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European Original Divine Principle San Marino Workshop Lecture Notes Day 3 - Part 3 of 6

Jeong Ok Yu
January 27, 2010
Unofficial notes

10:30 am

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The process of the creation of the universe and its growing period

When he began God had a purpose, process and time period to accomplish the purpose

Bible; Gen. 1: 1 - 31

First day: fish and birds, etc. Bible: six days of creation; day is not 24 hour-day; Bible does not consider it like that; 1 day equals 1000 years, concept of time is different

6 days equals process of six orderly periods of creation; science equals six orderly periods

History: different periods, Azoic era, Archeozoic era, etc. hundreds of millions of years before there was life; time of conception took hundreds of millions of years.

Conception, knowledge, technology, process to come into reality; same with God.

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Growing period for the creation

Proof for growing period: process of creation, cannot fall after completion; human portion of responsibility; human beings were in the process of growing when they fell; Gen. 1:5 night and day, hundreds of millions of years, evening, night and morning, first day.

In the world, people raise their sons and daughters well, engagement ceremony, wedding, begin family life, is new beginning for them. Go through growing period, from evening and morning, night, three stages.

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Growing period: three stages

Formation, growth and completion stages: all beings, including God must go through these three stages (conception, etc.); this is indirect dominion where they received the commandment; accomplishments through the principle, necessary because of portion of responsibility, second creators; Archangel would have had to help until Adam's children were blessed; children of faith are in the position of Archangel, spiritual children; indirect dominion; then become object partner to God, completed, God could take on substantial bodies, dominion of true love, not tempted by Archangel, cannot fall, owner of all creation.

Creation go through growing period by laws of the principle, seeds, plants, sprouts; elements within the seeds are different; grow differently; have their own blueprints, fruits become seeds again; owner cannot order them, this is automatic; human beings is different, body is similar to creation, have character, responsibility; for body: principle, air, water, food, shelter; for character: portion of responsibility, why? Because God cannot create character is up to the individual, create our own character, become qualified as God's child, right to dominate creation, have creativity, second creator; taking part in God's creation process; human responsibility not accomplished, then God's cannot be accomplished either.

Portions 95% and 5% equals 100%. Commandment: absolute sex, true love, character, law and order was to maintain absolute sex. Human responsibility: have faith and practice, then all the responsibilities are fulfilled; when children are completed, completes parents also. Perfect subject partner, object to God's mind, body of God, reside in them, love each other, direct dominion of true love. Cannot fall into temptation, temperature is different, lukewarm love, 44 degrees equals Satan's love, God's love 55 degrees. Right to be God's child, second creator, owner.

Who will accomplish God's will? Adam and Eve. God can create only two children, but they can have many, fill the earth with their children. True Parents have found out about portion of responsibility equals incredible, greater than all discoveries in human history before. No matter what difficulty I must accomplish my portion of responsibility, even going through death. We must know and fulfill, not matter how difficult. We must understand about our responsibility. We must understand that fallen people are fallen, restoration through indemnity, people must be taught this, become upright people. If they know these things, put into practice.

True Parents teach us that tradition and education. Only the True Parents can teach us and establish that tradition. That person is the true parent, there will be only one pair of True Parents in human history. From decades, True Parents have said that the time would come when many people will be spiritually open, bring people back to life, not follow that person, if it is not True Parents' word our will, not follow. Only follow the model and standard that True Parents have established. Let not our own intellect and desire interfere. Know how important the human responsibility is. Shall we have a test? Not study for the test, but not to listen to the lecture and put into practice. I liberate you from the test.

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Reason God gave portion of responsibility to human beings and how the creation of human character is accomplished?

Complete God's creative enterprise. In order to qualify to dominate other created beings, create his own character, follow commandment, second creator. Human beings have value of God. The liberation realm of responsibility can be completed on the foundation of absolute sex. (Title of our workshop.)

Proclaiming the liberated realm, leaders and blessed families can participate, we didn't understand. True Parents pass their victory to us, inherit it. This is the most valuable place to be. God's situation is different. Desperate situation. We do not have that kind of mind. If you would be about to die, what would you do? Nobody knows when we will die. We do not know what will happen in the next moment. Each moment is precious. The second determines my life.

More valuable than all discoveries in human history: portion of responsibility. Satan opposed True Father, fought 40 days in spiritual world, subjugated Satan, denied Father's discovery. Finally, even God had to accept and acknowledge, Divine Principle. As long as you live according to the Divine Principle, Satan cannot accuse you. Final battle, question, all three were watching, Father's finger was going to the wrong answer, finally pointed to the right answer. He was very wise in answering, not just arguing, brought Satan to confess. Now he can represent God on earth. Even Adam could not understand, even Satan could not understand his own sin, could not resist. Satan fears True Parents the most.

Even this Original Divine Principle have to listen to it several times to fully understand it. There is no end to the Shim Jung world of God. Spiritual world is eternal, no end, always joyful, hopeful.

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Incorporeal World and Corporeal World whose center is human beings

Incorporeal World: cannot see, touch it, yes it exists with certainty; Satan opposes this, communism says there is no human mind, no spiritual world, no God, Satan denies himself; Satan has to be subjugated naturally, caught himself in his own trap; True Parents have revealed this; have God and True Parents in the forefront; 17 March 2007 started.

How does it relate to us? Specific relationship, prepare for spiritual world, serious issue.

What is our position? Principle of creation: dual structure to the universe, resembles God, God is Sung Sang and Hung Sang, Yin and Yang, harmonious union, blueprint: mind and body in human beings, mind is invisible, mind is subject partner; body is object position, extension of body is Corporeal World, extension of mind is Incorporeal World; Corporeal World is limited by time and space, Incorporeal World is endless, infinite, transcends time and space; you cannot leave time and space with body, but mind can do; have you been to all 27 countries of the EU?

In Israel in 2003, coronation of Jesus, not easy to get in; alone in the airport, nobody to pick me up, called, wouldn't answer, alone. After one hour, a woman came, I forgot about you a hour later.

Spirit world is more serious than that, need a guide for the spiritual world, live right. Incorporeal World is subject, Corporeal World is object, vertical and horizontal, combined equals cosmos; word created by True Parents in Korean language; they created many words, created within God, do not exist before; cosmos: two becoming one centered on the human being.

Physical body is substantiation of Corporeal World, and mind for Incorporeal World, microcosms of the two is the human being, mediator, center of the two world. The spiritual self and physical self have give and take, they would have no meaning without human beings, like a museum; because I am in the museum, things gain value, human beings have five spiritual and physical senses; first God created environment, God gave us senses to experience them.

Fall: spirit self died, could not grow up; like a baby came out, cried, but no senses to perceive surroundings; spiritual world: senses are in front of beautiful world. Praying: met True Father spiritually, he gave special words to me, moved, bowed, cells cried out; when True Father said, when you are joyful, all your senses are joyful, when you are sad, all cells are sad.

Several years later, I told True Father about this experience, have to experience it at least three times, he said. I could talk with True Father without speaking, In the spiritual world cannot hide anything, go according to how you have lived in the world. Why do I have to go to hell? Cannot ask; according to your life on earth. True Parents continue to teach us, I never lied to you.

Sometimes, we get tired, you talk about this again. We are so ignorant about spiritual world. Parliamentarian for five years, election time work hard, prepared, but we do not really prepare to go to spiritual world. Study to pass a test all night, but how much do we prepare for spiritual world? Open eyes, have dominion over the two world; cannot be unfaithful to your spouse.

The air that fills this space, we cannot see it. All the waves electromagnetic of Europe are filling this room, cannot see it. With a television we could see. Get the right signal. True Parents has given direction to communication equipment to show what is in the spiritual world. Hundred years ago, no TV, cell phones, time is coming when we can communicate with spiritual world in that way. Spiritual world broadcast company.

Feel good? Will be done by True Parents. For example, Kim Il Sung, a certain cycle to talk with him; ask him if God exist or not? Teach your son. Call them to testify about spiritual world, that time will come. 2013, after that, Cheon Il Guk, spiritual and physical world federation will be created. Sounds like a dream? This is the principle. People who have heard the word and not practice it will be judged by their children. Must repent and live well from now on.

Must not go back to you old habits, understand? At the risk of your life, do not go back; make a new start now. We know, must live according to our understanding. Like orchard of fruit, take care, your responsibility, wait for fruit to ripen, before taking it. Human beings have a certain taste, taste of love, fragrance. True Parents are in a certain building, that building is filled, if they leave, all is empty, same with country.

Original body of Shim Jung, even if they are at the other end of the earth, long for them. Feel as if their prayer is being broadcast around the world. True Parents can see our Workshop. Have the right cycle, waves. Who are they to be like that? Have a new understanding of True Parents, come out of original body of God. Sometimes True Father said important content very quietly, Satan knows that he revealed the truth. Box of notebooks full of True Parents' word. I always register. History comity in Korea asked for those notebooks, but there are still many secrets, maybe after I go to spiritual world. Same with you today, not same understanding.

Bible: Gen. 1:1: God created Incorporeal World and Corporeal World; created spiritual world for a purpose. Everything is recorded in the spiritual self. Ecc: 12.7 spiritual self returns to God, body goes to dust. Many Bible verses that prove spiritual world. See chart.

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Three life stages of human being

All things develop through three stages, first in the womb, seed in the ovum, womb, without that the fetus cannot grow; body protects and nourishes through navel.

1965, before True Father left for first world tour; student gathered in Chung Pyung. Adam had a belly button. Father laughed, that means Adam had a mother. Last year in October; all living beings come through the female, nothing can have life without a mother. Belly button, there must have been a father and a mother.

Please pray and mediate and struggle with that, precious for you. If I just teach it there will be no value for you. Rock of gold, diamond, rubies, and metals are in that mountain. Go and take from the mountain yourselves. He has revealed the principles to us, how am I going to apply the principle, find that for ourselves within the principles.

How we must live, living principles, this is the formula. Find one particular grain of sand in the big ocean floor, how difficult it was to find the principle for True Father. Subjugated Satan was recognized by Satan and God. Until Satan, Adam and Eve recognized the fall, God could recognize, confessed, and submitted to True Father. In the end God said that this is right.

You must take off your clothes, open your mind, God's tears must fill our hearts, then we can go with True Parents and principles, must search ourselves and find principles for our own lives, how to apply. When True Father speaks for one hour, prepares with ten hours in prayer. In early days, preached with tears and sweat. These words are filled with tears and sweat of our True Parents.

10 months in the womb, baby is formed. Fetus, if it formed wrongly, suffers all his life, do not need nose or ears, they are in preparation for life on earth; if one thing goes wrong, disabled for life. Then life on earth, live in air, for about hundred years, complete character, get married, resemble God, prepare for spiritual world, training to complete the four great hearts of Shim Jung, have children; then go to spiritual world, lives in love (water to air to love).

Because God is original life of Shim Jung and love, spiritual world is the world of love; communication from Shim Jung to Shim Jung, no falsehood, because we fell, we live this way now. We lost God; Seunghwa ceremony; funeral: dead people do for dead people; physical body is lost, spirit self cannot be completed, "let the dead bury the dead", in Unification Church, we are blessed, we have Seunghwa ceremony, people who are alive send person to the owner of life to God; Heung Jin Nim's Seunghwa first.

Ceremony of the victory of love, with love we had victory over death. Heung Jin Nim accident, just before he took oxygen mask, True Mother wanted to shed tears, True Father said, cannot cry, and sent his son like that. Even Satanic persons, when they sent off people, cried, even God cried. True Father comforted God's heart. Every parent would cry when they send their child to spiritual world. Satan submitted himself to True Father just before True Father took off oxygen mask.

True Parents was able to transcend even if True Father matches by picture. Only those who have received the Blessing, can receive the Seunghwa ceremony is for the living to be sent to the owner by the living. Blessing equals cut off from original sin. Even blessed to a straw…

True Father has given all to us, beautiful husbands, children, etc. One early member went home because his father died for funeral, wrote application for church membership for his father after death; his father came to him spiritually, tell him because of that he has better place in spiritual world.

Give the Blessing any time, continue to give to the tribe, no greater blessing than that; most filial son must give blessing to the tribe. People are surprised when they go to spiritual self. They do not understand. There is a guide at one point, but first have to go by themselves; we are ignorant; second generation, harmonious world no conflict, no fear. 

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