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European Original Divine Principle San Marino Workshop Notes Day 6

Jeong Ok Yu
January 30, 2010
Unofficial notes

5:30 am

The will of God, Adam and Eve fell, for six thousand years, his will could not be realized and God could not feel joy. The most important is the family, God should be attended there. All religions and efforts are for the establishment of the true family. Blueprint of cosmos: principles of creation; joy of God is joy of human beings; no fighting, harmonious union with God and each other. Historians have viewed history from their own perspective, not centering on God; even Christians could not teach clearly, did not know purpose of history. True Parents have clarified all fundamentals of human history. God is the parent of all, sorrowful. Second Advent is the time when God's ideal will be realized.

True Parents came as Lord of the Second Advent, king of kings; hope of Jesus Christ and humanity will be realized; only one time in history there is one set of True Parents, come from God as the substantiation of his original body; all providential content is now brought to conclusion; one hope of True Parents is to liberate God, humanity and creation;

The Second Advent

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In What Manner Will Christ Return? Second Advent is not spiritually; not on the clouds; providence of restoration= God's footstep in history; learn from that

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Prophecy of the Second Advent; because of human portion of responsibility; Jesus came in the flesh, despite the prophesies that he will come on the clouds; great debate after Jesus' crucifixion; Elijah, Jews believed in his second coming; Jesus said it was John Baptist; he had the mission of Elijah; we cannot follow human interpretation of the scriptures, even if 6.5 million say he is not the Messiah but if God says he is, it means he is the Messiah, even if 6.5 mission say he is the Messiah, but God says he is not, then he is not the Messiah.

In the light of the Bible; new person with the same mission, Jesus said; those who believe that Lord of the Second Advent will come in the flesh are treated as heretics; there is a certain meaning the word clouds

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In the light of the Principle; spirit and flesh need to be together; Jesus said that he would come back, because his mission is not yet completed; in substantial form; conclusion: physical birth of Lord of the Second Advent

What is the Meaning of the Verse that Christ Will Return on the Clouds? Water evaporates to become clouds; purifies; dream of drowning: fall in the fallen world; people who listen to God's word in Unification Church, will be sanctified, Saints, sons and daughters of God; coming on the clouds means that he comes through the Saints; there must be a human foundation for the Messiah to come; he is coming on those who are prepared, Jesus came on the foundation of Zacharias and Joseph's tribes

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Elucidation of the verse of Act. 1.11; ignored the first part of the verse; you have seen as he was born; was persecuted; at 12 years of age, he was discussing in the temple, Mary blocked him, should have told the high priests who Jesus was; Lord must return through the cross, suffering, persecution; Peter betrayed Jesus after being with him for 2 years and 8 months; True Father had to go to Hungnam and gain 12 disciples during 2 years and eight months; True Father understood who is prepared to understand God's word; know True Parents' course and life course; early Christians were waiting for Jesus' return, were persecuted and fed to the lions in Rome; Lord of the Second Advent will not come literally on the clouds; yes he is coming on the clouds who are the Saints, the believers.

When Will Christ Return? Bible says: no one knows; but other verses say we can know; like Amos 3.7; Noah could understand God's will and prepared; Sodom's fall, some knew and fled, like Lot's family; Nineveh's people were warned by Jonah, knew, changed and were saved and not judged; some knew about the birth of Jesus; God lets people know what he is about to do; a matter of being awake, wise; you are not afraid of those who persecute you in the world;

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Methods to find out the time; providence of restoration = God's footsteps in history, from the parallels of history; 1930 years after Abraham = 1960 years after Abraham: Messianic declaration of Jesus; restore through indemnity; parallels: between 1917 and 1930, Christ will come; 30 years preparation: Messianic declaration of Lord of the Second Advent in 1960; in April 1960 True Parents Holy Wedding

In the light of phenomena of the Last Days; could not come under Japanese rule, because he could not come in Japan, had to come to Korea, the nation prepared by God, so Korea needed to have sovereignty, plus Korean language to express God's word, March 1st 1919, independence movement, Yu Kwang Sun died, 16 years old, distributed Korean flags to people, led the independence movement, when Korea had recovered independence, Messiah was conceived, Messiah cannot be sent at any time, born in 1920, prepared his mission, Christianity rejected him, prepared nations rejected him, after WWII he was 26 years old, allied powers should have attended True Father, Korea should not have been divided, now True Father is 90 years old, if they would be 30 years old, how wonderful, now me must do the word they would have done when they were young; third WW is the ideological conflict, teach God's word correctly. We are different than people in the world, because we understand this. Lord of the Second Advent is already here and he is of 91 years old, come in the flesh. All we need to do is follow his teachings.

8:30 am

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Where Will Christ Return?

Providence is at the completion stage, all humanity must follow.

Lineage cannot be changed; Israel had victory of faith; Christ will never return to the Jewish nation that killed Jesus;

Matt. 21.33-34 -- Parable of the vineyard; gentiles; country that bears fruit: follows God, East, Lamb among the 144.000 in the East; Korea: God-prepared nation, God does not sent the Messiah according to human thinking, Jesus was sent to a small occupied nation; he did not send him to Rome; Korea did not invade any country, respect heaven and love human beings; Korea has kept the commandment of Jesus to love God and people; heart of heaven, Korea has a philosophy of peace, take care of people who are suffering; our life is for the sake of others; people of filial piety, morality; reflects God's heart; filial piety=relationship of parent and child, child places the parents in the center of their lives, most important morality, because God is our parent, our root; attend our own parents as God; Korea understands the importance of the birthright, needed to inherit God's birthright, to understand and value it.

God loves the second son in order to recover the first son; lineage, siblings, Korea's values the oldest son's lineage; Korea knows the importance of the family, three and more generations lived under one roof; families shared one room, economic difficulties, but shared all; in developed nations, children have their own room; have to knock at the door of the children; where is God's right and authority and parent's authority, state and law cannot stand in between parents and children; forbidden to spank a child nowadays; living separately from bigger families, destroys family; must be trained in love and Shim Jung; God's ideal will be realized in the family; Family Pledge; in Unification Church we establish blessed families with many children; children are adding to the world not being in deficit to the world; invest and forget; philosophy of creation= ideal of the family; nowadays Korea is losing the standard, influenced by other nations; swapping partners does not even exist in nature; need to establish absolute sex, God's love, life and lineage; we entrusted a photograph to True Parents to be matched; Satan cannot do this. True Parents is the Messiah that is why he can do that. Korea is also a homogeneous nation; 1.6 million (?) population; same lineage, same language, same culture. Israelites married the tribes of Canaan, so they lost their lineage and identity as chosen people.

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The conditions required of the nation where Christ will return

Messiah is coming for all of humanity, the nation will have to fulfill five conditions; separate Satan; 40 days of flood at Noah's time; 40 years of occupation by Japan; nation of sacrifice; object partner of God's heart, God has been shedding tears for 6.000 years; culmination of civilization, the Cain and Abel cultures; messianic prophesies concerning the country

National Dispensation of 40 for the Separation of Satan

Japanese imperialism, persecuted Korea, as strong as Rome persecuted Christians, once the Japanese had gather all the village people in a church and set fire to it; independence fighters had to be willing to die; ready to die of hunger; God needed people of righteousness, ready to die; Japan said they would protect Korea, but wanted colonies just as Britain; prepared to go through China, eventually to Europe; AA took Eve, through Eve he took the entire cosmos; for six thousand years by taking one woman; until 1945, end of WWII; Japan took all the crops, best crops, farmers did not enough to eat; at that time True Parents were born and suffered with the people; fought also for independence; when liberation came.

True Father was already 26 years old; if USA, Britain and France had worked with True Parents at that time, the work would be done already; but Korea was divided, Korean war; the world participated in this war; in Pusan there are many Turkish graves of UN soldiers; McArthur was sent, went North, liberated True Parents, UN liberated True Father in Hungnam; how can True Parents repay them; some people did not even know where Korea was, but went there to shed blood there. You are here on the basis of that Cheon Seong. 1960, when we didn't have food to eat, True Father created Little Angels Troop to show Korean culture to the world. Through dance and singing respond to the people who liberated Korea; some people do not know Korea but the Little Angels; this year again they will do a world tour to the 16 nations who participated in the UN forces who liberated Korea; another five countries; made Korea known to the world, show our gratitude. 1905-1952, 1953 ceasefire; break after a round; what will happen with N. Korea and S. Korea? The world is watching.

True Parents have the foundation so that N. Korea and China cannot invade S. Korea. True Parents soon will have their birthday; during the last year, N. Korea has prepared a present. Kim Jong Il is the fruition of communism but loves True Parents. If you walk in a line and everybody turns around, the last person will be the first. Korea will be the first. It might be easier to restore N. Korea than S. Korea; East and West Germany have united, but how difficult; the true unification must come through lineage; children will not feel the dividing line between North and South, it might be that True Father calls for a North-South Blessing in Korea.

1945-1985, True Father was liberated from Danbury; 40 years was re-indemnified, 1988, Olympics took place peacefully; Soviet Union and USA did not want to go to each other's nations, but came to Korea; North Korea did not participate, if they had unification would have been done more easily; 1990, True Father met Gorbatchev and told him to stop shedding blood; he promised; Soviet Union would have been different if True Father would not have gone there; in 1992, WFWP, centered of True Mother;

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Nation for Sacrifice (God's and Satan's Front Line)

Korea must become one centering on the Messiah, Cain and Abel separated from the fallen Adam, will be reunited when the True Adam comes; this year there will be many chances; maybe bloody changes, maybe hand in hand to a peaceful nation; Korea's division came out of Adam's family, Middle East division of religions came from Adam's family; True Parents must come to resolve the problems of Cain and Abel views of life in Korea and Middle East religious divisions; Panmunjom, 38th parallel; heaven and Satan are divided here; both God and Satan will be liberated here.

Now for 60 years going on; because humans could not fulfill, delayed; we are coming to a time where the unification can be accomplished quickly; in the North human centered thought, True Father went there and told them that it was wrong; needs to center on God. Normally, no one could speak like that in North Korea. He went to North Korea to teach Kim Il Sung's thought in front of him; now people in N. Korea attend True Parents as they used to do with Kim Il Sung. Kim Il Sung gave directions to discuss north south unification matters only with True Father. North Koreans think that Kim Il Sung is God.

Recently in Pusan, it rained Kim Il Sung's photo was protected by cheerleaders with umbrellas at a sports occasion. Do you attend True Parents' photo like that? Something about a kindergarten where children learn about God's day; need to respect small children, attend them; North Korea on the Satan's side, understand how to attend; Kim I Sung is father is Cain-type father; it will not work out for Kim Jong Il to put his son as his successor, since Satan is only recognized in two stages of development. Recently Segye Ilbo said we should support N. Korea, but N. Koreans were angry: we are not beggars; but they are hungry especially now in winter time. True Father is doing as Jacob, giving and giving to Cain side. Korea is the front line between God and Satan.

The Object Partner of God's Shim Jung (Nation God loves most)

God's Shim Jung of sorrow and tears in restoration; I asked you to sing three hymns: Garden of Restoration, Unified Soldiers and Hymn of Cheon Il Guk; Garden of Restoration: reflects God's Shim Jung; how much are we able to resonate with Heaven's heart; tears clean our hearts, purify, embrace God, shed tears with God; dramas and movies in Korea are sad; in the West you say the birds sing, in Korea we say, the birds cry.

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Nation of Morality

Courtesy; respect king, parent, bride groom and bride; Chunhyang; if Jesus would have had such bride; how much the world would be different; loyalty, filial piety and chastity; most important; thought for victory over communism; thought of attendance of parents; thought of absolute sex (Original Divine Principle), today the world is completely confused in terms of sex; need clarification.

For reference -- 2 name of Korea; Dae Han Min Guk; country that God has blessed; traditional clothes of high priest, monastic habit; hanbok; food; high IQ; western way: dialectical; Korean way: give and day; swords and spears (knife and fork); in Korea: chopsticks and spoons, complex thinking, can do many things at a time;

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The Culmination of All Civilization

Hawaii is connected to Nevada (Las Vegas); and works for unification for North and South Korea; Bearing Strait;

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River, Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean;

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Nation where the Religions bear fruit (nation of morality)

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Messianic Prophecies

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Jesus: Wise men of East testified to him; Lavers S. Corde?, where is the living God? 1970's; YMCA, looked for True Parents;

Poem "A light of the East" (1927) by Rabindranah Tagore

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Ae-Guk-Ka (National Anthem of Republic of Korea)


Unify the world with Divine Principle, Unification Thought, VOC Theory, Absolute sex moment

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Crown of Glory

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Who is Reverend Sun Myung Moon?

Messiah, True Parents

True Parents are the world champion in 8 aspects:

Champion of champions!

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The written resolution of the representatives of the five great religions

Sang Hun Lee was MC

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A letter from God

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Prides of Unification Church

True Parents, Divine Principle, Holy Blessing, Blessed Family, Tribal Messiah, National Messiah, Boon Bong Wang, True Parents of Heaven and Earth/ Human

Peace King of Heaven and Earth


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