu Family

Closing ceremony of the "30-Day Special Education of the Original Substance of the Divine Principle for 3,600 New Tribal Messiahs"

Jeong Ok Yu
June 15, 2012
(4.26 HC)
Central Training Center, Korea

Note: These notes are taken from a Peace TV video clip. They cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication of True Father's words. However, they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message. -- Rev. Katsumi Kambashi

Closing ceremony of the "30-Day Special Education of the Original Substance of the Divine Principle for 3,600 New Tribal Messiahs" (신종족적 메시아 3600 원리 본체론 30 특별교육) on 4. 26 HC (June 15, 2012) at the Central Training Center (posted on the web page 통일교)

At the ceremony, Rev. Seuk, substituting True Parents, gave the certificate to eight representatives of the participants of the workshop: Mrs. Kyeong Soon Lee (representative of four sages), Rev. Yung Hee Kim (36 Blessing couples), Rev. Yeong Man Kwon (those who have public mission), Rev. Dong Seok Jeong (72 Blessing couples), Mr. Doo Pyo Hong (124 Blessing couples), Rev. Pyeong Rae Moon (430 Blessing couples), Mr. In Yeong Song (2nd gen families), and Mrs. Etsuko Oda (international Blessing couples).

During his message, Rev. Seuk said: "When we lead our life that True Parents can't help but have sympathy for, God will help us. I know well that the declaration ceremony of the registration to the four dimensional world (4차원 입적 선포식), which was held at the Cheon Hwa Gung, Las Vegas on 4. 16 HC, is related to the the foundation of your 120 bows you offered during the workshop. At the ceremony, Father talked about our responsibility of 4% on the top of the victorious foundation of 96 % of responsibility accomplished by God and True Parents. Father said 4% is associated with the realm of four generations, and actually four generations of True Family joined the ceremony. Father said this is the time of the perfect settlement of True Parents and Heavenly True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind (참부모와 하늘 천지인 참부모가 완전히 정착식한 시간). He also said when we complete 100% of responsibility, we can become the citizens of the Cheon Il Guk. We, as the Tribal Messiahs who are advancing for the Foundation Day, must accomplish our responsibility of 4%, which is the restoration of four generations."

Rev. Jeong Ok Yu, who was the main lecturer of the workshop said: "Now we must live to the words. As of now, we learned the words and tried to live up to them, but we couldn't. All of us have repented during the workshop. Our heartistic relationship with True Parents will be eternal in the spirit world. Please don't forget that Father had told us to 'Be the 발광체 (發光體 / Pal Gwang Che: a person who sheds illumination around).' I believe the certificate you receive this time is the first and last one in human history, which you will be proud of, even in the spirit world. But from now on you should lead your life in which you will never feel shameful in front of the certificate. Do you think your path is just easy? Every time you have difficulties, please hold and see your certificate reminding yourself of what you experienced during the 30 days."

Rev. Pyeong Rae Moon initiated Og Mansei, which concluded the closing ceremony. 

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