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European Original Divine Principle San Marino Workshop Lecture Notes Day 4 - Part 5 of 6

Jeong Ok Yu
January 28, 2010
Unofficial notes

4:00 pm.

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Providence of restoration in eight vertical stages.

August 31, 1989 True Parents declared this content, we didn't understand it very well.

Fall: below all things, True Parents began at the servant of servant's level; 8 stages at Abel and Cain side.

True Parents as servant of servants, must go to the Cain side and restore that, natural subjugating, tries to kill True Father, must allow him to beat him, torture him, and love him in spite of that, brings the servant of servant to Abel side and go to the servant level; then has to go to the servant side, bring him back to Abel side, and go to the adopted son level, must serve Heaven more than any other; True Parents must demonstrate more love than any adopted son has loved parents; Satan is always trying to stop the Messiah; tortures him, gains victory, no hate from True Father, adopted son is naturally subjugated.

True Father demonstrates this heart, then goes to the concubine's son, goes to Cain side and wins him over, more loyalty than all sons combined, go beyond that level, and go to the level of the son, go to the Cain side's son and subjugate him, demonstrate more love to heaven than all sons, no matter what kind of test, persecution, torture, continues to love heaven, refuses to hate, overcomes temptation, True Father went to Hungnam, 100 days torture when North Korea was trying to destroy Christianity; one gave names of all Christians, including True Father's name, arrested, why don't you hate God?

There were some who expressed hatred to God, all before they died, lost faith, True Father never blamed God, continued to love his enemies, moved by that, even the person who reported him to the police, was subjugated, you are the rightful believer, testified to True Father in prison. Son must attend mother, mother cannot go to Satan's side herself, she must not be part of providence of restoration; kept pure, offered to God as a pure daughter, completely untouched by Satan; received mother and went to the True Father position; did also do the mother's position, True Father paid the indemnity in her place, established a number of six women to act in True Mother's place (covered all positions from servant of servants position up); Cain side was won, to protect True Mother; actually most important, should not happened, True Father had to go through that path; these women were placed in these positions.

People have been accusing True Father of that; incidences of True Parents' family must be made clear. There will come a time when everything will be made clear. After WWII if UK and France would have subjugated, a British woman would have been True Mother; Britain was in the Eve position, centering on UK the economic situation, gospel would have spread around the world. Providence could have been completed in seven years, 1952; queen would have been chosen. British royal family would have taken responsibility for the marriage of the Holy Marriage of the True Parents. That foundation was destroyed. Japan was established as Eve nation. UK was the original wife, second wife was Japan, Eve and mother country. If that, True Father would have not gone through indemnity. Heaven had prepared that for the Messiah.

Indemnity course that only True Father could go, God permitted it. Jacob received two wives because permitted it. If God does not permit, he will absolutely not do anything. Secret Japanese police would follow him around, one day women would tempt him, waiting for him in his room, putting money in his book, ten thousand yen; told them to take money back; if he had hated those women, treated them poorly, everything would have ended for the providence; I am a man, impotent; no matter how much they tried, he was not tempted; how matter how difficult it was; for God women have tried to take him away from God's providence, they were subjugated, apologized, forgave them; Satan tried so much; if Satan could soil True Father's lineage, he could have dominated the world forever.

The path True Parents have gone through, only God knows; do not think from a humanistic point of view. True Mother lived in a member's home, served; cooking. The person who was chosen as True Mother served as a servant for three years; restoration through indemnity; six stages, six marriages came from. We are not aware; people who are taken away cannot go the way of God. True Father can go before God as a True Parents, servant of servant has no owner, then to the position of servant, New Testament Age son is sacrificed, Completed Testament Age parents are sacrificed to liberate God.

January 13, 2001, opening the gates of Cheon Il Guk, king of families, king of tribes, of nations, world and cosmos; with that condition established, tribes crowned True Parents. National level was conditional. August 21, 2003, national assembly, coronation ceremony, December in Washington DC, Capitol Hill, True Father had definite plan and schedule; June 13, entering in palace; 2008: Original Divine Principle, coronation for God, January 2009, two coronation ceremonies; but for True Parents; their sovereignty will be for eternity, not just for a term. Absolute sex, True Love, True Love, True Love; last year; 2009. 2007.07.07.

This year's motto: cosmic Sabbath centered on true love, unity with True Parents' pure heart; become one with all their victories, starts with absolute sex education.

Global level restoration, one country like a compass; search for our nation, homeland; center for the restoration, to spread God's sovereignty in the world and cosmos.

Jan. 13, 2013, association of spiritual world and physical world, True Father does countdown every day, gates will be opened for the returning resurrection; prophesies, dreams, spiritual experiences, Cheon Il Guk spiritual world association will replace all other federations, associations. Return to their hometown in Cheong-ju in North Korea; his younger sister is still alive. Don't take her out; I cannot just save my sibling, suffering along with 20 millions other North Koreans. How sorrowful he must be.

Cut down the amount of time sleeping or eating to finish earlier, good. One time members bought a Lincoln car for True Parents; customs caught, Korea would not allow coming into, state took his present and auctioned it off. We bought it in the auction, by it again, gave it to True Father; take it to Seoul; hire a driver to take it to Seoul no one knew how to drive it; one person agreed, drove it, True Father received the report; he wept. If I slept a little less, then God could have had ridden it first.

Renting a house, we could have built many churches with that money; Hyo jin nim boasted that his father drove such a car. Attend True Father so that he can go to his homeland. We should recreate the era of his hometown as he knew it, all humanity will attend him. Look at all the people going to Mecca, think of how people will be going to True Parents' hometown. While he is alive, tell us how it used to be. Humanity will lament if we cannot do that. True Parents' home country becomes ours, and God's. Place where True Parents are born is God's homeland. Because Adam lost the status of Shim Jung, the Messiah had to restore that. Satan tried as much as possible to destroy and kill the Messiah. But True Father said, I cannot die, I must liberate God. Ninety years old, still in the forefront, path we can walk with him.

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Providence of restoration in eight horizontal stages.

Bound on earth, bound in heaven, individual until cosmos; how True Parents have been leading the restoration, pray about this. True Parents have mixture of tears and sweat in prayer, wet the tatami. There are still many things True Father wants to do. Put your hearts and minds together, there will be hope for Europe, if not; Satan will attack you more strongly. Leaders and core members must become one.

Providence of restoration in Adam's family.

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A second after Adam's fall, restoration began. Adam's family set the formula. Human history was an effort to recover Adam's family. We are looking for Adam's family.

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The foundation to receive the Messiah.

the reason Adam could not be the central figure.

He was the person who fell, unprincipled being, serving two masters; Adam transferred blame (servant), if you take blame on you (owner); if they would have taken responsibility, restoration would have been a lot easier, Cain would not have killed Abel; transferring blame or responsibility, cannot be the owner.

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History of separation of good and evil.

Eve and Archangel: free sex, desire love relationship; Eve and Adam: Shim Jung relationship, Messiah has come to resolve this situation; Cain was Satan's side, God could not receive his offering directly, but could offer Abel's directly, because he stood on God's side.

Tithe is number 10, prepare money, clean cash, iron it out, and invest our sincere dedication; even if it is a small amount; condition for God to receive my mind and my body; condition to receive the word (3x3: three levels of three growth stages, plus one equals 10), can be resurrected.

The reason God accepted Abel's offering but rejected Cain's offering.

Fallen people can be accepted by God if they satisfy the necessary conditions.

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Foundation of Faith.

Cain killed Abel, Foundation Substance was a failure; Foundation Faith as well.

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God allows Satan to strike, then God can take; Satan has to make reparation for the strike.

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The sins in Adam's family: the origin of the sins of humanity.

Unbelief is a great sin; treachery, Satan stole everything from God, end: need to bring back all to God: Total Living Offering; core of ten commandments, all religions teach the same.

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Lessons learned from Adam's family 

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