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European Original Divine Principle San Marino Workshop Notes Day 5

Jeong Ok Yu
January 29, 2010
Unofficial notes

5:30 am
Providence of restoration in Abraham's family

Principles of restoration = God's footsteps in human history, all that happened to mankind but also to God; trying to find his family, our path to look for God's Shim Jung; lamentation, loneliness and sadness; True Parents' heart has been filled with tears and lamentation, True Father's speeches are mixed with tears and sweat; how to accomplish the providence as quickly as possible; a person without tears and longing is not alive

Page 165, Introduction

Page 166, Foundation to receive the Messiah

Ishmael, Hagar, Islam; Hagar had much regret when she had to leave, very wrong thing that took place in Abraham's family; Isaac could not become Abel in F/substance

Page 166, Foundation of Faith

Restore Adam's and Noah's families; same blessings to Noah as to Adam, Gn 1.28; Gn 9.7; Gn 12.2; number ten is the complete number and returning to one; 10 generations from Adam to Noah were lost, from Noah to Abraham another 10 generations, human life span became shorter; after True Parents' coming life span becomes longer, in original world life span will be longer again, partially because of scientific advancement; Abraham was old, followed God, left Ur, his homeland, Haran, Israel, same as 120 years of building the ark

Page 167, Position of Adam's family

Abraham left his homeland to have same process of Shim Jung as Noah; went to Pharaoh with his wife, brother and sister; gave Sarah to him; maintained her chastity, maintained her faith, used every means, bad smell, tried to take her by force, God told him that she has a husband; heaven did not help from the beginning, Sarah had her own responsibility; when she had no way anymore; then Heaven helped; Sarah accomplished Eve's responsibility to maintain her purity;

Page 167, Symbolic offering

Heifer = completion stage; Lord of the Second Advent, feast of the Lamb; dove has one mate; ram and heifer regurgitate; same animals and colors symbolize God's side and some Satan's side; dove was not divided; listen carefully to God's word, Abraham didn't

Page 168, Meaning of the three sacrifices

Divide the world that was under Satan;

Page 168, Meaning of dividing the offering

Draining out the blood of death,

Page 169, Consequences of Abraham's mistake

Slavery, receive one small commandment, do not neglect it; as we go through the providence, we have always conditions to fulfill;

Page 169, Abraham's offering of Isaac

Once a person fails, God cannot use the person again; final chance, final stage that God could go; if Abraham and Isaac would have failed, no chance to continue the providence;

Page 170, Conditions for Abraham's offering of Isaac

Sarah maintained her chastity once more; qualification to made the offering of Isaac

Page 170, Offering of Isaac

Three day course, time to separate Satan, also 40 days; one heart between father and son, sacrifice could not show any emotion, not weep in sorrow; God and Satan were watching, as with Job; we make many conditions in our hearts for Satan to invade; cannot advance, die and live together; absolute faith, absolute obedience, even at the last moment, Satan tried to invade; understand Shim Jung of God, one second before Isaac to die, God stopped Abraham; Satan was discarded; separated out; as we go the will of God, need absolute faith and obedience;

Page 171, Foundation of Substance

Jacob was twelfth generation after Noah to establish foundation of substance; True Parents have to indemnify everything in the past; not playing around, True Parents are fighting Satan every moment, we look at them in a humanistic way; Jacob had to restore the three great blessings to be the central figure: restore the birthright, receive his father's blessing, get the woman from his uncle; True Father said that Isaac was a filial son; Jacob had 12 sons, fourth son, Judah = father in law of Tamar; Jacob lived with four women (Leah, Rachel and their two servants), complicated situation; his secret for victory: he did not talk; that he could be victorious; leaders do not need to speak a lot; wives took the idols of their father. Rachel hid the idol in her lower parts; Jacob wrestled with the angel; Jacob was wise; fearful position of women; defeated the Angel at the ford; called Israel; Esau was prepared to kill him, but Jacob gave all to him; Esau's heart was melted, "when I see you, I see God"; let's live together; brothers who were enemies became united. Difficult to establish the foundation of substance.

8:30 am

Page 171, Result

By taking Eve, Satan took the entire cosmos, in Abraham's family things were restored: kept absolute sex, no murder; Abraham and Isaac restored Eve (did not commit adultery); Jacob and Joseph restored Adam (did not commit adultery); Joseph indemnified murder, providence for Jesus to come started here, he had to come from this lineage; God's deep will, his Shim Jung is included here.

Page 172, Through Jacob's victory

Model course to subjugate Satan = Jacob's course; God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob Ex 3.6

Page 172, Prolongation of the providence

Need national foundation to protect the families from Satan's attack; foundation to receive the Messiah, should have been together for eternity for the rest of their lives, Esau should have gone with Jacob to Egypt, slavery, could have subjugated Egypt together; Satan could use the lineage of Egypt to oppose Jacob's descendants, would not have to leave Egypt; Messiah could have come to Egypt

Page 173, Lessons

Separate good and evil in your lives, any thought, entire life must be separated; fallen nature; Satan can use as a condition; True Father is sad when he hears that a blessed family is taken by Satan, gives a condition to Satan, must feel the heart of God; always divide ourselves between good and evil

Mother-son cooperation; relationship between husband and wife; wife's position is important; Archangel seeks Eve first; all women are brides of the Messiah, True Father declared the liberation of women; lineage is passed through the mother's womb, True Father is searching for the women of the world; understand how precious the women are; holy wine ceremony: establish conditions to participate; engagement ceremony; spirit world will accuse when we separate after blessing prayer; president Eu, restored Archangel, Mrs. Choi, restored Eve, Mrs. Choi would give to mother, mother to Father, father gives to the wife, wife is like the wife of Father, groom is like her son, must be reborn through her, receive holy wine from her; cup goes back the reverse course. Wife gives rebirth to husband. Three-day ceremony is the same, indemnity stick; in history men and women fought so much; hit as hard as you can. Indemnity stick was called the "kissing competition"; make sure that it makes a sound.

Women cooperate with you or not? Must not fight, must cooperate. Go home, don't fight, Satan will take it as a condition to take you away from God. Be careful about small things; if you cannot do small things right, cannot do large, big things. Leaders cannot only think about big things. Have some else do small things, but make sure that it is done well. Offer Cheon Seong: to become one with your wife and family to become one. Praying all night does not have sense, purpose is to become one, receive God's will and make it my will. Attend each other.

Everything is decided in a moment, victory or defeat is decided. Each moment is important.

Providence of Restoration centering on Moses

Page 177, Introduction

Moses and Jesus in the providence of restoration, center is to subjugate Satan; secrets of God's work of salvation;

Page 178, The model course to bring Satan to submission

Today we have True Parents, go their course to bring Satan to submission;

Zipporah realized that there should be circumcision in their family; we must overcome three temptations from Satan; he will test you with money, then with fame, then with sexual temptation; must control yourself before you can dominate the cosmos, food, sleep and sexual desire.

We must have witness to people, giving them our own flesh and blood, have that kind of heart, don't make them our own people, and connect them to God, Jeong Seong with tears and prayer. If you are designed to a new place, members must not try to go with your, handle everything to the successor

Corpses of Jacob, Moses, Jesus; God moved his corpse through someone so that Satan could not take him; must be put in a good place; don't spread ashes of burned corpses; need come back returning resurrection, need to locate corpse, respect corpses

When we began a new mission, three day course separation from Satan; 40 days

Staff = symbolizes the Messiah;

Mother-son cooperation: we must also have the help of our wives.

True Father had to go to Japan and come back = restoration to Canaan

In the final days we must go to back to our hometown, hometown providence, 1990?

To eradicate Satan with True Parents' words, must know Principle

10:30 am

Page 179, Overview of the providence led by Moses

National level; receive God's word, before not; Moses = representative of God, model for Jesus, image course for Moses; raised by stepfather, Jesus raised also by stepfather; most important = human portion of responsibility

At a certain time in Canaan, lost their awareness of the chosen people

This course is also our course: keep walking, he'll give you what you need, protects you, he'll give you his word; have to keep absolute sex; most educate well 2nd generation, all humanity must go this course, what position are you in?

Page 180, the first national course to restore Canaan

Foundation of faith should have been established by Moses' stepfather, the Pharaoh; Moses should have been Abel to Pharaoh's elder son; providence for the start

Page 180, the second national course to restore Canaan

Jethro = father in law, should have become CF of F/Faith

Page 181, Representative of the Word

Aaron and Miriam; Moses represented God

Page 181, Circumcision

Three types

Page 182, three signs

Staff (restoration of Adam), hand (restoration of Eve), water (restoration of children); three great blessings

Page 182, ten plagues

True Father: French fly, want to participate in the world wars, just to wake you up; pharaoh surrendered naturally

Page 183, the course of Exodus

Page 183, the providence of restoration and the tabernacle

Holy of holiest, ark of Covenant contained all; cherubim; unchangeable object of faith, even if Moses should fall

Page 184, Ark of the Covenant,

Page 184, Holy of holies

Page 185, Tabernacle; symbolic Messiah, need Foundation of Faith and Substance

Result: failure of the second national course to restore Canaan

Page 185, the third national course to restore Canaan

Page 186, Moses' twice striking the rock

Page 186, Why couldn't Moses' mistake of twice striking the rock be restored.

Page 187, Result of twice striking the rock

Page 187, the foundation of substance centered on Joshua

If you live according to God's principle you can enter Canaan. Be not afraid, put one foot in front of another.

Page 188, 12 stones set up in the camp of Gilgal

We will never starve; get to the point of destination

Page 188, The conquest of Jericho

All barriers will crumble, between nations, etc. Last year, we had liberation of King of Kings, we can go into Jericho with pride

Page 189, Lessons

Portion of responsibility, do not complain

When God is about to give grace, He puts the person through a test, either before or after the grace, to prevent Satan's accusation

Pray, grace is followed by test, don't let your guard down; if God tests you, train you to resist and conquer Satan. Father always says to God: don't worry about me. You will be tested when you get back home from this workshop's grace. Defeat that with prayer, holy songs, being faithful. Even if I die, I will die for God. If you look weak, Satan will try to shake you.

2:00 pm
Worldwide Course to restore Canaan Centering on Jesus

Page 193, Introduction

Course of Moses was the model course for the Messiah; Jesus' course had to come on the foundation to receive the Messiah

Page 194, Foundation to receive the Messiah

John the Baptist was the CF for the F/Faith; great faith,

Page 194, The First Worldwide Course to Restore Canaan

Page 195, The Second Worldwide Course to Restore Canaan

Remote cause, Moses' striking the rock twice;

Page 195, Significance of the three temptations

God was the invisible Lord and Jesus was the visible Lord

Page 196, The third temptation

Page 196, The foundation of substance

Foundation of Substance is much more difficult to establish than the F/Faith. You cannot just have faith alone, give the grace you receive to Cain plus my own love.

Page 197, the third worldwide course to restore Canaan

Page 197, Spiritual Course to Restore Canaan centering on Jesus

Body was lost, spiritual foundation, spiritual CF

Page 198, Significance of Jesus' crucifixion

Fall took place in flesh and spirit, Jesus came in flesh and spirit, but body was lost, his spirit self resurrected, belief in him, receive spiritual salvation; Satan's purpose was to kill Jesus

Page 198, The Spiritual Foundation of Substance

Jesus was able to accomplish his mission as the spiritual Messiah

Page 199, the course to restore substantial Canaan centering on Christ at the Second Advent

Many things True Parents do that people generally do not understand.

Third Israel (Korea, Unification Church) faithful, HSA-UWC was established for that purpose; led the providence in Korea

Page 200, Jesus was a saint among saints (Messiah)

Other saints have original sin, cannot take fallen man to heaven, Jesus is the son of God, no original sin. How come that he does not have original sin?

Isaac and Rebecca, Esau and Jacob were victorious, made external victory; then there are Judah and Tamar, there is an internal base for Satan to invade, needed to be restored; Judah was fourth son of Jacob; he had three sons, Er, Onan and Shelah; first son died before he could have a son, younger brother did not have a son with Tamar; Judah thought he lost two sons by the fault of Tamar, did not want to give her the third son; she disguised as a harlot, this was not a sexual sin, but she used wisdom to continue the lineage of Judah; Tamar demanded three conditions, staff, stamp, and ring; gave birth to Perez and Zerah; she was supposed to be stoned according to the tradition, but she showed the staff, etc., second baby came out first; Perez, the younger came out first; positions of younger and elder sons changed within the womb; the internal restoration.

Satan had no condition. On this foundation, Mary could receive Jesus, her mother and grandmother were great women; God gave her Joseph as husband, went to her cousins house, Zachariah was like her uncle; Elisabeth referred to Mary as the mother of my lord; she became pregnant while staying in Zachariah's home. Now is the time to declare with confidence that Zachariah is Jesus' father. He should have protected Mary; two tribes of Zachariah (Levi) and Joseph (Judah) should have been Cain and Abel tribes to protect Jesus.

Angel came to Joseph and told him to protect Mary. She gave birth in Bethlehem, manger, no clothes and preparation for Jesus. Zachariah did not recognize it the same with Elisabeth that is why John the Baptist could not unite with Jesus. Jesus lost his foundation, even Mary turned against him, could not protect him; Archangel, Joseph should not have touched Mary in the position of Eve. She could not listen to Jesus. Mary told Joseph who was the father of Jesus.

They knew how Jesus was born and grew up; and struggle about Jesus' marriage. John's younger sister was prepared to be Jesus' bride. (Adam and Eve were brothers and sisters); Jesus was supposed to be born in the home of Zachariah, they were supposed to be raised as brothers. His purpose was to marry; he told his mother: you know who I am, I need to marry; she could not arrange the marriage with Zachariah's family; 24 years old; he went again to Mary, help me to marry, it was necessary for the parents to approve those days; Mary could not do it; when he was thirty years old, he spoke with his mother through the night, pleaded with her again; she could not; so left his home at age thirty; he built a new beginning, three year course of public life.

Page 200, Jesus built spiritual foundation and made a new beginning

Jesus and his disciples went to the marriage at Canaan to get something to eat, he pleaded again with his mother; she said we are out of wine; my hour is not yet come, what do I have to do with you. Later he says: who is my mother? who are my brothers? By humanistic view, they were his family.

Woman at the well: Jesus said to her: I have water of life (his absolute love sperm).

Last supper, other disciples saw that Judas had the bread with Jesus, should have stopped him. If disciples would have prayed with Jesus, maybe the cross would have passed.

Page 201, Jesus' trial and arrest

First he had a religious trial by Caiaphas; Peter should have testified to Jesus. He was found guilty, tortured until he lost consciousness. Jews did not have the right to give death penalty. Send him to the Romans: then a political trial by Pontius Pilate; he didn't want to kill him; gave the choice to the people between Barabbas and Jesus; washed his hands, put a crown of thorns on him, took his clothes and took him to Golgotha, carried his cross, weak, Simon, a black man carried his cross. Pilate did not want to kill Jesus but Jews said: His blood will be on us, and on our children.

Page 201, Jesus on the cross

History of God's tears and grief; Jesus' sorrow that his own mother blocked his marriage and mission; agony of Jesus of having to leave the earth before establishing his family; no one understood; only True Parents understand this. Look at True Father, until his marriage with True Mother, he cried every day for Jesus. He invested all sincerity and dedication in Christianity. True Parents have comforted Jesus. On December 23rd, 2003, Jesus was crowned; representatives of Islam, Christianity and Judaism, and three thousand people. 2004 again, Jesus was crowned in USA, symbolizing Rome. Jesus as king of the Jesus should have gone to the senate of Rome. The two tribes of Joseph and Zachariah should have accepted him; tribal Messiah, John the Baptist should have been Boon bong wang for them.

Page 202, Providence of Jesus' resurrection

Page 202, resolving the agony, han, sorrow, death of Jesus

How to resolve True Parents' and Jesus' han? Fulfill tribal messiah mission, carry out Hoon Dok in daily life, liberate the homeland; blessed families should do this. True Families, gateway to heaven, true owner, true lineage; Cheon Seong Gyeong; "the truth shall set you free". True Parents restore homeland through indemnity. We can use Internet to let the entire world know about True Father's word: husband and wife, parents and children, grandparents, schools; all will need the word. Jesus came to light the fire, but could not. We should light the fire of the word. God's providence began in Europe; began in the East, came across the Mediterranean to Germany, Britain, etc. Three victorious countries of the world were to hear ODP first; go to Europe. You can hold the flag up and the fire of this truth can go around the world. Many spiritual persons are here, receiving this education with you. How are we going to face the world? Things are happening that people in the world cannot understand.

Page 203, Lessons

Jesus was forsaken, but remained faithful. We must be grateful to True Parents to teach us this content. No one has understood Jesus.

Let us pray.

4:00 pm

Page 203, Comparison of Moses' and Jesus' courses

The Periods in Providential History and the Determination of Their Lengths

P. 207, Introduction

Parallel, repetitions of events, circumstances; Toynbee talked about, but could not explain the reason for parallel periods.

P. 208, How do parallel providential periods come about?

P. 208, Main factors which determine the formation of parallel providential periods

P. 209, Types of the parallel providential period

The number of generations or years in the periods of the age of the parallel providential periods; number 1 is the number of God, two is the number of perfection; Adam would be substantiation of the number 40; necessary for the foundation to receive the Messiah, F/Faith demands numbers to be accomplished; blueprint of God;

P. 210, The number of years in the parallel providential periods

God's creation was carried out in six periods, but six was lost through the fall, there are six periods, in order to recover the number six; originally this should have been in one generation vertically

David had desire for Bathsheba, child, kills Uriah, same thing that happened in Adam's family; Solomon is son of David; in an adulterous relationship; Solomon was a king of wisdom; too many women and concubines; Charlemagne gave the land of the Vatican to the Pope;

P. 210, the parallels between the two ages in the providence of restoration

Third temple must be built, Cheon Bok Gung; second temple in Jerusalem was destroyed. Third temple, where all people of all religions can pray, will stay for eternity. Providence has moved to Korea.

Restoration periods and periods of prolongation of restoration;

P. 211-214, Lifestyle of separation from Satan;

God did not want the crusades, did not want these wars

Page 215, crossing of the sovereignties of God and Satan in the history of the providence of restoration

God is behind you, with you must go with God; God does not have a body that is why he established me; when I am persecuted, God is persecuted with me. That will remain in history; never forget that God is with me.

Page 215, the progress of history in the age of the providence of restoration

Satanic primitive society, struggle and division, etc.; Divine Principle is a philosophical movement

Page 216, cont. previous slide;

True Father was sent to prison in US, only wants to save the US; Nicaragua, used the Washington Times support anti-communist forces; True Parents blocked that; for 34 years, he worked in US, because 33 years Jesus' life; invested his best years; this will have to be judged, need to compensate for that, translator translated incorrectly in the trial; True Father was falsely sent to prison; True Father said I have done my responsibilities for America, went again to Hawaii; because True Father is there, also in Las Vegas, if he would not be there, America would be destroyed; tries to raises up a leader for America, goes back to Korea; continues this struggle; if we knew the hearts of True Parents, could not rest; wake up, if not the providence will have to be prolonged again.

God has been establishing this central figures and central nations; this is God's history. From now we must understand the formula that God has established. It is not that Rev. Moon makes that all fit, they did not understand God, could not follow God's footsteps. He has come from God. This education is given as the final education; all secrets are revealed now. What True Parents do, sometimes we cannot understand.

6:00 pm
The Period of preparation for the second advent of the Messiah

Page 219, Introduction

Page 220, the period of Reformation

Page 220, Renaissance,

Page 221, the Period of Religious and Ideological Conflicts

Page 221, The Cain-type View of Life (Humanism), communism has its root in Adam's family

Page 222

"Dew can soak your underwear"; The Abel-type View of Life; people have either Cain-type or Abel-type view of life, don't be happy just for the fact that your children read books, check author's background, check whether humanistic or God-centered view; teach them the ability to distinguish between the views of life; when you witness, check, some people have Cain-type view of life; how about in our Unification Church, our pastors; is your view of life Cain-type or Abel-type view of life? There are some people in the Unification Church who have Cain-type view of life, even different between husband and wife, also from one moment to the other we change views of life; which kind of view of life do you have? Your spouse, etc. In human history, the conclusion is that people belong to one of both. Need to understand, otherwise we cannot stand as leader.

The Period of Maturation of Politics, Economy and Ideology; God established democratic society so that people can freely follow the Lord of the Second Advent, and have accomplish the providence; Cain-type world comes first before Abel-type world; check out North Korea, can see how future ideal society would be; false precedes the true; Cain-type: materialism, evolution, man = advanced social animal; Abel-type: religious freedom; liberal democracy needs philosophy; Christians know that God is working in history, do not know exactly; have lost faith and hope for Lord of the Second Advent, after WWII, hope and faith was still there, one generation later it is lost; our teaching is very clear; Unification Church has hope.

Democracy has freedom, can collapse because of freedom, communism collapses because of lack of freedom, need to come to God; there is only one pair of True Parents, must become sons and daughters of True Parents, receive their lineage. They are the original ancestor of all humanity; receive their salvation in flesh and spirit, for eternity. In future there will just be Godism, no struggle between two views of life, only one, ODP, world of happiness and of peace. Communism and liberal democracy have ripened.

Page 223,

Separation of powers; process of restoration of separation of powers; monopoly of powers by king leading to king (powers) and church as party; leads to …

CIG will have five powers, banks and media will be added to legislative, executive and judicial; if a leader makes a mistake, confusion, that is why separation of five powers;

Maturation of Economy, the great powers lost their way and did not connect to the Lord of the Second Advent, Japan copied British industry, Japan wanted to grow their colonies even to Europe, but were stopped by Pearl Harbor and Hiroshima; McArthur carried out strategy to keep Korea, wanted to drop atomic bomb on China and Russia, if this would have been done, True Father was prepared for the unification of Korea at that time; Japan brought everything from Britain, but left out the Christian spirit; Christianity was strong in Korea, blessed; but Japan excluded it; for the Lord of the Second Advent to come many preparations had to made

Page 224,

The ideal world resembles the structure of a healthy human body; money should be used wisely, overflow should be put in reserve; not stealing from each other;

Religious Reforms and Political and Industrial Revolutions since the Renaissance; Natural science, unless it is God-centered, it cannot be the truth; unification of religions, new religious reformation, True Parents came to accomplish this today; religions have not received True Parents; collapse of capitalism and communism, socialism. Economic crises; serious flaws in capitalism; socialism; begins to disappear; Ideal of creation, Godism; nuclear energy: oil crises; let's use wind, energy in the waves; solar energy; 20000 degrees in nuclear plants? No more struggle for resources; we are still fighting in the religious era; everyone is hanging on to their former faith; only True Parents can accomplish his. Need to work in the religious field; Cain side has already advanced to the third renaissance. Unity of religions through True Parents and ODP, philosophy, education, media, etc.; cultural reformation has to come.

Page 225

Society of God's Ideal of Creation (Cheon Il Guk); communist collective farms have collapsed, now the allow private farms, China as adopted this, develop quickly, use free market system; in God's ideal the economic system works through interdependence; mutual prosperity, universally shared values; production is not the problem but distribution; family ethics will be applied to the nation; world of Shim Jung culture. We are educating for this purpose.

The World Wars;

Page 226

Significance of the World Wars; Third WW will be won by the one who teaches God correctly;

Confrontation of triplex alliances of Heavenly and satanic sides; UN have lost sight of its original mission, True Parents have declared it; WW III; 2013 new providence?; N. Korea and S. Korea; Parental UN = world government, HQ = Yoido;

Page 227

Central Figures of Satan's side in the World Wars

Cause and Result of World Wars

Page 228

World Wars; WWI and II to divide into two (Cain and Abel); WW III to unify the divided world; ideological war; we need to teach God correctly. It depends on the success or failure in carrying out of the human portion of responsibility. ODP engage in an ideological war. 

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