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Proclaiming the Completion of the Liberated Realm of the Portion of Responsibility in God's Providential History - Original Divine Principle Workshop - Part 7 of 10

Jeong Ok Yu
January 24 -30, 2010
San Marino
First European Education Session


Until now, people had not understood the concept of life and death as having or not a relationship with God. Resembling God's Shim Jung and being one with God is alive. Whoever lives in Jesus and believes in him shall never die. A funeral is a ceremony for the dead. A Seunghwa is a ceremony for the living, the people who have received the blessing. He who believes shall never die. If we follow True Parents, even if we die physically, we are eternally alive, with God.

Resurrection means going from Satan's dominion to God's dominion. It doesn't just happen overnight. It's a process of establishing the Shim Jung connection that was severed. Those whose level of faith is high are coming back to life. If all the people who died came back to life on the earth, it would be an awful overcrowded world.

Changes caused by resurrection:

Externally, none; but internally incredible changes. Peter, a fisherman followed Jesus, leaving behind his family. Judas also strongly believed in Jesus, therefore he was in charge with the treasury. But Satan entered him. We need to purify ourselves every day and we get resurrected to the extent that we receive God's word. What is Rev. Yu going to teach me, I'm already a lecturer! We are feeling and realizing things, that's God's grace. If we want to receive a lot, we have to open the door of our mind and then we can receive a lot. I'm also being resurrected as I'm lecturing. My legs may be swelling, but my mind is happy. If the translator understands only 80%, you'll be only understand that much.

Many Christians in Korea believe that because of the fall, Human Beings don't live eternally in the physical body. They came to give me that word just before my sermon. I told them to sit down to listen. But he said he had done his mission by conveying their concept of death.

Resurrection is needed because Human Beings fell and died. This didn't refer to physical death as they continued to live for about 900 years. Physical death is not a consequence of the fall. With the power point presentation, we don't need to memorize or write according to our own understanding. We can just read.

Nothing made of physical material lives eternally! We have physical life in order to fulfill our purpose in life and then we can continue on in the spiritual world. But in order to fulfill our purpose in life, we need to go back to God's dominion through the holy wine ceremony and blessing. All Human Beings are supposed to believe and practice the word based on the physical body and go through the 3 orderly stages of growth, thanks to the merit of the age.

We have physical body and God's providence begins on earth, although billions of people in the Spirit World are waiting to be resurrected. If we just receive God's word and act, we can be resurrected. Who is the hospital first taking care of? The emergency patients. They are the people on earth.

We are in the time of great transition in which God's word is complete to restore the original nature. A spirit doesn't become a divine spirit overnight!!!

What is Christian? Is Unification Church Christian? Believing in God as the creator and parent of humankind, in Jesus as the savior, in the Bible as God's word. Therefore Unification Church is Christian, even without the cross. They say we are not Christian because we don't have the cross. But we cannot just cry out to the cross "oh lord, oh lord..." Some put the crown of thorn on the cross. When Jesus sees that, is he happy?

Faith and practice have to be one. There is no completion in ignorance. We must attend the Messiah at his second coming. The fall took place on earth, so heaven has to be established on earth, too. Jesus was the son of God, the Messiah who came to save us. Why couldn't he go to heaven?

In Kingdom of Heaven there is no concept of jealousy and arrogance or anything that has to do with the fall. This is trained on earth in the family. True Father taught the ministers that God had sexual organs, but many were shocked, as he said something new, just like Jesus, so they couldn't believe.

Jesus said God was his father and he was his son. This is Jesus' deepest revelation. True Father has 1200 books of speeches and every year the number is increasing. All the knowledge is kept.

We all have thousands of spirits around us, some of them excellent, others bad. I'm talking for them, too. No only your but their heart has to understand, too. A brother prayed and received the revelation he was the lord. Another family man totally lost his mind. He gave his children new names -- the names of the 12 disciples -- and he acted as if he was the lord. I told him he was Peter. Then he wouldn't talk to me anymore. He has so much power. He said he was Nietzsche's spirit. His father had become communist and he also studied that. But Nietzsche told him not to believe that God was dead, contrary to what he had taught.

People only reflect on the vertical relationship and not the vertical one. People who are open spiritually are fearful and cannot unite with one another as they are arrogant. One who had worked on his spiritual life for year. He wanted to be attended by all the church members instead of attending. Rev. Yo Han Lee also received the revelation he was the lord in Jeju Island. When he met True Father, he realized that True Father was the lord. True Father asked him to cook and he did it, in a humble way. After hearing Original Divine Principle Yo Han Lee understood that he had acted mistakenly and he is now listening very humbly to the lectures.

What will happen to all believers if only 144,000 were saved. 144 means 12 x 12 and the 3 zeros after that mean formation, growth perfection stage. 12 generations and 12 children.

Unification of religions through returning resurrections. A father said all his children had adopted another faith and they couldn't unite.

I went to the home of a member of a Presbyterian church. When I told him I was Unificationist, he got so upset. Jesus comes back with all his followers and they will all work for the lord at his second advent, Sun Myung Moon, same with other religions, Buddhism, Confucianism...


Our ancestors had many good accomplishments and therefore we could meet the Messiah. When we reach the limit of their accomplishments, it becomes difficult to stay. Even among siblings it is different. Among the 5 qualifications, if we have 3, then we can work for the providence. Why did we and not our siblings join? Our own individual character was important and God loves us most as he can do his work through us. We must complete our human responsibility. If we can't, then God's will through us cannot be fulfilled, although ours is only 5%. The predestination of Human Beings is thus conditional. If a person leaves his mission God needs to find another one to replace him.

The potter can dispose on the clay: when our mission is changed, whether we have a better position or not, whether we do this or that, anyway Heaven needs us to do this or that, it's ok. I never asked to do something. Usually people complain about personal change. However God calls me, I'll just accomplish it. We should send those who have lots of abilities to difficult places and the new members to easy places. Every person can grow if they are given the correct education. Some have a hard time to harmonize. 

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