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European Original Divine Principle San Marino Workshop Lecture Notes Day 3 - Part 5 of 6

Jeong Ok Yu
January 27, 2010
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4:00 pm

The Human Fall

You are leaders you know much of the content, need to understand about core of it, in order to convey it well. The rest of the content is not original, came into being because of the fall.

True Father said; if you don't have time, explain the table of contents.

Page 71:

Introduction, God knew about the fall, could not interfere

Page 72:

The root of sin, original sin, eating of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil; consequence is death; only Adam and Eve, they were not hungry, there was lots of fruit; fruit must have had a value greater than live; some people say this was a test from God; that is wrong, he is a God of love, does not test with death as a result; he does not cause death, God of mercy; symbolic expression:?

Tree of life and tree of knowledge of good and evil

Gen 2.9; two trees in the Garden of Eden, Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is mentioned just once; Tree of Life is mentioned often in the Bible; first find out about the Tree of Life: Adam and Eve, his hope was to go to the Tree of Life, all have desires, hopes, Adam's hope: Tree of Life; he created Adam to dominate all creation, why a particular tree; he wanted to become the Tree of Life; grow up, become a man to complete God's ideal of creation; fell, in listening to Satan's words and left garden; Jesus came as the second Adam, many wanted to meet Jesus as the Tree of Life; wash their clothes can go to the Tree of Life; human desire has always been to reach the Tree of Life; symbolizes completed Adam, returning Christ; must accomplish purpose of creation, comes as the Tree of Life; people were compared to a tree in Bible; fruit of righteousness equals tree of life; vine, olive tree, etc. Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil symbolized Eve, fruit equals Eve's love; chastity and absolute sex, eat of the fruit, means her chastity was destroyed, in Korea "eating a woman" means taking her chastity

She could become either tree of goodness or tree of evil.

Eve gave evil fruit, received seed of the servant; depending on her responsibility.

Page 73,

Identity of the serpent

Conversed with people, spiritual being, knew the will of God, creator, parent in the spirit world, tempted human beings; temptation requires wisdom, living in heaven, cast out of heaven, became Satan, ability, power, transcended time and space equals Angel, spiritual being

Page 73,

The fall of the angel and the fall of human beings

Rev. 12.9 serpent, dragon, ancient serpent, before it became the ancient serpent was a great dragon, caused Adam to fall, Lucifer, morning star; three Archangel (Lucifer (love), Gabriel (power) and Michael (wisdom); 2Peter 3.4 crime of illicit love, sin of fornication; male angels, partner was a woman; Adam was ashamed to be naked after the fall; committed crime with lower parts; Jn 8.44 children of devil; Rm 8.23 lamenting to become good people, adopted sons and daughters of God; children of Satan

Snake, Satan; worldly God; Lord of the Second Advent becomes the king of kings, all of satanic sovereignty will be kicked out.

Root of sin: illicit sexual blood relation between Archangel and Eve (daughter of God with servant) daughter of the master became servants' wife, all of human beings are Satan's children

Fallen man: inherit servant's false love, life and lineage; God waits for the person who has his seed to start his lineage, life and love, true olive tree; vine and branches, grafting; True Parents, salvation, change of lineage.

Page 74,


Many religions consider fornication as the greatest sin.

Israelites practice circumcision (Hitler recognized Jews this way, killed many children).

Last days: perish due to fornication, Sodom and Gomorrah, you reap what you saw, warning: Aids.

Reality in society: no way to stop illicit relationships, sexual ability must be used centered on God, instead they use it centered on Satan.

Heredity is passed on through blood lineage, lineage of the servant has been past on, United kingdom fell because of fornication, rise and fall of nations, in Europe prostitutes, male prostitutes, satisfy sexual desire, Aids infection, humanity could be destroyed in a short time through Aids, fearful time is coming, there is no medicine for it yet, only solution: maintain absolute sex; hold up flag of absolute sex in order to save the world.

Immoral and rebellious teenagers, destruction of family morals, Adam was a teenager; needs to be indemnified in the last days.

Archangel gave wisdom to Adam and Eve; women mature more quickly than men because of the fall; recently a father was living with his daughter for twenty years; kept her underground for twenty years; in America a father had sex with his three daughter; mother was there, reported to police, how could that happen; worse than animals; we reap what has been sown.

Religious chastity is contradiction with Gen. 1.28; everyone must be blessed by Lord of the Second Advent in marriage.

Page 74,

The motivation and process of the fall, why did the fall occur?

Purpose of the creation of the angels: Angel caused the fall. Angel was created to be servant, messengers of God, Abraham, Mary, etc., helped Peter to escape prison; worship, Angel was not created to tempt Eve.

Page 75,

Motivation and process of the fall

First God created the Angel, then the creation, then Adam and Eve, felt a lack of love, bring love to himself, take it from Adam and Eve, Adam is running around the hills, Eve was with the Archangel all the time; adolescent feeling changed; he told her God lied to you, will know about good and evil, she should have asked God; they were in a deep emotional relationship, not of an instant, many times; Eve was told that she would die when she ate of the fruit. God saw it, Adam should have protected her, was immature.

She should have experience God's love, not Lucifer's love. She felt shame and wanted to go back to God; realized that Adam was supposed her husband; should have gone to God, should have taken her suffering to God, must feel terrible because of me, should have repented before God, but she rather went to Adam and tempted him. If we have difficulties in our faith, should not go horizontally, but go to God. When someone comes to you counseling, should…? Just as the Archangel touched Eve all over and caused her to fall.

The physical fall was to go back to God, physical fall was with motivation of lack of love. Satan became the owner of the world, no place for God to stand. True Father: at least Satan had children, can go to them; God had to cry alone, no children. She inherited Archangel's nature and gave that to Adam, because of lineage, Satan became the owner of the world.

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How did the human beings fell during the growing period?

During growing period Adam and Eve could fall during angel's love, like train could get off the track by outside force; knocked off the track. That is why God gave the commandment to prevent the fall, necessary during the growth period; maintain absolute sex, go to God, owner of Adam's sexual organs, and Adam owner of Eve's sexual organs, made love with God's permission; no one could inherit God's true love, life and lineage, that is why the Messiah must come.

Page 76,

Why God set up the commandment

Difference between God's love and angel's love, difference in temperature.

Page 76,

Consequences of the human fall

Sovereignty of true love, God's lineage, Kingdom of Heaven; fallen world, hell on earth and in spiritual world, Satan's children; Satan became the owner of the world; this world must end, must be judged when the owner, the Messiah comes.

Page 77

The three great changes:

Change of blood lineage, change of possessions, in the last days we must recover possessions, our body, mind, families, possessions must go back to God; wrote list of all possessions and offer to heaven, offer to church, pass it on back to God, inherit it and receive from God; change of the realm of Shim Jung; love God more than our spouse and children.

The three great liberations:

Liberated from Satan's lineage, through the Blessing.

Liberated form Satan's dominion, fallen nature, jealousy, hatred, anger, etc. must live principled lives;

Liberated from Satan's lifestyle, environment, God's nation is necessary, Cheon Il Guk.

True family, ideal world, establish God's homeland; this will absolutely come to pass, remember and practice these.

Page 77,

Satan's activities in the human world

Give and take with Satan, uses evil spirits to influence us, that is how is acting in today's world, like a Mafia or Yakuza chiefs; even while listening to God's word, your thoughts are divided, depends on how we control our minds, this is our problem, not the problem of someone else

Page 78,

Good and evil seen from the viewpoint of the purpose

What we think, act, behave, determine good or evil, purpose, direction, motivation.

Page 78,

What is sin?

Old Testament, adultery were stoned to death, Jesus said if you look at a woman with desire for fornication, have already sinned; common base with Satan, condition for give and take with him.

We must do that before we leave the world, control our thoughts.

Individual sin, collective sin, hereditary sin, original sin; we are ancestors to our children, be careful how you live, clear all sins of your ancestors, so that your children will have a better life.

We understand how fearful the sexual sin is, if second generation makes a mistake, difficult to forgive, until the nation is established, will be judged, those who know will be judged first; True Parents have forgiven us many times, grateful that our cells cry out in gratitude.

Page 79,

Fallen nature

God is father, parent, loved his children, because of their responsibility could not love them directly; Archangel should have loved Adam and Eve from God's standpoint, he did not maintained his position as a servant; as blessed families, we should not leave our positions; we still have elements of Satan within us, get rid of our fallen nature by living according to the principle; even if Satan surrendered; third fallen nature: obedience, submission; multiply goodness.

Must live a principled life, love, set up a mediator, be obedient to God and multiply, sacrifice. How to get rid of fallen nature by the reverse course.

Page 79,

Freedom and the human fall

Because of the fall, we lost our freedom. There cannot be freedom outside of the principle. There is no freedom without responsibility. There is no freedom without accomplishment.

Page 80,

Freedom cannot have caused the human fall

Crossed the line by unprincipled love, not by free will, be ready to die to come back, restoration.

It was a mistake.

Page 80

Reason given freedom

Freedom seeks to return joy to God.

Desire: joy fulfills desire, we did not fall because of desire.

Page 81,

The reason God did not intervene in the actions of the fall

To maintain the absoluteness and perfection of the principle of creation.

That God alone be the creator; fall was created by Satan, God could not recognize it.

To make human beings lord of creation.

Page 82:

God's heart and anguish

Satan is the enemy of love; God was forced to watch the fall, could not intervene, eight women's position were violated because of the fall; God must love the enemy, had to love them more than his own children; incredible anguish, understand him and liberate him from his anguish

Page 83:

Why we must love our enemy?

Motivation for creation was Shim Jung.

God is the parent of Shim Jung.

If you hit the enemy, you acknowledge his existence.

Page 83

Motives for becoming Satan;

What we must do: become people in whom God can trust, understand and console God's heart, liberate God. We expected God to save us, did not understand, we need to save him, confined because of us; have faith in him, console him, liberate God. 

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