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European Original Divine Principle San Marino Workshop Lecture Notes Day 4 - Part 3 of 6

Jeong Ok Yu
January 28, 2010
Unofficial notes

10:30 am.


May seem simple, but has caused problems and confusion in people's life of faith. Not a doctrine of the Unification Church, principles resolve the problems of the world, of religions, and doctrines; some believe others not, debate going on; in Bible some verses support some verses contradict predestination.

Rm 8.29-30; Rm 9.15-16, etc. two aspects of the Bible, how to understand.

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Predestination of God's will

Absolute, unique, eternal and unchanging; depends on the fulfillment of man's portion of responsibility.

Predestination of the fulfillment of God's will: conditional, depends on responsibility.

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Predestination of human beings

Conditional; qualification of central figure: right time and right place, and qualifications, according to Heaven's needs; among five you must have three qualifications in order to follow the Messiah; you: ancestral line with many good accomplishments (must be grateful to them), requisite character, qualities during earthly life; most fitting time and space; but you are not born as the chosen people (Korea), must fulfill your portion of responsibility.

Elucidation of biblical verses which support the doctrine of absolute predestination.

Don't complain about personal changes: If I am given a mission, I know I have to go there to do something there; Heaven needs me to do something; leaders must be trained and educated; trained and good people in the right place where they are well used.


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Central doctrine of Christian doctrine, many do not understand; not taught very often; we must go through the entire Divine Principle, this is Heaven's heart; see how far you have understood until now and see where your knowledge is lacking. Is Jesus God himself? What is rebirth? What is the trinity?

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The value of a person who has fulfilled the purpose of creation.

God is the original body of dual characteristics, human being: substantiation of dual characteristics, like mind and body, body equals second mind; true person is filled with Shim Jung and character of God, not God himself; has divine and eternal value.

Purpose for which a human being was created.

Many characteristics within God, created human beings to express them, resemble them, God would receive joy, unique way to give joy to God, perfected person; unique object person to God, unique value; cannot be two.

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Human relationship with the universe.

God has dual characteristics, human beings resemble them, model to create the rest of the universe, physical and spiritual world, owner of both worlds equals united cosmos; comprehensive body to represent both worlds, human being is completed equals cosmos is completed; perfected person: cosmic value.

Jesus and the person who has fulfilled the purpose of creation; value of perfected man and value of Jesus is same: Jesus is the human being who has fulfilled the ideal of creation; divine value, eternal value, unique value and cosmic value. Jesus is God's body, but is not God himself, son of God, the fact that Jesus died, does not mean that God died; Original Divine Principle can resolve all doctrinal or philosophical problems.

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Perfected Adam, Jesus and the restoration of the tree of life.

Jesus is the person who has fulfilled the ideal of creation.

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Is Jesus God Himself?

He who has seen me has seen the Father, God and Jesus equals mind and body, Jesus is substantiation of God; God is God and Jesus and Jesus; Jesus equals not God himself.

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Jn 1.10 the world was made through Jesus.

Jesus was a fully mature person, encapsulated the universe, creativity; fulfilled the value of creation; in 2008, True Parents had a ceremony to liberate creation, until now creation has been lamenting.

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Jn 8.59 Before Abraham was, I am….

Jesus equals first ancestor to give rebirth to all humankind, true father; 6.5 billion people must be reborn through True Parents, Jesus came as the Messiah, did not find faith, God has waited for so long for the True Parents to appear; just like catching a particular fish in the ocean with a single fishing pole; last year autobiography was published, wrote it how I am, I feel, how I have lived; those who have read the book have changed. Loves the world more than his own children; Considers all humanity to be his children, distribute his autobiography to all, this is God's autobiography, record of God's life; gateway to heaven: true families, you have to become a true family, give it to your tribe; owner of true lineage; use Internet, make an Internet movement, send out the Hoon Dok material; send one page at a time; descendants want to read it. We have the living God, True Parents, spiritual world by our side. Go forward. Must recover the spirit of the early movement, like Luther, be on fire.

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Jesus and fallen people.

Fallen human beings must be reborn.

Rebirth and trinity.

Original sin came in the womb, from sexual organs, have to go into the womb and be resurrected. Holy Spirit came as the second Eve, spiritual True Mother; Jesus equals spiritual True Father; Holy Spirit is object partner to God, allows people to love Jesus and the Holy Spirit loves Jesus; has appeared in substance until nom equals True Mother; True Father came to find her and complete her, go through the womb of True Mother and be reborn equals Holy Wine Ceremony, Holy Wine equals special medicine created by God to cleanse original sin, always have holy wine with you; heaven makes you feel that way towards a person; have that kind of mind, hundreds of millions of people in Europe could come to God, at least have your business card on you, or a flyer, telephone number.

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Jesus and the Holy Spirit and the dual characteristics of the logos.

Logos equals substantiation in Adam and Eve; second Eve equals Holy Spirit; True Father has found True Mother, raised her up to give rebirth, first time in human history; if True Parents call you, don't say that you have no money, you are busy; very special to have them with you on earth, no matter how difficult, that time will never will come again, now we have confidence because they are alive, but after the go to the spiritual world, we will regret and lament.

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Spiritual rebirth through Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Second Adam and Eve, rebirth; Lord of the Second Advent: rebirth physical and spiritual, we become actual true children in the Cain realm; we must be reborn through True Mother; not be forgiven if we deny the Holy Spirit.

Ecc 7.28 did not find an upright woman.

Page 130, reference.

Concluding chart.

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Work of rebirth is done through the Blessing.

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Trinity and the will. 

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