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Proclaiming the Completion of the Liberated Realm of the Portion of Responsibility in God's Providential History - Original Divine Principle Workshop - Part 9 of 10

Jeong Ok Yu
January 24 -30, 2010
San Marino
First European Education Session

Principle of restoration

It's not just a lecture, but a formula explaining how to get back to God.

Satan must be subjugated and the Messiah must come.

Providence of restoration is about taking a fallen person back to the original state. A perfected person is the body of God and his will is God's will. God lives in him all the time. A fallen person is Satan's house and does Satan's will, has fallen nature. To be reborn through the Messiah eliminating the original sin is a necessary condition to get back to God. Original sin came into humanity just before Adam and Eve were supposed to be blessed. So we have the original sin removed at that stage and then we walk the path of principle, the path of Shim Jung. True Parents builds bridges and tunnels and make highways so that all their children can follow that same path. Originally there was only the path of principle, Shim Jung. Because of the fall, the two first stages became the path of restoration. The words of the principle are the bright truth, like the sunlight and all the other religions have lost their light. Human Beings must go through the path of restoration. The position of the original humanity is down at the bottom. Fallen human beings are in the midway position. We have the evil and good parts in us and we are between the two.

We didn't receive the blessing at the top of the completion stage although God is waiting us. Without a life of attendance, we cannot go from there.

We receive the blessing before being completed, having received the word. So we'll be judged first through the word. We must leave everything up to the True Parents, having met all the conditions. Having 3 spiritual children was an absolute condition for receiving the blessing. The Archangel would have had to help Adam and Eve as well as their children, After that Adam and Eve could have blessed him. If the Archangel could have been blessed by Adam and Eve. If we can't accomplish our mission, it's very fearful. Absolute sex is necessary and having 3 spiritual children who have the right of inheritance like our children. Without them, my children could not have been born. The we can work through our trinity. The spiritual parent needs to have 3 spiritual children, raise them and work with them. True Parents gave the blessing first to their 3 spiritual children. Then there were the 36 couples and the 72 (36 Cain and Abel) and so on. That could prevent Satan from attacking true parents and true family. Even so, True Parents have had to lay their lives on the line.

Three-dimensional history of the conflict between good and evil

God is trying to relate with me, as well as Satan. According to the conditions I establish, I'll go to the good side....

The indemnity conditions are always the opposite way of the fall, in order to go back. Job got everything taken away from him. He didn't turn away from God until the end and never complained. The people cursed him. Even his wife accused him. However difficult it may be, never blame God or anyone else. This is the way to pay indemnity conditions. True Parents sent 5 of their children to the Spirit World without any tear. Adam and Eve should have made indemnity conditions: vertical: absolute sex: Foundation of Faith and horizontal: Foundation of Substance: substantiation of the word.

Abraham's family

A person with no tears is not alive, so is a person with no longing.

Adam, Noah, Abraham's families had a Shim Jung with God. Abraham was the older son of a family of idol worshippers, on Satan's side.

The foundation of Substance could have been accomplished through Isaac and Ishmael. But Hagar and Ishmael were sent away instead of being embraced by Abraham and Sarah. From them come the Arabic people.

Noah was called after 10 generations, as quickly as possible. 10 generations later, with a shorter life span, 400 years later (10 years for every day of the flood judgment), Abraham was called. After the ideal world is established, life span will be prolonged again to the original length. Abraham followed God with his nephew and had to accomplish the condition that should have been offered in Adam's family, as a condition of faith. There was the same process of Shim Jung as Noah had while building the ark. He went to Egypt with Sarah. The Egyptians saw Sarah's beauty and decided to offer her to Pharaoh. She was said to be Abraham's sister. She used every means to keep her chastity and when Pharaoh tried to take her by force, God intervened and told pharaoh that she is married to Abraham. So he got Abraham to explain why he had lied about his relationship to her. Abraham was as Adam, Sarah as Eve and the Pharaoh as the Archangel. Sarah could restore through indemnity the situation between Eve and the Archangel. He returned to Canaan with wife, Lot and wealth, and restored through indemnity Noah's course.

The 3 sacrifices symbolized the whole cosmos. The heifer represents the Lord of the Second Advent. It comes from a story of Samson; he trusted his wife with the answer to the riddle, but she told the people of the village who could solve the riddle. He compared his wife to a heifer. In Rev. 19:7, the age of the wife is the age of the heifer. The heifer ruminates as well as the goat and ram. They can be used for the sacrifice. A goat has a strong character. They fight very hard, backing up and charging again. The sound of the horns crashing together is very hard. Some animals symbolize God's and others Satan's side.

God had asked Abraham to divide all the animals, but he only cut the large ones and the birds were taken by Satan. Because of that, everything was taken by Satan. The birds were like the first floor of 3 floor building and if it crushes, the whole house crushes. The cutting symbolized dividing between good and evil. Like in Noah's time, the people inside and outside the ark. With Abraham's mistake, the whole offering was taken by Satan and this had to be indemnified by the 400 years in Egypt, and Isaac had to be offered. It's a very fearsome that not cutting two birds might have such consequences. When we receive a commandment from God, we don't know the indemnity consequences for not doing it (lesser, equal, greater). The providence was prolonged through 3 generations. If the offering had been successful, Ishmael and Isaac could have restored through indemnity the foundation of substance.

Once a person fails he cannot be used a second time. But Abraham was used to offer his son. It's because there was a condition in the principle...

If Isaac or Abraham had refused, it would have been a terrible situation for God. After realizing that his descendants would have to suffer for 400 years, he understood how serious the situation was. So he had to restore with Sarah Adam's situation once more and went to the Gerar Kingdom, where she maintained her chastity as well. When the king tried to take her by force, God intervened, after she had fulfilled her responsibility completely. God can intervene when we've done everything we could and there's no other way. Once more Abraham took his wife, Lot and wealth back to Canaan, thus restoring Noah's situation. If there is only the smallest condition for Satan to invade, he'll do it, just like water will infiltrate in the smallest crack. Abraham was 100 years old and had to cut his beloved son with a knife. Isaac had to figure out why his father was behaving like that.

He couldn't say it was OK to be offered and Abraham couldn't explain to his son either. They had to go through a 3-day course, a separation from Satan. Isaac asked what the offering was. If Satan had entered Abraham, what would have happened? He said to Isaac that God would prepare the offering. Isaac offered himself absolutely obediently. Both didn't show tears. Satan was watching, just like Job. We make many conditions for Satan to attack us, therefore the providence is not advancing more quickly. The 200 leaders her must absolutely become one and shed tears together and rejoice together and then God can rejoice with all and get a great victory. If Abraham or Isaac had not had absolute faith and obedience, this could not have happened. As the knife was coming down, Satan was separated, so it was not necessary to go through it. It happened in the split of a second. Absolute faith, love and obedience. Abraham and Isaac appeared as one body. So Isaac could become the central figure for the symbolic offering restoring Abraham's mistake.

In Adam's family, as Adam couldn't do the Foundation of Faith, Abel did it instead and he would also have fulfilled the Foundation of Substance. From Noah to Jacob there were 12 generations. True Parents have to indemnify all of human history in one True Parents' generation. We have to understand how serious this is. Every moment True Parents are fighting against Satan.

Why could Isaac not be the central figure for the Foundation of Substance himself? Because he was the offering. So his second son became the Central Figure.

Jacob first had to restore the birthright and he had to restore the woman in Haran. If we don't know the principle, we can commit terrible sin. He also brought the angel to submission at the Ford of Jabok.

Esau was very masculine and hairy and he liked hunting, thus losing the track of time. He'd come back late and the parents appreciated Jacob. One night, he came back late and hungry and saw Jacob's soup and asked for it. This time Jacob said that he could have it against his birthright, calling him older brother. As the older brother didn't fulfill his responsibility, the younger had to. One night, the father talks to Esau, asking him to hunt and prepare a good meal, so he could give him the blessing and inheritance.

The mother heard that and took a ram from the house, prepared it a delicious meal, disguised himself with the lambskin. The father asks whether he was not Jacob and Jacob repeated the conversation with Esau about killing a lamb and cooking it to receive the blessing. Jacob desperately wanted to receive the blessing, even to the point of fooling his father. We need that kind of children and spiritual children. He received the blessing and then Isaac returned and went to his dad. He realized that Jacob had fooled him again and was going to kill him.

Their mother sent Jacob to Haran to escape the wrath of his brother. In Haran, he just worked for his uncle, not knowing how long he'd stay. According to the promise, he married the 2nd daughter after 7 years, but in the morning of the marriage night, when he takes off the veil, he discovers that the uncle has cheated him by giving the first daughter, Lea. He gives him the 2nd daughter against another 7 years of work. Altogether, there were 12 sons. From the 1st daughter and her maid, there were 6 sons and from the 2nd daughter and her maid, 6 sons. Jacob lived with 4 women and it was difficult for him; already it is difficult to live with 1 woman. His secret was that he didn't speak. He'd just listen and not respond and that's how he got a victory. Just speak according to the principle. Jacob received the wealth for another 7 years (animals with spots).

Providence of restoration in 8 vertical stages

August 31st, 1989. 8 stages on Abel and on Cain sides.

The Messiah, in the position of servant of servants on the Abel side brings back the Servant of servants on the Cain side back, which he does at the risk of his life, being persecuted and hit. Then he goes back and is elevated into the servant position. There he continues doing that, always demonstrating the heart of unconditional love, showing loyalty and going beyond the level that all others went all the way to son, where Adam had to go to. He has to love more that any son that has existed, no matter what persecution. True Father went to Pyongyang and received 100 days of torture when he was first taken in the police station.

Everyone would have cursed God for letting him be in that terrible situation. But True Father never acted wrongly. He loved God even more and some people testified like that about True Father's filial attitude. True Mother cannot go on Satan's side. She's never fundraised or witnessed, but kept completely pure untouched by Satan. So True Father paid the indemnity in her place and there are the stories of the 6 Mary's who acted in True Mother's place to go in the 6 first positions and restored the Mother to the position of True Mother.

Because True Father had to go that path, there was no other way to go. In Original Divine Principle, there cannot be any secret left and everything will be made clear. This happened right after WWII. If the nations had fulfilled their role, a British lady would have been True Mother, as the UK was in the position of the mother. Then the providence would have been completed in 7 years. The royal family of UK would have taken care of inviting all the presidents, prime ministers and royal families of the world. But everything was lost, so Japan was established as Eve and mother country, and he had to start from servant of servants again.

This is an indemnity course that True Father had to go because God permitted it. When Jacob went to his uncle's house and had two wives, that was also permitted by God. Always the secret police of the Japanese were assigned to follow him and the women were tempting him, taking off their clothes and giving him money, like 10'000 yen, which would have been enough to pay the tuition for a year. No matter how much he was tempted, he didn't let go, else God's providence would have been lost. He couldn't treat them badly, otherwise they would have denounced him to the police. He would say he was impotent and he could control himself to the point of not getting excited by these women. This was so hard to have all these women tempt him. He taught them, forgave them and raised them. He maintained absolute sex. True Parents has gone a way that nobody knows. The time is coming for revealing all this. True Mother lived in a member's home and cooked and lived like a servant for 3 years.

True Father could go before God as the True Parents. On January 13th 2001, there was the coronation of God's kingship. Then there were the two other ceremonies preceding the start of the teaching of Original Divine Principle.

After January 13th 2013, there will be another association that unites Physical World and Spirit World. Every day, True Father counts down to that date. The gates will be opened and all the Spirit World will come down, people will have spiritual experiences. It will be the Cheon Il Guk association. It sounds like a dream but it will happen because True Parents have been preparing for that day. There is only one sister of True Father left in North Korea. Wouldn't it be great if True Father could go travel with her around the world?

In 1971, there was a blessing ceremony in Korea. The newly blessed families 777 put the money together and bought a Lincoln car for True Father, but the state wouldn't allow the car to be brought in, so it was auctioned in the harbor of Pusan. We bought it in the auction and gave it to True Parents. We had to hire a driver to take it to Seoul. Finally a driver was found and he drove it to the HQ to give to True Father who shed tears receiving it.

We were just renting a house at that time and many complained that we could have bought many churches for the money of that car. Hyo Jin Nim was just a kindergarten kid and was so proud that True Father was driving a car more expensive than that of the president.

We should build the area in Cheonju like it used to be while True Father grew up there. It would be the holy place for pilgrimages. If True Father can go there while alive, he can tell us exactly how it was and we can restore it to its original state. We must offer our sincerity and dedication. His homeland and nation become our homeland and nation. Until now God has had no country or homeland, but that's where God wants to go. Satan tried to kill the messiah through torture but was not successful. Now True Father is 90 years old and still standing in the forefront and there is still a path we have to walk with him. Walking that last km with him is a privilege. Becoming one with them, we can go.

The 8 horizontal stages is how True Parents have conducted the restoration. It's not written in Divine Principle and praying about it allows us to shed tears and understand deeply. When True Father prayed on the tatami, it became so wet that the floor below became wet and the house would shake out of the lamentation. Now there is still a lot that they want to do, but their body is so old, so we have to support them. We cannot get back to the life before. WE have to work more and become one and we'll be able to accomplish that.

Adam's family

The reasons Adam could not be used; new point: transferred the blame: God asked him where he was and how he knew he was naked. He should have repented and recognized his mistake and asked God to show him the way. Instead, he pointed at Eve as the source of his mistake. She transferred the blame to the serpent. So they didn't take responsibility and God couldn't help. No matter how difficult it may be, the father needs to take responsibility for the mistake.

God lets Satan strike first, receives the blow and then Satan must repair.

When True Parents strike, it is out of Shim Jung and we want to be with them as we feel their love. We must teach Cain with Shim Jung and show the way.

A husband is a leader in the church and brings little money home. The wife earns money and asks him to get a job outside. They get a fight as they have to survive but want to live for the church. God cannot go to either and there may be an accident or another problem. When we fight about God's will, we have to repent and if we don't we may get a hard lesson. If we go to church on Sunday, do we go with a joyful heart? Or are husband and wife fighting? That kind of negative Spirit World will follow the family to church. The members will not be inspired by the sermon. At least 3 people should pray for 3 hours as a preparation and there should be singing before. Then we can receive grace that we can then share with others. A blessed family is a family that God can always live with.

The attitude of going to Heaven

Because Abel is receiving God's and True Parents' love, he should give that to the members.

Cain should separate from Satan and receive God's words. The relationship between Cain and Abel is like root and soil. The roots need to be covered by the soil and find their nourishment in the soil. Cain cannot survive if he rejects the soil.

Everything is decided in the moment although the preparation may be very long. If we make a mistake, it can leave a strong mark, as well as a victory. Each moment comes together to create a day, year and so on. Each moment is precious.

When True Father goes fishing, it's for a providential reason.

Noah, after the flood judgment should have made the proclamation that any mistake any member of the family would make would be personal responsibility and not have a consequence on all. In Uruguay, True Father invited the leaders and the next day was the 31st of May and there was a storm. The waves were very high. But once True Father leaves, he must go out. He went out with 10 meter high waves. Members asked him to go back. I was afraid for True Father. We were the only boat on the ocean that day. We couldn't get to our destination even after 2 hours. So we fished a while and then went back and went to the national garden, not to the hotel. June 1st was the day Noah came out of the ark and stepped on the earth. That day he wrote a calligraphy and he went to Jardim. Last year, True Father celebrated the autobiography on that same day.

We were with True Father in South America while True Mother was touring around the world for 50 days. We were in a very shallow area, looking for a fish. True Father was carrying 3 fishing poles with many hooks on it and caught so many fish that they couldn't bring them all back. The fish shed blood as an indemnity condition to avoid humanity from shedding so much blood at the end of times. At that time there was only a small hut in Jardim. He would get out of the hut early in the morning and want to go fishing.

It was all dark and we could hardly see whether the fish were biting and there were lots of mosquitoes. The first fish he caught, he'd always offer to heaven. So we always tried to catch the small fish first. But True Father said we had to offer the large fish. True Father had read in my mind. He asked if I wouldn't feed my hungry children in the middle of the night. That was his motivation for fishing in the night, but I couldn't understand. True Father always knows what goes on in our minds but pretends not to know. We cannot guess what he is thinking. In Pantanal, he'd have 16 poles at once on the ship.

True Father had an exact order and knew where each one was. He'd cast the lines out exactly straight and he'd catch fish 10 or 20 when others wouldn't catch any. Once it was so hot that we were in our pajamas and we were totally suntanned. One fish was taking a pole away while he was talking to God about the providence, so he didn't notice it. We think he likes to fish but that's not his reason. He goes to Las Vegas because he wants to completely uproot the satanic culture which is concentrated in Las Vegas.

He's not going there to gamble or have fun. He sits until 3 in the morning and he loves that place in order to restore it. Don't think he is gambling for fun. Once he accomplishes the will for that place he won't ever go back there again. Everything is established in the moment!!! It's important not to see things from our own viewpoint. If there's something we don't understand now, we'll understand it later, maybe. Some things True Father said I couldn't understand and wrote them down and later, I got it. I wrote about 100 notebooks.

Also when I was in Japan, he called me and said many things about the providence. His love for the providential nations is written in there. He would call me any time and that's why I can teach the deep Shim Jung that others don't know. Please understand that I'm advanced in age and it's hard to stand for many hours, and I'll write a proud report to True Father about this education session to the European leaders. It's a very joyful experience because it's God's grace we feel here.

In the final days, we have to go to our hometown. Even True Father went to his hometown, to Satan's place.

Moses course

Difference from previous courses: national level

He was the model for Jesus and went the model image course for Jesus.

The purpose was to go from Egypt to Canaan, but the people didn't even believe him and he couldn't start. They could have gone in 21 days. The second course would have lasted 21 months. The third course lasted 40 years and he couldn't even enter into Canaan. The first gen all died, except for Joshua and Caleb for they were the only two who never wavered. We are walking that course today.

God gave them manna and quail while they were wondering in the desert. They defeated the Amalekites with the help of God and then Moses went on Nt. Sinai where he fasted for 40 days to receive the tablets carved by God with the 10 commandments. As the people built a golden calf, he got angry and broke the tablets. He had to fast again and carve the stones himself. He sent 12 spies, of whom 10 gave a very pessimistic report. Because of that disbelief, they had to wonder in the wilderness for 40 years, one year per day of spying, and all the 1st generation died.

In Kadesh Barnea, he was so angry that he struck the rock to get water from the rock. He wasn't allowed to go into Canaan. They sent two spies who went into the house of a prostitute who hid them. The second generation crossed the river with faith, carrying the ark of the covenant separating the water in two. The uncircumcised men were circumcised and they walked around the city of Jericho whose walls came down.

True Father went to the wall of Jericho and prayed there. If we become one with True Parents, the whole world will be submitted to True Father. Moses course is ours. Who is among the 10 spies, who stopped at the red sea? Who was grateful for what God gave? What happens to our children if we, 1st gen make mistake? The way the Israelites came out is our course and the question is where we are now. 

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