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European Original Divine Principle San Marino Workshop Lecture Notes Day 4 - Part 1 of 6

Jeong Ok Yu
January 28, 2010
Unofficial notes

5:30 am.

The Messiah: His Advent and the Purpose of His Second Coming.

Page 97;

Messiah, Christ, savior; Jesus with that mission, cross, Christian believe that they are saved through the cross of Jesus, he said that he would come again; 2000 years they believed that he came to die on the cross; need to see solution through the principle.

Page 98,

Salvation through the cross.

Why did he come to the earth? Jesus came as the second Adam; ideal of creation; three blessings, God's Shim Jung, love and character, absolute sex would overflow in every human being; God's hope for Adam and Eve, Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in spirit world; no prayer, absolute faith, not go to church, attending God directly in our lives, no need for a savior; absolute, unchanging and eternal; because of the fall could not realize such a world; not eat the fruit, why did God speak so seriously?

They ate, fell into Satan's dominion, original sin, evil nature; original sin can't be taken off even by God, because it is lineage; history for six thousand years, to clear everything up, God sent Jesus; Satan ruled the world; entire creation was lamenting; God lost his children, his body, his ideal of creation, lost the entire creation, lamented over it; human beings lost God, their parent, lamenting; whole cosmos was filled with lamentation; Paul went to spiritual world, saw it; satanic world created opposite of God's ideal, false world, false life on earth, hell from individual to spiritual world; came into being from the moment of the fall; need salvation, go back to the original state; restoration equals salvation; God sent the Messiah; died on the cross at age 33; was the purpose accomplished? No one has been able to escape from Satan's dominion; many Christians justify his death; it was an execution; he was treated like a criminal; he came to complete the law; Jesus came of the king of the Jews, came to save the entire world; 2000 years Christianity must repent.

Was the providence of salvation completed through the redemption of the cross?

True Father put things right; truth is truth, must be taught as truth; were persecuted; always teach the truth, way of heaven; we are disciples of their teachings; go the way of the teacher; sons and daughters follow their parents; bore the cross; prayed for the people who put him on the cross; they struck him with a spear, laughed at him; God suffered to see this; endured that for thousands of years; wants to save all persons; salvation was not accomplished by the cross? No; still the world is satanic; this is not a world of peace and happiness, overflowing with joy; cannot go back to that world in ignorance; True Parents came to teach us about that. Purpose of providence of salvation was not done, restoration was not done; still need a life of faith; we still have to do that; because after believing in the cross for two thousand years, people are not saved. Until now they believed that the cross was sacred and holy.

Page 99,

Did Jesus come to die on the cross?

God prepared for Jesus' coming, was it for Jesus to die? Israel was a land of milk and honey, is it? Did God establish Israel to kill Jesus? Prepared their faith so that they could attend Jesus; established Judaism, Zachariah, John the Baptist, Joseph and Mary; God established several layers of protection for Jesus; Jesus never asked anybody to nail him to the cross; believe in the one whom he has sent; why should the son of God go through such a suffering? Even after the miracles, they did not believe; even after 2000 years, they do still not understand; must understand about God and Jesus correctly; Saul is lamenting in the spiritual world; people were ignorant, establishment could not fulfill their portion of responsibility; result of ignorance is unbelief.

The limit of salvation through the redemption by the cross and the purpose of Jesus' Second Advent.

His death was not predestined; salvation was limited; Jesus was forced to give his physical body to Satan, his spiritual self could not be blocked, but his spirit could not be touched, spiritual salvation; but we cannot receive physical salvation, meet the Lord of the Second Advent, True Parents have come for that purpose; all most go through True Parents to go to heaven; God's will is established the third time; Christianity was prepared for two thousand years to receive the coming Messiah; if they would have received him, 40 years ago all would have been saved.

Page 100,

Two kinds of prophesies concerning the cross.

Human portion of responsibility made it possible to go one way or the other, depends on the belief of human beings; same is true today; if we believe in True Parents' word can go before God, now we must teach clearly these words.

Gospel passages in which Jesus spoke of his crucifixion as if it were necessary.

Page 101

John 19.30 "it is finished".

Thieves, right and left hand of Jesus; was misunderstood; Peter's testimony to him as the son of God, he went to Jesus' trial, had to had a heart to die with Jesus; then Jesus might have not had to die and Christianity would not have had to be persecuted; someone had to testify to Jesus before he died; thief on the right testified; could take only one person with him to Paradise, where were the disciples? That is why Jesus said; it is finished. The way of spiritual salvation was opened up, by the testimony of the thief on the right hand side.

Page 101;

Mt. 16.23 said to Peter "get behind me, Satan".

Mount transfiguration, way of suffering was decided, Peter tried to stop him. Jesus could not discuss with anyone to discuss about the situation, discussed with Moses and Elijah; decided at least for spiritual salvation; Satan was trying to block the way even for spiritual salvation; Satan talked through Peter, convince Jesus not to go the way of spiritual salvation; Jesus died due to the unbelief of the disciples and Jewish people.

Page 102,

The second coming of Elijah and John the Baptist.

They would have come to Jesus through John the Baptist; so people could not believe Jesus.

Page 102,

The mission of John the Baptist

Are you the Messiah? Should have said: I am Elijah, and witness to Jesus; so all the people would have believed in Jesus; voice from heaven: this is my son; even then he could not believe; fundamental reason for Jesus' crucifixion; he should have followed and attended Jesus, judged Jesus from his own view; worried about his own social authority.

Page 103

The sense in which John the Baptist was Elijah; Lk 1.17.

Our attitude toward the Bible, full of heavenly secrets; no one knew; True Parents brought us the truth. Must have spirit and truth, we need both. Should not treat Lord of the Second Advent the way we treated Jesus. 

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