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European Original Divine Principle San Marino Workshop Lecture Notes Day 3 - Part 6 of 6

Jeong Ok Yu
January 27, 2010
Unofficial notes

6:00 pm

Eschatology and human history

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Problems of religion, Christianity

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The meaning of the last days

History of evil and sin, to resolve it, history of providence of restoration, history of cultural development, four cultural realms, become one centered on Christianity, because it attends God as parents.

Way of religion and science

Tendency of historical conflicts, Cain and Abel sides, these will be unified when True Parents come

Bible: restoration of the tree of life, True Father equals tree of life, purpose of history is realized, alpha and omega

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Section 2, the last days

Human history must come to an end, prophets, world centered on Satan ends, time of the intersection is the last days

The last days occurred several times already.

Noah's time, Jesus' time and time of Lord of the Second Advent.

God hope will be realized and God's ideal world will come; individual perspectives, there are eight levels of last days.

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Bible verses about the coming of the Last Days

Earth will remain forever, did not fall; sovereignty of evil will be destroyed.

Rise into the air

Recently in Korea a group thought that it will happen literally, but it did not.

Heaven and earth are antonyms: good and evil sovereignty; new paradigm; already your thinking has changed in the last four days.

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Judgment by fire

Evil must be melted with truth and love; judgment of word equals truth; words can give life or kill; spread truth on the earth; every place he went he spoke the truth, if people would have excepted the truth, fire would continue

Sun, moon and stars

Symbols; Old Testament Age father and mother mission: law was like candle light, New Testament Age: Gospel, electricity, light, Completed Testament Age: sun.

2004, April 28, Cheon Seong Gung was dedicated to God, all other teachings have lost their lights; Ahn Shi Il of every eighth day, Sabbath and Sunday have lost their lights.

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Last days and the present days

Signs of restoration of the first blessing:

Large increase of spiritualist people

Freedom of the original mind, revolution for freedom

Value, nobility, cosmic value, democratic ideals, liberation movements

Restoration of original true love

Signs of restoration of the second blessing: history of cultural development, world of one great family centered on God, no religion in future necessary.

History of the fall of nations

Signs of restoration of the third Blessing: restoration of dominion, protect environment.

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Social phenomenon

You reap what you sow, illicit sexual relationship equals fall, now in this age the same; entire world is involved in it.

Incestual relationships

Last days and our attitude

Fall occurred on top of the growth stage, dominated by Satan, will go down, intersection occurs, confusion will come, when the Messiah comes; Satan has come to this point, heaven has come to this point: great confusion; center yourself on God, go up, center on yourself go down with Satan, confusion, contradiction, many people have been fooled, must keep their eyes open.

Receive the new word through humble prayer.

Be not be strongly attached to conventional concepts, be receptive to God's spirit.

Find new expression of truth in the providence of the new era..

Must check what is good and evil; learn clearly about existence of God, human value. 

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