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Proclaiming the Completion of the Liberated Realm of the Portion of Responsibility in God's Providential History - Original Divine Principle Workshop - Part 6 of 10

Jeong Ok Yu
January 24 -30, 2010
San Marino
First European Education Session

Jesus, The Messiah

Christians believe that Jesus came to die on the cross. Was this all?

God gave Adam and Eve the 3 blessings to accomplish during their life on the earth. Their family foundation would become the foundation for the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven. All Human Beings would live according to the ideal of creation as beings of Shim Jung and character and all would be overflowing with love and joy. A would have the seed of absolute sex and Eve would have the ovum of absolute sex and all of humankind would inherit God's nature. They'd be the king and queen of heaven and earth. There was no original sin, fallen nature, need for redemption or for a Savior. They'd live in absolute faith and wouldn't need to go to church. It would be a life of absolute faith. Everything God created would be eternal.

Because of the fall they couldn't realize that eternal world. In Gen. 2:17, God spoke strongly to them, not to eat of the fruit. But they did and fell under Satan's dominion, having fallen nature. God created Adam and Eve, but Satan took their lineage, so God couldn't touch that. Lucifer had been created for a purpose of goodness. Through the fall everything God made was lost to him and Human Beings couldn't go back to God. They lost their parent. Even creation lamented.

Instead of producing God's children, Adam and Eve's sexual organs produced false children. Everything became centered on Satan. God wanted to resolve this and God promised to put an end to this world. Eschatology shows that the old world will be transformed into the new world. Salvation means going back to the original state. To go back, God had to send the Messiah, but he died on the cross and therefore Human Beings didn't go back to the original state. Jesus was killed as a traitor. The people who had committed the worst crimes against the nation were crucified.

He came to complete the law, not to teach it. Pharisees and Sadducees were offended by his words. He came not to only save Israel, but the whole world. The 2000 year Christianity needs to repent for this misunderstanding: Jesus couldn't accomplish his mission because he died on the cross. The faith of Christians is wrong. It's not because this is what has been believed for 2000 years that it true. We must teach the truth. It's the way of heaven and of Christ. Jesus cried out for the people who killed him and asked God to forgive them for they didn't know what they were doing. During 4000 years God had endured that until Jesus came. If God had been accepted, we'd be living in a world of joy and happiness. We have to go back to this world.

Was the providence of salvation accomplished through the cross? No, because Jesus died on the cross.

Did Jesus come to die?

When parents are expecting a child, they prepare for him. So wouldn't God have? The chosen people were prepared as a nation to receive Jesus. When you go to Israel, you see It's difficult to even plan trees, as it is so hot and dry. Even Satan didn't want that place, so god could have it. True Father sometimes thought of buying an island covered with rock. All the good land being taken by the satanic world, only the land you cannot live on is left. God prepared the chosen nation not to kill Jesus but to receive him. He established John the Baptist on the foundation of the family of Zachariah and had Jesus born in the family of Mary and Josef. There were several layers of protection prepared by God.

Jesus said coming for the purpose of dying on the cross he would have told all of the people to just kill him. But he never said that. Some asked him what it was they could do for him. He told them to believe in him who he has sent. No clergy has received that kind of suffering, why did Jesus have to? He showed power that nobody else had. Even after seeing his power, they said he performed miracles with the power of Beelzebub. His words showed his sorrow "Jerusalem, Jerusalem...". Because he came as the son of the father he was opposed. After being rejected by his people, he prepared himself to the cross. He cursed the fig tree as even it wouldn't believe in him. People today don't know Jesus. We can understand him correctly through our True Parents. Jesus said to Judas that it would have been better not to have been born.

Acts 7 52-53: Stephen was stoned to death for his faith after telling the people that they had killed the righteous one God had sent.

There were prophecies about the lord of glory and the lord of suffering. Paul is now sorry that he only transmitted texts justifying the cross. The result of ignorance led to the cross. There is salvation, but it's not complete.

Limit of salvation

Jesus was forced to give his body to Satan. Believing in the cross brings spiritual salvation but Satan still has the power to have dominion over the body. The lord has to come again. God's will always being accomplished by the 3rd time, this time, it will be realize. If Christians had received True Father in Korea, the Kingdom of God would have been accomplished 40 years ago.

Passages in which Jesus spoke of his crucifixion as necessary


Moses had to raise it because the people didn't believe.

It is finished:

at the moment of the death, he told the thief on his right that he'd be together with him in Paradise. He was 33 years old and had worked as the messiah for 3 years. Simon had received the revelation that Jesus was the Messiah and Jesus changed his name as Peter, the rock on which the church can be built. From that time Jesus could be called as the Messiah. But Peter denied him later, although he followed Jesus to the trial. Peter said he loved Jesus to death and Jesus foresaw that Peter would deny him 3 times.

When asked whether he was the son of God, Jesus said yes. At that point, another person should have testified to that. Three people affirmed that Peter had lived with Jesus and testified to him. But Peter denied Jesus, Satan had invaded him and he didn't testify to Jesus as the son of God. If he had testified, Jesus had not have had to go to the cross. Because he didn't, the whole foundation was lost. Jesus stayed on the cross a long time and to get him to die quickly, the soldiers stabbed him to his side. Only the thief on the right testified and could therefore go with him to paradise. The way to spiritual salvation was thus opened.

Get behind me, Satan:

Jesus knowing that physical salvation was impossible, after talking to Moses and Elijah, Jesus called Peter Satan for it was then the only way to go, since the physical salvation had to be replaced by the spiritual salvation through the cross.

Second coming of Elijah and John the Baptist

The disciples were witnessing and when they announced that Jesus was the Messiah, people told them it couldn't be since before the Messiah came, Elijah had to come. Jesus explained that John the Baptist was Elijah. Everyone believed in John, so if he had said he was Elijah, everyone would have believed in him. He was famous, had good education... But Jesus was poor and uneducated, violated the Sabbath,... Zachariah had received the revelation that his son should be called John. But he didn't believe and therefore became dumb until the baby's birth.

People knew the strange events around his birth. In Israel, there aren't many insects, so living from locusts and wild honey in the desert was incredibly difficult. People loved and respected him. Some people even thought he was the Messiah! If he had acknowledged that he was Elijah, all the people would have followed Jesus. When Jesus was baptized by John, John again had a revelation about Jesus' mission. He gave a testimony to Jesus bud didn't attend him. John judged Jesus from his own viewpoint and couldn't believe he was the Messiah. In the old Testament it's written that the Messiah comes from the clouds. Also John couldn't fulfill his mission and Jesus said it would have been better if he hadn't been born.

The people who have fame and glory find it difficult to testify to the lord. As long as we don't turn against True Parents, they will never leave us.

John was ignorant and didn't understand God's secrets. Only those who have met Jesus and God can testify to them. We must put on new clothes and read the bible in spirit and truth. Both are necessary, as our mind and body both are necessary.

We need to understand what happened at Jesus' time as to not repeat the same mistake. 

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