The Words of the Yu Family

Proclaiming the Completion of the Liberated Realm of the Portion of Responsibility in God's Providential History - Original Divine Principle Workshop - Part 3 of 10

Jeong Ok Yu
January 24 -30, 2010
San Marino
First European Education Session

Principle of creation: blueprint for God's creation.

To live well is to live according to that blueprint, which is the principle of creation, independently to the living standards. People who don't live well, even though they have money and position and power are like sick people who need to get cured. We met True Parents and were shown a path to live according to Unification Principle.

View of God: most important issue that people have been debating for thousands of years. Pythagoras saw that water was the most essential; others saw the air as that...

The absolute seed or sperm of True love and the absolute egg of True Love within God. God couldn't help but love. Adam and Eve would have been the original bodies of existence, effect of God. God is the original body of existence, with Hyung Sang and Sung Sang and Yin and Yang. Most important is to know that we resemble God. He created at his portion of responsibility Ours is to resembles God by maturing.

Satan has been attacking True Family and True Father has been sacrificing his children for the sake of the world, for us to receive their love. We were too busy with our own families to take care of True Children. When Hyo Jin Nim passed away, True Father felt he couldn't do enough for him.

Everything has to come out of us in terms of criticism towards the True Family. As we didn't fulfill our responsibility True family had to pay indemnity. Then we can experience God's Shim Jung.

If we have love but don't have a partner it doesn't work. Absolute obedience is a necessity to become an owner. A man has to be absolutely obedient to his wife and vice versa, so they can become each other's owner, the owner of the sexual organ of their spouse.

God's appearance:

Everyone resembles God's individual nature and is an individual truth body. We are sons and daughters of God. Without Shim Jung, True love is impossible. After the fall, Adam was dead for God. All was created with the motivation of the Shim Jung, even the archangel, but as a servant, he didn't have the portion of responsibility. If Adam had become perfect, even the archangel would have become perfect. But at that point, he couldn't give true love. Through the substantiation of True Love, we can become people of true character by living for the sake of others. Divine nature includes Shim Jung, logos and creativity. If we just make candy without Shim Jung but only to make money, it will be harmful. We need to listen, speak and act with Shim Jung. There is no limitation in Shim Jung whereas power, knowledge and fame are limited and can change instantaneously.

Inside we need to understand God because we lost that understanding through the fall. Internal Sung Sang includes intellect, emotion and will. These three exist together, not separately. Within intellect there is also emotion and will and so on... They cannot be differentiated within God. We are like God, we resemble God. Intellect includes logic, rationality and sensibility. Emotion allows us to feel emotions such as joy, anger loneliness,... All these emotions exist within God. God lamented when he lost his children. God can feel emotions millions of times more we do. He determined to accomplish his Will. But he needs a partner to accomplish it.

Internal Hyung Sang: God is a supreme scientist

Human Beings have the sexual organs that are in God and the owner of the partner organ. When the two come together and make love, they become one. Love always goes the shortest distance. Adam and Eve have the substantiation of God's masculinity and femininity. So when they come together they have to go to God. It's a blessing marriage or a marriage blessing? The first. It's a blessing marriage. God gives permission to come together. God gives the greatest blessing to Eve by giving her Adam and vice versa. As they come together, they become the body, the substantiation of God. Their first night is God's first night, too. God uses the body of Adam and Eve to make love. God is the original body of absolute sex. The purpose of God for creating Human Beings was to have a body to have dominion over the world through Human Beings. Once Adam and Eve would have resembled God, he would have given them permission to come together. Love is felt and experienced through the partner. Through that love, they can multiply children. Without a partner, there cannot be active love.

God exists but we can't see it. The more precious, the less we can see it. The mind, we cannot see. If we could see the minds of all the people here, we couldn't live. There are so many kinds of thoughts and feelings, we couldn't stand it. We need microscopes and telescopes to see things that we couldn't with our eyes. As science develops, we can see more things. God is a God of love and mercy. Within the context of love, everyone would want to be controlled. Our sexual organ is the most precious and the most hidden, deepest place. People now are exposing it and selling it as a commodity. When going to the toilet, do you wash your hands before going or after? You should wash your hands before, as we are touching the most precious part of our body. Adam and Eve gave that most precious thing to the servant. That's the absolute sexual education; it's the way for Human Beings to come together, to bring the ideal world of unity. Why can' we see God? Because he is invisible, but we can feel him through our heart. We cannot hear our heart beat, but feel it. If we heard it beat 24 hours a day, we'd die. We cannot hear it because we are one with it. Also, we aren't aware of our breathing. We forget about it because we are one with it. Where do we go first in the morning? To the toilet. How does it smell?

Creation – Evolution

Creation because all things exist in pairs, for the sake of love, to get new species into existence. There has never been a monkey that became a human being! The seeds are different. Denying God makes people believe that animals just evolved into Human Beings. God created us as his children for the sake of love. To create a new camera, that becomes a little better every year, is it evolution? No, because the invested energy is greater. What existed first? Thought existed first. God first conceived the concept of woman and then of man to fit the woman. In human history, women have been treated terribly. So, all these things God understood. To protect our head, he gave us hair and to protect our eyes he made our eyebrows and eyelashes, and the tears in our eyes to keep them humid. God was aware of all that when he designed Human Beings' blueprint. Human Beings are like God's face.

If we study all Human Beings, then we can understand God. We were created according to the precise blueprint to live for the sake of love. Spirit World is the world of love, so we need to perfect our love through the family before going to Spirit World. We shouldn't even think of another man or woman. True Father said we should sleep naked. Sometimes True Father asks us. A 430 couple did it and the grandchild saw that the grand-parents were naked and was so surprised. True Father asked us to do that to experience love completely before going to Spirit World. If we sleep naked, we can think of how we loved when we were young and there is no risk to go to someone else. This is an important truth. First I didn't understand it. He didn't teach us when we were young. What kind of leader would teach that kind of things? True Father is teaching us the most precious education. When one spouse leaves the world first, the corpse is washed and we have to pray over the sexual organ of that spouse. True Father wants his children to have the same heart as the parents, so he is giving us all the truth. In the 1200 volumes he wrote, he never lied to us.

Evolutionary creation should be said as creative evolution...

Pantheism: ignorance about the original body. Because God wanted to love, he created Human Beings. All the books should be rewritten from the point of view of divine Principle. Most of the Bible is allegory and figure. People have problems because they read too many books.

Human Beings resemble God and we should see and hear them as if they were God. We cannot just ignore them. A person represents all their ancestors and are extremely valuable.

Parents-child relationship. My parents' love existed before they existed. God being the original body of love, he is the owner of love. The seed of love is only 0.01% and my mother's contribution is 99.99%. Nothing is from me. There cannot be any individualism, but only Parentism. People say they protect human rights and if a mother spanks her kid because he behaved wrongly (didn't let her in his room) and the police takes him away, this isn't human rights. The mother kept him for 40 weeks! And the parents raised him for years. The filial child follows the parents' words. Adam was going to be God's body and Eve God's wife. God lost his wife with the fall.

Adam and Eve's first love would have been God's first love. When they went to Spirit World, their spirit self would appear as God's spirit, if they had substantiated God's love. But this didn't happen and the same for Jesus. Finally this was substantialize through our True Parents. True Father touches the things before he leaves any place and talks to them saying that he doesn't know whether he'll see them again. Heaven has to be established on earth first. The deadline is Jan. 13th, 2013. We need to give people the holy wine and blessing to liberate God and True Parents. True Parents have given us this authority and blessing as tribal messiahs. As long as we have life and consciousness, we need to make efforts in that sense. The most important thing is to become the good bride and groom, more than going to the best university or else.

Parents sacrifice everything for their children. But as they grow older, there's a crossing and the children take over and sacrifice themselves for their parents when these cannot do things by themselves, even feeding, changing diapers, help moving...

So far, nobody had been able to tell us plainly of God. Only those who have met Jesus can talk about Jesus and those who have met God can tell about God deeply. Heaven is very interested in our victory here, as we are receiving education, as we are feeling about Heaven, so God can give us amazing blessings this week. In Divine Principle, God is with me, not just transcendent and we are in the parent – child relationship with God. If we had not fallen, we would have lived with God constantly. Even if a new truth came, Satan could control Human Beings so that they couldn't receive it. True Parents have given us a new truth and the question is how are we going to practice it and going to become the true children of God. How can we attend God practically? There cannot be completion if it's just a concept. As children of God, we need to resemble Him: The internal and external form and the lineage.

There are 7 attributes that exist within God's unified body. If we are a container and a person fills it up with 50 things, another one with 99 things and it's full... It's not enough to have a mind. There is no limitation to it and it has to resemble God. We need it to overflow with God's Shim Jung and character. The time we spend on the earth is so short and precious because we live our lives for the sake of the Spirit World. Shim Jung wants to love the object partner and cannot stand not loving. When we speak with someone, it should be according to God's mind and heart, expressed through our body. It requires training.

Adam and Eve were told not to eat. The faith and life cannot be separate. Our lives must resemble God. So our lives need to contain law, principle and order. We can tell right away if a person is of God. Every flower has its own unique fragrance. Human Beings have that, too. Is it the fragrance of money or power? We need the fragrance of true love. Everyone likes that. Even if someone is ugly, everyone would love a person of true love. Do we long to meet God? How much do we long for the people in hell and those in the country we live in? We represent God and True Parents, so the life I live has to be according to that. God chooses a central figure and then is with him to accomplish that mission.

To feel it, we need that kind of mind. Sung Sang and Hyung Sang are a unified body and also husband and wife, as Yang and Yin, become one. We have to resemble God in order to become one. In the ideal world, if a husband and wife would fight, this would be the head news. Satan separates mind and body. God's essential characteristic is Shim Jung. Shim Jung education is the most essential. Words are vehicles of God's Shim Jung. A leader's heart has to convey Shim Jung, not just knowledge. We need that kind of longing to share Shim Jung, this overflowing love. God is speaking to people through us. Our heart has to be empty for God's True love, true life and true lineage to fill it up. Even if a handsome man or beautiful lady came to tempt us, we'd not be influenced by that.

God wanted to live for the sake of the creation and therefore he created everything according to a very detailed plan. He couldn't keep that back. He started from nothing and the Shim Jung exploded within him with absolute faith. We lead our lives with the motivation of Shim Jung. For this education, we've come from all over Europe. What was our motivation to come? How do I get out of this? Some will come out as a new person after having repented. Each word spoken here can go deep into our cells. Not fame and power should be the motivation, but Shim Jung.

God created by investing himself completely. If we create a robot, we take all the materials created by God and our creativity, we make the robot. God used all the elements within himself, so it was an extremely difficult process. If there is a purpose of true love going a long way to meet a person then we can do it. How do we resemble God? God creates me, but he cannot create my character. I have to create it by living a life of true love as my portion of responsibility investing myself with Shim Jung just as God invested himself. Doing service activities, living for the sake of others. Many people do that even though they don't know Divine Principle. What is their motivation?

Our service activities are for the sake of others and to build our character. They may not realize that point. God is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal. The same is true for us. According to what I am feeling, do I change? True Parents always go straight, directly and are unchanging in their motivation. They know when the time comes to reap the fruit. Husband and wife must be like that, too. We have to create that now. Without having that kind of mind, we cannot go to Spirit World. True Parents teach us the way to go. As parents in heaven how do we feel about our children in hell? First True Parents open the gates to heaven and then make the path for everyone to go. If I have the same heart as True Parents, I want to participate in that work. It's easier as an individual, but more difficult as a couple and even more as a family with the children. If I cannot control my own mind, how could I control that of my spouse or children?

Husband and wife have to grow up together. We cannot go up by ourselves. The Truth will make us free. If we practice Divine Principle, we'll be liberated. True life, love and lineage are established on the foundation of absolute sex. Absolute faith, love and obedience: God's Shim Jung being the motivation, he had absolute faith that this would come to pass. Without these 3, we cannot become owners. These 7 points are essential for us to be like God. God's portion of responsibility is to create Human Beings who resemble him, as his children. The purpose of creation is accomplished when Human Beings have accomplished their portion of responsibility and reach perfection thus completing God. When the children become complete, they can complete their parents and then the parents can feel completed.

We are proclaiming the completion of the liberated realm of the portion of responsibility in god's Providential History for the first time in History. We declare that completion and inheriting that realm of victory. Why do we talk about portion? What is the 5%? It completes the 95%. We are God's temple and have divine character as the body of God. If the mind goes one way and the body another, it's a struggle. The body is the shadow of the mind, following it everywhere. The completion of God's responsibility is done by Human Beings' completing theirs. God is my parent and I'm his child. When True Father is crying, his children cannot be dancing around. The most important is absolute sex "cheoltae seong". When Adam and Eve fell, 6000 years were lost. We need to think of God's loneliness, being separated from all his children. Satan can relate to his children. True Father shed God's tears overflowing his heart. With that heart let's pray.

p. 36 (4) Education:

True education is needed to become a true child of God. So far it was only to convey knowledge. Shim Jung education is essential. It is to resemble God. Gen. 1:28 reveals the 3 great blessings, which is our purpose in life. It's not enough to believe, we have to fulfill God's Will, the 3 great blessings. Be fruitful, be mature, the temple of God; on that foundation, we can have a spouse and build a family with children and based on that have dominion over the world. God needs a substantial body in order to have dominion over the whole universe. These are the 3 reasons for which God created Human Beings. The philosophy of education varies according to the countries. Every school has a different view. The intellectual people today don't have a philosophy of education that goes beyond the borders, like living for the sake of the world. God being perfect, we need to be perfect, too, in order to resemble him. God and Human Beings become one, like God being the mind and Human Beings the body. The person becomes a being of character with God's essence and divinity, a complete Shim Jung. The most essential thing is to resemble God's Shim Jung. Man and woman would then follow God's will and have total union, creating God's children and establishing a family of God.

Shim Jung education: children get to know their parents' heart and love. The parents become the center of the children's minds. In kindergarten, on the foundation of the education children receive at home, the teachers get them to play games and relate to other kids with the motivation of Shim Jung. Every story has to be designed to advance the development of Shim Jung. If the teacher gave children Shim Jung, those are things you'll never forget. Talking about God. Elementary, middle and high school teachers must have the same motivation in teaching knowledge with the Shim Jung motivation and not that of earning money. There has to be a revolution in education. Shin Joo Nim now goes to kindergarten and wants to pray for breakfast before going to kindergarten. But True Father is so busy conveying God's word that he forgets the time.

He says only 5 minutes, but 5 minutes later, True Father is still going on. The prayer was written by True Father about the universe, but as he has to leave before everyone comes, they have to pray by themselves. Another time, Shin Joon Nim said his teacher said they couldn't talk while eating. So now, nobody can talk when Shin Joon Nim is there. He will probably never talk while eating until the end of his life. The teaching at school has to be connected to the family and vice versa. We don't have that kind of educators now, so we need to fix it. The teachers have to be like a parent towards all the children, be the owner of the class. All the children have a different environment at home, some being rich and others poor. The teacher facing the socks full of holes could buy a pair of socks and quietly give them to that student. This is motivated by Shim Jung and leaves an eternal print on the child. We receive that kind of education throughout our lives. There is also God's Shim Jung in the plants, although they don't have character.

In the family, during breakfast, children just come and go, and sit wherever and do whatever they want, this isn't right. There has to be assignment of seats and a clear order to prevent the children from fighting. Also establish rules between older and younger siblings. The way the parents talk to each other is important as they are the models. True Father always refers to True Mother with respect, as she is God's representative for him. He refers to her as omma, omonim, and she refers to him as papa or Abonim. They place the spouse in a higher position than themselves. One 72 couple did it this way. The father always called his wife comma. The child asked his dad whether his dad was his brother, as he also called his mom comma. It's the most precious way to refer to the spouse.

When the members receive the blessing, they think they'll live harmoniously, but they end up fighting. After a leaders' meeting, this question came to True Father. Did you ever fight with True Mother? True Father comes from the original body of heaven. He had to raise True Mother. She endured that. Women express their feelings. True Father never had give and take with that. True Father knows he cannot leave the home without solving the problem. So he went to the toilet and spent maybe 30 minutes before going out!!!

You shouldn't fight. All you have to do is overcome that moment. Don't have give and take and just remain quiet. Talking a lot, you can make mistakes. The words can have great power. Men tend not to express themselves. It takes 3 years to see that my partner has something I don't have, that is what makes the partner precious to me. True Father told a church leader that he didn't really match his wife for their sexual organs didn't fit well. There was a very well educated man and an ugly uneducated wife and he didn't like it. But her ancestors were extremely precious whereas his were awful. So he could appreciate her. The marriage is when the sexual organs come together.

So we have blessing marriage and not the opposite. In the church, there is a leader who represents True Parents. They sacrifice everything and live for the sake of the members. So the members are nourished by the Shim Jung and character of the leader. Looking at the children, we can see the parents. Also looking the members, we can see True Parents... It's not exactly the same as we are striving and have our own character.

Example, there was Mr. Aum Dong Moon, a friend of True Father's while he studied in Japan, at Waseda University. There was a meeting of the students and True Father sang a patriotic Korean song, which was forbidden during the colonial time. Mr. Aum Dong Moon was very moved and became his friend. When True Father went to Pusan after the prison in Heung Nam and they met on the only road there. Mr. Aum had only one room just large enough for his family. As soon as True Father arrived, he spoke for 3 days. Mr. Aum started relating to him as his teacher and bowed to him and finally as his parent.

One day, there was a huge meeting and True Father said he wanted to go to his home to do many things for him. But as he doesn't have time, he said he'd send a baby to him for him to take care of that child like it were himself. What if the baby wet the bed. Could you still relate to him as to True Father? That's the standard of faith. If True Father were to establish a young person in front of you, could you relate to him like it were True Father?

True Father tests us in various ways, in all kinds of relationships, with Shim Jung. With Shim Jung, we can stay at the center. We need knowledge to have dominion over all things. If someone gives us a tree, like an expensive bonsai. We need to know how to take care of it, we'll kill it. To be the owner, I need the skills to do it.

Before creating things, God gave us all that we need to become the owners of those things. Our responsibility is to complete our character to become the owners. There is a climax when making love. At that moment, there is a realm of nothingness, total oneness with God. There was a couple who prayed a lot. For 40 days, True Father appeared every night to tell them how to do to each other in making love. After 40 days, True Father told them how to make the 3 day ceremony. The specialist of the family department received the diary of these 40 days, but he went into Spirit World. Anyway should making love be centered on oneself? Even if the woman is old, does the husband want to touch her breast or a younger person's? If the woman runs away, does the husband feel good or bad?

God wants to be substantiated. There was an education and the wife went back home. When the husband wanted to make love, she didn't want to accept it. After the education, she took off her clothes and wanted to make love. So the husband was surprised. So he always wanted her to sit in the front and receive the education. He gave a testimony about the Divine Principle education that changes people. Animals are different. They only copulate to multiply. We shouldn't refuse to make love as we substantiate God's love. Even when we are old, we should sleep together old. After the flower falls off, the fruit is still not very tasty. Only when it ripens, it becomes very tasty. The final maturing together is essential as a preparation to go to Spirit World, not only for a sexual desire, but also to become one.

All creation would have applauded the first making love of Adam and Eve. But because of the fall, Satan has made it the dirtiest thing. Becoming people of character and Shim Jung allows us to restore that to the holiest thing. In Korea, there is a 19 year-old figure skating champion famous in the whole world. Parents understood her potential. In South America, a mother talked about her son to make soccer from the time he was in her womb. She bought him a ball and he played all day and night and that child can become a champion.

At the first birthday in Korea, there is a feast for the child, with all kinds of things on a table. According to the choice of the child, we can understand its future, like a prophecy. Each child can develop its potential and become a genius in its own field. The restoration through indemnity and Spirit World also have to be clearly taught. UP unity of Shim Jung, thought and lifestyle have to be taught. We'd do exercise early in the morning and shout these slogans without knowing what they meant. Shim Jung tongil, sasang tongil and saeghwal tongil. Love heaven, humankind and country (aecheon, aein, aeguk). This philosophy of education is common throughout the world and transcends all the barriers. Everything is contained in these 3 things.

(6) What kind of person resembles God? A person of original nature, and of Shim Jung. Emotion must be based on Shim Jung, else it will fall into confusion. Centering on Shim Jung, the 3 functions of heart (intellect, emotion and will) have the result of truth, goodness and beauty. Philosophy has to be based on Shim Jung as well. If we write a poem, it contains beauty when based on Shim Jung. Goodness must be based on ethics and morals. In the fallen world, it's all fallen down, and things like incest have come about. Centering on Shim Jung, the intellect must always pursue truth. Communism and materialism are not based on Shim Jung, although it may be scientific. If Shim Jung is introduced, communism will automatically disappear. There is not concept of family, but only society, as they call one another comrades. A being of logos has a purpose of Shim Jung. We have reason and law as internal character and external form. When we look at nature, we feel value, because we understand the purpose for which it was created, then I become its owner. There is an order in nature, too.

Being with position: God is the creator and man is the object. Then Man becomes the subject of all things. We lost this through the fall. We have to recover our position.

(7) the original Sung Sang and Hyung Sang are the master key to solving all the problems of the world

God exists as the harmonious union of Sung Sang and Hyung Sang. He created us in his image and as the model for all things. God started with the things from the simplest one, but with Man in mind. The two elements of Sung Sang and Hyung Sang must be balanced. We were born as members of a family in which ethics based on Shim Jung allows all members to have good parents children relationship. At school, there needs to be a Shim Jung principled education. In the company, the president needs to act as a father not just as a president, when one of his employees is sick. Then the employee will not want to leave the company. He will even want to work more for the company based on certain ethics. Most companies are interested in making money and profit more. In the country, the president may be elected during a certain time. He follows the guiding principles of his country. They cannot change the principles every time a new president comes into office. The principles have to be God's leading principles with the ideal of Cheon Il Guk. The world is the same. There are 6.5 billion people in 194 countries (Universal Prime Energy). How can they all live together? It has to be the principles of peace. Where are they going to come from? These principles centered on God can transcend all religions and nations. With the master keys, we can open any door, but it has to be 100 God's idea and not 90% and 10% ours. We just need to put in our wisdom and knowledge. Becoming one again for the whole humankind is necessary. Everyone to live in that kind of place where there is God's law and technology everywhere. It cannot be that some countries have no means to get their citizens to study. We are all his children. We've had problems for 6000 years, so how can we solve the problems now? People of religions have had the wrong concepts of God. In the Middle East, religion has caused barriers and conflicts, because we were separated from God. A life of Shim Jung is that of living for the sake of others. We want to meet them and see them. That's the way of solving the problems.

Solving the problems of yang and Yin. God is the parent and Human Beings the children. Yang and Yin are united within God. Everyone reflects God's character. The first determination True Father made is that he must take dominion over himself before dominating the cosmos. Others would want to do the opposite. It all starts with dominating oneself.

1. Desire for food: Until 30, True Father was hungry every day. True Father would put down his spoon before others, so that others could eat more. As True Father always did that, Wan Pil Kim thought that he did that because of small appetite. But in the South they ate left over food from other people in a restaurant, True Father ate so much, even eating 3 helpings. Then Won Pil Kim realized that True Father had a huge appetite and that he had always sacrificed himself for his children.

2. Desire for sleep: There is limitation to what we can do in our physical body. True Father had to utilize as much time as possible and slept only a few hours a night, spending the rest of the time doing God's will.

3. Desire for sex: without overcoming that, we cannot become a leader. If 100 naked women are in front of a man and he doesn't feel stimulated from that, then he is ready to be a leader. The same for women.

Today our minds have to be absolutely strict, establish ourselves like that and teach others to do so. We are working hard to achieve that standard and want to reach it as quickly as possible. The Messiah first puts things into practice and then teaches it.

Man's last revolution:

The Human Beings are the problem, not the policies. The Human Beings must be established correctly. The history of revolution has tried to improve our standard of living, but we haven't reached a world of happiness because the owners of the revolutions were not the proper Human Beings. So we need a revolution of Human Beings. We are all the target of this last revolution done by truth and true education. There are many wonderful universities training the people. But there is no ideal of the blessing or of becoming one. There needs a principle education to go back to the original body of God. Human Beings must go through the 3rd world war as an ideological war. Members of the clergy haven't been able to teach about God because they haven't met God. Only through True Parents can we become restored in our position of True Human Beings. It's a revolution of Shim Jung. A life of True love is that of living for the sake of others. Revolution of absolute sex. There is only one thing we need to teach, the education of absolute sex, in order to change the world, as the world was turned upside down because this wasn't observed. Some clerics are having sexual relationships with children, so how can they educate the children? Original Divine Principle education is one of absolute sex. Divine Principle until now was the original design. In Unification Thought, there was the theory of the original image. In the future, you need to give this absolute sex education in order to be a leader.

Human Beings through the revolution of Shim Jung can become sons and daughters resembling God with a character that resembles God because it is based on absolute sex. When I teach God's word, then that cleans our heart and gives incredible power. In the song of the Unification soldiers, the bond of heart comes from that.

3. Relationship of God and the Universe.

How do Human Beings have a relationship with God? Parent and child because there is lineage. Between God and the Universe: God is the original internal nature and external form, with Original Yang and Yin. With Shim Jung as motivation, God created a blueprint, and with the Principle of creation he created the universe as the symbolic representation and Human Beings as the image. The flag symbolizes a nation. Looking at all things, we can't understand God as well as when we look at Human Beings, who are like God's face, everyone having a different face, representing God's innumerable faces. The relationship is that of subject and object, of vertical, masculine, who needed a feminine object. Ultimately Adam and Eve were supposed to cross the time of adolescence in order to receive the seed of God. But she received the seed of the servant. All animals emit different sounds. Human Beings can imitate the sounds of all animals. Any dog emits the same sound around the world. Human Beings can therefore dominate all nature, as we possess all the elements contained in nature. We have 12 months a year, 24 divisions of the lunar calendar, starting with the winter solstice. Dec. 22nd is the day of the winter solstice. True Father is changing the week from 7 to 8 based on An Shi Il. The first day is the sun, then the moon that receives it light, then the fire, the water, wood, gold and earth. The final day is the day of heaven, which is the day we do An Shi Il. Everything has been created according to a formula. Each season has 3 months, there are 12 seasons, the fingers have 3 parts,... God is a God of number. Without a thumb, we couldn't grasp anything. God created us this way according to a very detailed planning, by the numbers, as God is a scientist and has that creativity.

Book of changes and the Bible. We need the same values. Solar calendar is in the Cain and lunar calendar in the Abel position. We need to unite all. Cain has to unite with the Abel. The solar calendar needs to be merged into the lunar one, which can have 13 months at times. It is more precise. The Korean culture was created closer to God, therefore we need to adopt the Korean tradition. Westerners came to see True Parents and had to bow in front of True Parents. Someone asked whether Kyung-bae was a Korean or a Unification Church tradition. True Father said it was God's tradition. In the west, there is a lot of horizontality, only using you for all. We need to follow the oriental tradition that God has been desiring. We follow True Parents' tradition and education. Fundamental in the book of changes is the tai chi, about the word being the way. In the bible, God is referred to as father. God isn't understood as a god of personality in the book of changes. God's principle will define whether a baby is a female or a male. The difference between eastern and western ontology is about positivity and negativity and internal nature and external form. In UP, these two aspects must be unified, as God exists as the unified body of these characteristics. Shim Jung, the unified culture will be the motor of all.

Universal Prime Energy

All these, Give and Take action, Four Position Foundation, Origin Division Union, Universal Prime Energy are concepts that were in the Original Divine Principle and have always existed and True Parents have revealed them. All created being must receive their energy from somewhere. The Universal Prime Energy is the causal energy that allows everything to exist. God exists as Sung Sang and Hyung Sang and they perform a Give and Take based on Universal Prime Energy. They have a harmonious Give and Take action as Subject and Object. The energy of Give and Take action and Universal Prime Energy have a relationship Without energy, there cannot be any life, action, multiplication. Everything that exists does it in order to become one. We have a relationship in order to give and receive. Some will give if they receive. It should be the opposite. If everyone wants to give even though they don't have much, there is development. Give first! Love and beauty. There cannot be subject without object and vice versa. They both have the same value. Husband and wife are in the Subject Object position and at times, it's the wife who is Subject, especially in Shim Jung. The government is Subject and the people in Object position. When we expand that the sovereign should sacrifice for his subject, until they are all well, as a parent of a family. The parents work for their children and the older siblings for the younger ones. In the animal world, there are males and females, with the plants, there is stamen and pistil. In some cases, there are male and female trees. When they grow up, we can see the difference. Minerals have positive and negative. Only love can create eternity, that's why the Spirit World is a world of love. When giving, we shouldn't expect in return. We feel like giving and therefore we give, without expecting anything back. The butterflies take the pollen of the flowers and help the plants in this way. There was a famous pear orchard in Korea. They killed all the insects to keep it clean, so there were no pears the next season and they had to import the butterflies and make the pollination manually. Because of the fall, people don't know these things. Our blood gets cleaned and circulates in the body. We need to be careful about what we eat. Everything occurs through giving and receiving. Men are like the sun and women like the moon, having menses and also reflecting the sun's light. We come from the same God even though we have different races. Those come from the fact that Human Beings had to adjust to different climates. But all feel the same emotions, independently of the skin color. We all have the same structure. Jesus said in Mat. 7:2 that to the measure we judge we'll be judged. We receive what we give. There cannot be existence and development without give and receive action. When our heart is filled with love, we can love anyone. We can have knowledge, power, money, it's all right. Elijah fought against the false prophets of Baal. Elijah hid in the mountain to avoid being killed. The crow came to feed him, as to show that God never forgets his children. When God got the Israelites to come out of Egypt, he also fed them. In the old winter, in the early days in Korea, we didn't have warm underwear, but someone left some outside our door. That was sent by God as we had the determination to witness unto our death. We need Give and Take with God, vertically and with our brothers and sisters horizontally. Do you have conscience? We have original mind and also conscience that makes up the mind. That leads people to God. If we had not fallen, we'd be one with God. The original mind has a direct relationship with God whereas the conscience may believe something different from the truth to be the truth.

The Messiah is the substantiation of God and enables man to cut his relationship to Satan. He's the mediator between God and man, enabling man to return to God. True Father says that Jesus was the substantiation of love, but he didn't mention it (I'm the truth, the way and the life), because he couldn't substantiate it, couldn't receive love from his parents, people, family. Even his disciples betrayed him and left him. We should be the truth, the way and the love. Conscience is Hyung Sang and original mind is Sung Sang. If I shout to the mountain, the voice come back as the echo. My mind is moving my body and when God enters my original mind, I become the holy temple of God. Conscience has Give and Take with the Truth. God is Subject and conscience is Object. The conscience precedes the parents. I may not be with my parents, but the conscience is always with me, watching over me. It precedes the teacher and even precedes God. We cannot see or hear God, but God has given us a conscience in order to direct us to become a perfect person. Adam and Eve after falling covered their lower parts and hid themselves. They knew they had done wrong even before God. When we go to Spirit World, we know better what we've done. We can ask our conscience and live according to that advice. When True Father went to South Korea with Won Pil Kim, he told him to follow his conscience.

3. Origin Division union, 3 Objective Purposes, 4 Position Foundation

There are two theories. Divine Principle: 3 stages of development: origin – division – union. Satan created the dialectical materialistic theory of struggle: thesis – antithesis – synthesis. Communism appeared to be true one century ago. Almost all intellectuals believed in that. Sang Han Lee was in a Korean university. He was a doctor influenced by communism and felt that it was wrong but had no hope and wanted to commit suicide. But he met True Parents and discovered Divine Principle. He wanted to do a 40 day fast but True Father asked him to stop his fast and concentrate on education. As he wanted to eat the rice, he saw the rice accusing him. So he couldn't eat and waited for the next morning. He understood that True Father's teaching was right and materialism was wrong.

Because everything is in pairs, the communists felt there must be struggle before there can be unity. A 2nd gen who was influenced by communism. She explained it to her parents who hit her. She married with someone in the leftist groups. The communists explain the necessity of struggling with the example of the chick that has to break the shell in order to get out of the egg. That justifies violence and revolution. That kind of philosophy that the workers unite (like the chick in the egg) and fight against the capitalists (the shell that oppresses them) so they can make an ideal world. Actually, the chick isn't struggling in the egg. They have the same purpose and are not in contradiction with each other. If that were the case, nothing would remain. If the 5 month old embryo struggled in the mother's womb, saying it wants to get out at 6 months, it would be death for the baby. The communist theory is just justifying violent revolution and it will disappear. The communists had read all about True Parents. True Parents didn't want to destroy communism. They made a summit in the hotel. There were many spies in the hotel. So we were all reading. There was a short interview from True Father, that was broadcast throughout the soviet Union. At the airport, it was so complicated. An underground missionary helped and explained that they were just trying to liberate the country.

Purpose of creation

We should love our daughter-in-law more than our daughters because the blood lineage is transmitted through her.

In Spirit World, if husband and wife are completely one, the husband is in the wife and the wife inside the husband. There was a sister who witnessed to university students and invited them to her home before the blessing. After the blessing, they came back. One man came back and sat in a corner and wasn't very happy. She asked him whether True Father had matched him to a man or to a woman. To a woman, he said. Then that's all he needed, a woman! Once a leader shocked me. He broke his children's blessing. He answered that the blessing is eternal but Human Beings can change. That is wrong! Two people in a blessing must maintain their blessing and become one with God.

The 3 blessings are first becoming God's temple, for God to always be as my mind and I live according to God's will. Then God lives and loves substantially through us and creates children through that. Finally God wants to dominate all things through us. The most precious of these is the blessing marriage. A man needs a woman. The greatest blessing God can give a man is a woman in order to experience absolute sex. Teaching the absolute sex education is our responsibility. Even at the risk of losing our lives we should keep our chastity.

In 1995, True Father invested a great deal in Uruguay, in a bank, a newspaper article and a hotel. This man stole everything and all said we shouldn't give him anything. But True Father gave him money again and the man bowed down to True Father and left. That is loving the enemy. We try to cut away our enemy. Many things True Parents do, we cannot understand. Invest and forget, that's True love.

All Human Beings come from the sexual organs of their parents, which come from God. This is our original homeland. The normal temperature is 36.5 degrees. When we make love, it becomes 43 degrees. If our temperature rises to that other than when we make love, we die. The temperature of True Adam and Eve can rise from 44 to 53 degrees, at which every sperm or ovum that is not pure is eliminated. The archangel's temperature cannot rise above 38 degrees. At the last blessing, Nov. 16th, True Father matched young people between 17 and 24. He looked at the couples again after the matching, for the first time. He asked all the Unification Church leaders to raise these couples very carefully. This textbook was corrected after this blessing and we are the first ones to receive it.

Dual purposes:

There is always an individual and a whole purpose. In the family there's the public purpose first and then the individual purpose. God lost his position because of the fall of man. Therefore he has been lonely. All the blessed families need to bless their tribe and establish a nation, Cheon Il Guk. Then we can establish a world through this nation. God cannot accomplish his purpose by himself.

Satan doesn't want us to establish a family. So, many don't want to get married.

True Father wants people to get married early and even have 4 generations. God wants people to multiply as quickly as possible. We want our children to first finish their studies first and then get children, but this is not Heaven's way. Man and woman are only half. They want to come together in order to resemble God and be complete. Adam is the substantiation of God and Eve becomes God's love. Human Beings cannot reach the perfection of love by themselves.

The reason Jesus said he'd come again was to complete the purpose of creation. Adam and Eve become one with God through their sexual organs. The marriage is the most important part of God's creation. That's why it was essential for them to keep their purity. We need to raise our children like that, too, and prepare them to be good brides and grooms. The teachers should teach that at school, too. Our way of life and our life of faith has to be the same. Keeping the commandment is the absolute law, absolute command of God.

True Parents and the complete testament age

God wanted Adam and Eve to become the True Parents of humankind and gave them the 3 blessings which they had to accomplish by fulfilling their portion of responsibility. But they didn't keep that promise. Therefore, after the fall there was the era of the Old Testament to prepare for Jesus. He was crucified and resurrected on the third day, met his disciples spiritually for 40 days and were on fire. Our True Parents came as the savior, lord at his 2nd advent, Messiah. Still the Jewish people are waiting for the Messiah, as they don't recognize Jesus as the Messiah. Confucianists, Buddhist, all the religious people are waiting for a savior. True Parents come to save the world through the families, by giving the blessing.

They are also Kings of Kings. He establishes all this through stages, restoring step by step the history after the fall. True Father came on the foundation of Christianity, therefore he established the HSA-UWC. Many said he should take this word out, but he refused, even though this would have suppressed the persecution. After 40 years, he established the FFWPU, as the restoration was pursued through the families. If we just live for our own family, then it has no value for the world.

Many families have been lost to God and won over by Satan because they didn't accomplish God's desire. We need to go meet them and with tears, like the shepherd finding the one lost sheep, and bring them back, because this is God's and True Parents' heart. We must first repent for not having lived these words ourselves and look ourselves how shameful we are. We need to do this before going back home. We pledge to complete the liberation. We need to do Hoon Dok Hae, continue to read True Parents' words until we die. They are the textbooks for Unification Church members. 12 years after the coronation of God's Kingship Cheon Il Guk has to be established. It cannot be extended any more. At True Mother's 60th birthday, there was another ceremony. On True Parents' blessing day in 1960, April 12th, there was no heavenly law and the police kept him in the station.

As soon as he came back from the station, one day later than foreseen, the ceremony took place. Satan wanted to kill True Father in Heung Nam, where people would die after 6 months, working hard packing and transporting fertilizer. True Father's team never missed fulfilling the quota. They had to stack 1300 bags a day. In the morning they had energy, but at the end, they had no more energy. He witnessed while going to the toilet, passing by people and telling them something about Divine Principle, for example: John the Baptist didn't fulfill his responsibility.

As these people had faith, the wanted to kill him. They heard he was the Messiah and asked him, doubting that it could be true, as the Messiah should come on the clouds. They had dreams and True Father asked each person if he had had a dream. In this way, he witnessed to 12 disciples in the prison in the 2 years 8 months. He risked his life every day for that. It's much easier for us to witness now. In 2004, True Father established the Cheon Seong Gyeong and read it 4 times. It means that the religious text of heaven has appeared on earth.

We need to keep it on the altar. He declared An Shi Il from May 5th 2004, the declaration of ssang hap ship seung il. For 85 days, he lived on the sea. It was giving us the condition of having participated in the providence for 85 years. In Korea, there are 268 family names. In the Moon family, they crowned True Father as their king. From January 15th of 2009, God has not recognized any king of the world, except for True Parents. So Kim Il Sung's heir and Obama were not recognize by God. Now we can witness to Christians thanks to True Father's autobiography.

Many misunderstandings were elucidated through that book. Today, we must use the autobiography and give it to our tribe to read. The True Family, the gateway to heaven is also a book we need to read. They are a few chapters of the Cheon Seong Gyeong. People have to read it and if they don't like it, they should give it back. That's the way to establish the Hun Dok family church. Also presidents and professors of universities, media, business leaders, social leaders, NGO and women leaders... All the leaders of these organizations need to be met. Also the branches of the governments. If 3 out of each country meet together from Europe, there will be more than 80.

Through the Original Divine Principle, teach about God and responsibility that Human Beings must accomplish. Do that in the next 3 years in unity. Spirit World is giving you that direction and centered on Rev. Song, you can accomplish this one of God's expectation. This is the last lecture of the 3rd day and you'll accomplish your purpose. 

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