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European Original Divine Principle San Marino Workshop Lecture Notes Day 4 - Part 4 of 6

Jeong Ok Yu
January 28, 2010
Unofficial notes

2:00 pm.

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History of Restoration -- Introduction.

God's footsteps in history.

Principle of creation is blueprint of God, providence of restoration according to the principles of creation, should be carved into gold in the future; all other things will eventually disappear; view of history centered on God; God's work of recreation in accordance with God's principles of creation; must understand in detail, formula of how we can go back to the original world, not just a lecture.

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Providence of restoration and the Messiah.

Satan must be brought to subjugation, Messiah must come; original person of creation and fallen person; human beings God wanted would have grown through three stages and grown to perfection; temples of God, inherit God's Shim Jung and ideal, body of God; God would be within me all the time; growing period is the time of Shim Jung to recover the nature of God; for fallen persons this is the way of restoration, course of indemnity; top of the growth stage, cut away Satan, Messiah must come; cut off original sin; be reborn, position of having no sin, through the Messiah remove the original sin go where nobody has gone before; we received the Blessing at the top of the growth stage; go through the competition stage, path of principle, of Shim Jung; our minds have to be filled with God's Shim Jung; True Parents have work hard all their live, for their children, path of restoration: first two stages; third stage: path of the principle; we have trained by the gospel, words of the Principles: words of completed Testament.

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Embodiment of goodness and evil.

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Restoration of fallen human beings.

Complete salvation is achieved True Parents.

Must receive Messiah's blessing to remove original sin; Blessing at top of growth stage, we received the Blessing before we were completed, we don't go to heaven just because we have received the Blessing; those who receive the Blessing first will be first judged through the word.

Fell; leave everything up to True Parents, like matching; strict conditions (age, spiritual children, etc;), very strict in the past, now no more; still conditions for Satan to attack, need absolute obedience in front of True Parents.

Blessing of Archangel after blessing of Adam and Eve and their children; CP, pair system in creation, why only male angels, True Father: God's creation was not completed before the fall; once Adam's children would have been completed, he would have created female angels, blessed by Adam and Eve equals owners; in the future, God's will is accomplished, angels will be blessed; bad women, like prostitutes will go to the angelic realm; in case we cannot accomplish our human responsibility, will go to the angelic realm: we, too, need three spiritual children, right of inheritance, same as our spiritual children (1/3 to spiritual children, 2/3 to physical children) three Archangel disappeared, became enemy; working through trinity; even that is gone.

Who are these people? Spiritual parents are blessed, pregnant, spiritual children make three bows everyday to bow for the baby in the womb, condition for Satan's attack can be removed in the womb; pregnant, middle of the night, wants to eat meat, no money, cut off your own flesh… taught by True Parents we did not practice; plenty of conditions for Satan to attack; find quickly your spiritual children; primary condition for going to heaven; even True Parents established three spiritual children before their Blessing; True Parents had their own engagement, and engaged three spiritual children; 36 couples were protection for them; several layers of protection around True Parents' family; all these collapsed, Satan was able to attack the True family. How serious that is!.

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Three-dimensional history of the conflict between good and evil, all has been divided, on which side do we stand on, all the things we have, we try to use for God's will, if not, Satan can attack us anytime; give all our property to the heavenly side.

Primary factor in the development of history.

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Providence of restoration through indemnity; midway position, indemnity is necessary to be restored to the original state.

Types of conditions of indemnity: equal amount; lesser amount, greater amount; how about our children and grandchildren, how can we pioneer the way for them? (greater condition of indemnity).

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How should indemnity conditions be made? Reversing the course; do not blame God. Do not blame anyone. Because we are paying indemnity. Book of Job, records a man's faith. His heart was steady until the end. Satan was subjugated; how wonderful his heart was. No matter how difficult it may be, we should never blame God. True Parents sent five of their children to spiritual world, did not shed tears, because sacrifices, should be sent with sincerity.

66 books of the Bible, 13 books apocrypha

What indemnity conditions should fallen people make? I must set those conditions for myself. Indemnity conditions must go the reverse way; foundation of faith, vertical, foundation of substance, horizontal; formula to do indemnity condition.

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Indemnity condition to remove fallen nature, get back to the original nature: as long as we have fallen nature, temper, envy, jealousy, anger, obstinacy, etc. must go the opposite way; instead we must love, establish a mediator, submit, multiply and propagate God's will of goodness: love, establish a mediator, submit, multiply and propagate God's will of goodness - we must receive fallen nature.

Foundation to receive the Messiah

Without it fallen people will kill the Messiah; Foundation faith and Foundation substance; from God's viewpoint Foundation Faith determines the ownership, become God's possession: "this person is mine"; Foundation substance is to secure dominion; must make Cain belong to God.

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The course of the providence of restoration.

The history of the providence of restoration and I.

After 6000 years after the fall, I was born; fruit of history, last runner in the heavenly stadium, relay runner; baton contains, sweat, tears of runners before them; we trained for years, within minutes it will be decided whether we are victors or losers; all people in spiritual world cheer us so that we can win; we are creating a new history; I must restore myself, the people around me, understand God's Shim Jung, will, providential will, become one with the Messiah; the Messiah will absolutely not fail; what kind of person am I going to be: my mission.

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