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European Original Divine Principle San Marino Workshop Lecture Notes Day 3 - Part 4 of 6

Jeong Ok Yu
January 27, 2010
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2:00 pm

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Structure of the physical self and the spirit self and their reciprocal relationship

God's word and love equals life elements; physical self and spiritual self grow; have give and take, how do they grow?

Formation stage: form spirit, only has shape, beans: only form of the bean; form spirit level spiritual world

Growth stage: life spirit, goes to paradise, the Lord is there, not Kingdom of Heaven, can go there, even with original sin

Completion stage: Divine spirit: substantiation of Shim Jung, can go there only as a family

Jesus came as a of God, savior, did not have a family, could not experience love, worked on earth as the son of God, will come again, waiting for the time when he can go to heaven

Spirit self grows with yin elements and God's life elements, give and take action, sends life elements to physical self; God's life elements include Shim Jung, love, life and character, perfect absolute sex included; words and principles, we are receiving God's life element listening to Original Divine Principle; if we are distracted do not receive complete life element, in spirit world you will see a blank space, dozed off at that time; make a determination to live a new life, to change; I believe it, use my physical body to put it into action; because we live that way, our spirit self grows, gives life element to physical self, comes back as vitality element.

As long as you live in physical self, if you do not do this kind of actions, spiritual self does not grow; then physical self lives from elements from Satan, cannot give vitality elements, develop a character of Satan, cannot grow spirit self. How do we perfect our spiritual body? Completion of Shim Jung is essential aspect of God, completion of love, absolute sex, means the seed of the father and ovum of the mother come together; human being must become substantiation of absolute sex; fruit must ripe on the tree, spirit self must grow on the physical body; when we are old, have to mature, ripen our love before we go to spiritual world, take of your clothes, touch each other's sexual organ while you are sleeping, remember feeling when you were young.

Most important thing True Parents have taught us. Satanic world denies that. True Parents know spiritual world that is why they teach us that. Only True Parents can do that kind of education. How much has your spiritual self grown, form spirit, life spirit, divine spirit? Must come back to earth work through descendant or similar person to borrow their bodies and work. Extremely difficult, even difficult with our own physical self. While we are on earth, as long we can breathe, must grow our spiritual self, must not receive poison. Need religion, goodness, guiding the conscience, need faith. Nice clothes, jewels, nice house, this is not the issue. While on earth must grow spirit self. If husband and wife fight what will happen in spirit self? Have a wound, put medicine, look closely can see traces. Even spirit world is the same, don't wound spirit self, live according to Shim Jung; must love, cannot stand not loving, so your spirit self will not be wounded, your portion of responsibility.

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Importance of physical life

Spirit self grows through three stages, just to believe in Jesus is not enough, perfection cannot come in ignorance

Develop four great realms of heart, need the family, basic unit of heaven is the family, Jesus could not go there, because he did not have a family, we received the Blessing before Jesus, we must save also Jesus, that heart belongs to the owner;

Redemption of sin must be done on earth, not in spiritual world, sin committed on earth must be indemnified on earth, most fearful is illicit sex, then murder, especially suicide; illicit sexual relationship, destroy God's lineage, go to bottom of hell; wife makes a mistake, must love her husband seven times more than the person she loves most on earth; dying tell husband what she did, husband and children will understand what their mother did. The husband must forgive her must establish condition for her on earth. Son and daughter must set conditions for her; then she can live in proper position on earth. Without that cannot remove that sin.

Physical self needs to give birth and grow spiritual self. Can only see palm of the hand, turn it around see the back, the two together make up the hand. Our physical life is directly connected to spiritual life. Our spiritual and physical selves are together; that is why physical life is precious. Life of earth determines life in spiritual world. Spirit self is the best product of our life. Books in Japan, series about spiritual world; maybe you have to go alone, if you lived a evil life, you will be hooked; according to the antenna of your heart, see relatives, stage, everyone watches the movie of your life; nobody sends us either to heaven or hell; the Lord teaches us and guides us so that we can go to heaven.

Until now, 2000 years, those who believed in Jesus could not go to Heaven. Must not have anything wrong, need to live life of goodness because spirit world exist. Need to work hard. You want your children to go to good university, study more than others. Like us now, we have to study because of spiritual world, have to be qualified. Quality control for products, we did not meet that standard because of the fall.

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Importance of spirit self; owner of spiritual world.

God is original body of love and Shim Jung, must substantiate while on earth; my spiritual self looks exactly like my physical self; spiritual selves in the light can see clearly, spotlight, beautiful; person who has been trained on earth, look beautiful and bright; other people cannot see they are in darkness; life is automatically recorded in spirit self, even sound, all action are there, all things that are in your life, all that is in your mind will be recorded; to live in the fallen world is fearful; in original world life is joyful; how heaven and hell is determined? Quality of my life decides it; altruistic and living for others or selfish, egoistic life? Some people are in the mid level, unfortunate. If you work for others go to heaven, Archangel was supposed to help Adam and Eve, used for his own benefit, used his knowledge for himself; whether we are going to use our knowledge for others or for ourselves

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We all have a mind and body, spirit mind and physical mind, human mind; what is the original mind: union of spirit mind and physical mind united centered on God; physical mind dies with physical body; people in fallen world, do not know original mind, talk about conscience.

What is the conscience, centered on truth, spirit mind and physical mind have relationship, is conscience; fallen human being wants to do goodness, follows conscience; standard of truth and goodness differs, conscience differs from person to person; truth they believe, is relative; understanding of truth is different from person to person, different philosophies and thoughts; relationship between original mind and conscience; Sung Sang and Hung Sang, original mind and conscience; repel the evil mind, go the way of goodness; spirit mind and physical mind of fallen human being, cannot stand in subject position, under dominion of Satan is evil mind. Sometimes the spirit mind is governed by physical mind.

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Necessity of faith: spirit self is subject, physical self is object; physical mind is fallen people is stronger than spirit mind, that's why we need life of faith in order to weaken physical mind and through prayer strengthen the spiritual mind so that correct positions can be taken; there is not vitality element going to spirit self. Rm 7.22 studied law, Paul met Jesus and couldn't see, heard Jesus calling; surprised, had met the Lord that he had helped to kill; when Saul would try to catch the disciples, Jesus would alarm the disciples. Now he understood, there are two laws in him, one is God's law, and the other is Satan's law. Understood that Jesus was the Messiah, came as the lord of glory, became lord of suffering, blood on the cross, and redeemed us. He was a lawyer, that how he saw it and taught it; faith of Paul, 27 books of New Testament, many of them, 13, Paul wrote them; how distant from Jesus.

Christianity has opposed Unification Church, True Parents cannot be silent, must teach the truth, we also must go this way. Must go with the word and teach it. Even going the way of the cross; we must do it. In the spirit world, Paul is lamenting about the wrong logic he taught, put Christianity on the wrong path. Saul calls himself Paul, because he met Jesus, changed his mind, his heart, apostle, not a disciple, self appointed apostle. Terrible result, check our thinking, law of heaven is to live for the sake of others. Almost ne clergy members would say that they have sin.

Separate from Satan by self-denial; confine oneself within the Principle, principled life style, live for others; must go into the principles; Calf with a ring, can be controlled by the owner; fallen man is like calf without ring. To separate form Satan means deny ourselves, live a God-like lifestyle, love because we can't help but love; then go back to God's lineage, receive true love, life, absolute sex; once wild olive tree is cut, and true olive tree is grafted, pretty soon one can't tell which are wild and true olive tree. We must be nurtured and remain in absolute sex; purity, pure blood, pure love, pure marriage, home, country, cosmos; establishment of Cheon Il Guk; it is established through the Blessing; change them into the lineage; will not come automatically; centering life on God.

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Three stages of judgment in the spiritual world: character, public lifestyle and money; received the Blessing by international telephone, wife was very sharp, blessed, no internet, went to the airport to wait for her. He hated red, small women with red clothes; she was his wife; first impression was terrible, had children, husband always living internationally, educated wife for international level; let's go to theater, I don't want that; finally fell into despair, hated the wife; providence in America began, sick in hospital; she thought about killing herself, suffered so much; received call from US that her husband was about to die, went there, prayed so that she could talk to him, already he was in spiritual world, sign: judgment of character, circular slide, go through that, he kept sliding down, cannot go up; at that time he saw her as the most beautiful woman of the earth; could not embrace her, because on earth he did not embrace her like that could not do it.

Asked God to give him another chance; then judgment of public word; could not succeed; everything was wrong; ask God to give him life again; sign of public money, there was no money in the church; sure not a problem, but failed; asked father to go overseas to make some money for business, used it couldn't give it back. Money that comes from Father's wallet is like poison. Woke up from the coma, said to his wife as long as I live, don't use any money in my wallet, do not use it. True Father said, yes this is right. He went around Korea and gave testimony.

Three great laws that humans must follow: to preserve blood lineage to maintain purity, do not violate human rights, personal decisions, not just fire persons lightly, True Father will use lottery to do personal decisions. True Father said, I gave them money; no one gave any back to True Father. How you use public money could be a problem in spiritual world. One person, True Father gave money to, came back for more, True Father gives him extra money, some people feel that True Father is strange, he knows that he is going to waste it, that person did not realize it. True Father said, I did it to indemnify something. South America went to find place for education, one place a British had come to have a large ranch, went up the hill, True Father kept on going, True Father took out a white handkerchief and sat down; you may think that I sat down, this is a place for heaven to rest.

We must have that kind of mind; he does not lead an easy life. Even if he is tired; someone reports, sleeps for a few seconds, sometimes he sleeps on the toilet or in the bath. We must understand True Parents, have their heart and mind, and pray about it. Do we find our own way to heaven or are we sent there? Did I live for the sake of others or for myself? Did you love your enemy? Extremely difficult to do that. How many people do you think like you? Right down the names tonight. People who love themselves cannot write a single name. Cannot go to heaven like that. Must not have any enemy. How many people do you love? This is a person that God has been searching for six thousand years, this might be the last time. True Parents speak for a long time. Among the people I talk to there might be people I will never meet them, scolding the people who like short speeches, must have that kind of heart.

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Conclusion of Principle of creation

Food for my spirit self so that I can live eternally, God's word contains Shim Jung, true love, principle and law and order, absolute sex, need to listen to the word; if we forget, only Satan's words will remain; prayer of repentance are like air for the spiritual body; prayer is like air, need to breathe, if you do not breathe you are dead, if you do not converse with God every day, you are talking with Satan; pray all the time, thinking about God; live with God, always prayers of repentance, hold on to God's word; complaining is poison to the spirit self; kills the spiritual self; will be judged, judgment of the word, did you believe God's word; True Parents have gone around the world several times, to proclaim God's word; did you hear it did you practice it? Judgment of character; did you love people; judgment of Shim Jung; did you love God, humanity, creation? Those who live for the sake of others, will pass the judgment. Must live according to the blueprint that God has established. Go to the next world with joy with gratitude. 

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