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European Original Divine Principle San Marino Workshop Lecture Notes Day 3 - Part 2 of 6

Jeong Ok Yu
January 27, 2010
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8:30 am

Completing the True Family ideal, God's Ideal of Creation is in the True Family, page 54

It begins by one man and one woman, husband and wife, father and mother; for an individual for themselves makes it possible for husband and wife, and then parents; husband was son and brother, wife was daughter and sister. Husband is subject must be united with God, represents God, call God Father, unites with God and then completes the wife who is in the object position. Wife unites with her husband and completes the subject position, wife must help him to complete God's will.

Wife must support him. She must help him, become one with him and complete him. Both were born in someone's home, attend their parents, husband must attend wife as he attends his mother, wife must attend husband as she does with her father. So the grow to perfection together through their lives; become couple and true parents resembling God. Completed Testament Age equals age of attendance, not just attend God, or Messiah, husband and wife must attend each other; each of us represents God; takes an entire lifetime to do this.

Fulfillment of siblings ideal is fulfillment of children ideal. Here, parents are subject and children are object position, younger and older brother same, complete each other. Brothers are representatives of their parents; should attend each other as they attend their parents. True children resembling true parents, become true siblings. Takes place through life of attendance. Without attendance, no completion or perfection. If husband and wife fight, no chance to perfection.

Page 55

Husband and wife cannot be changed; parents never change, children may deny parents, lineage remains, cannot change our children; lineage cannot change for eternity. Husband and wife are in between, these days they are exchanged, problem, this world becomes problem, Satan tries to make it as complicated as possible. True husband and wife cannot be changed. Husband and wife prepare process for children and parents to grow, cannot be changed. To say that Blessing is eternal but partners can be changed, this is not the original principle, it is wrong. Marry just once. Even if one goes to spiritual world, comes back from spiritual world to the wife, even better than before. Never think of marrying again, in your life time only one marriage, that is the order of love, if that crumbles nations will crumble. True husband and wife cannot be changed eternally.

Conclusion, fundamental laws of heaven and earth: relationship between parents and child, fulfill three great blessing, purpose in life, object of joy for God; not to make money, power, big house, rich life, not the purpose, but to be object to return joy to God, four position foundation, all have joy, realm of Shim Jung is perfected in the family, family is training ground.

Perfection of human beings with Shim Jung, essence, four great realms of heart, parents, husband and wife, siblings and children, must be accomplished, expand to tribe, nation and world. Realm equals can be expanded. Perfection of Shim Jung equals perfection of spirit self, by maintaining absolute sex, only on that basis.

Commandment not to eat the fruit, Adam and Eve lost that word, lost realms, sad lonely to God. Justify ourselves, using God's will as an excuse to do something for ourselves. Must not do that. True love must be completed to complete God's character. Make God joyful, make others joyful, joy comes back to yourself. True love, life must be established. Maturity. Level of Maturity depends on our standard of Shim Jung, not how much we eat. If our Shim Jung drops cannot grow to maturity. Cannot bear not loving, long for others, are alive.

Husband longs for his wife every night, he is alive; long for each other, that standard of longing is within God. Husband longs for love of wife as he longs for love of his mother. Same for wife. If not, they are dying in their Shim Jung. Woman should not escape from husband's embrace. Filled with heart of longing for each other. Are you living that way? Not, must repent.

Why did God bless us? Only one owner of our sexual organ. Before the wife, must feel that he insufficient in his love, repent, wife the same. Can attend each other, bring each other to completion. Family needs both. Wife sends husband to Kingdom of Heaven, husband sends wife to Kingdom of Heaven. In love there is discipline and order, Shim Jung transcends all, not controlled by the law, there is freedom there.

Family is the basic unit of Heaven, three great kingships, past, present and future. True parents, true teacher and true owner, three great subject principles. True Parents are true teacher and true owner, substantiation of that. True Parents must have true children, true teacher must have students and true owner must have true people. Three great Blessings, three great subjects; Come from God, body of original principle.

True Parents were born in Satan's world, but born from God, original principle, need to do two things on earth, create true family and leave heavenly tradition. Tradition of true family and true children, all must follow, condition to go to heaven. True Parents teach us.

We lost the word of God through the fall; do not know him, his Shim Jung, etc. True Parents must leave on earth before they go. Textbook for us to be citizens of Kingdom of Heaven. Prenatal education, all throughout life, all levels of school education, must use these textbooks. All of our tradition must be the tradition of True Parents. Not everyone who says, Lord, lord,… Have to do the will of Heaven.

Just believing in Jesus, in the fact that the crucifixion atoned our sins, this is wrong, have to do the will of the Father in heaven; live according to his will, to complete the three great blessing, four position foundation, ideal of creation, establish a family. Completely change ourselves, we are not ourselves, I belong to my wife, to my husband. Sung Sang and Hung Sang, Yang and Yin are a harmonious union. Husband and wife, become one, separated for the purpose of becoming one; like or dislike, are not permitted; or we create our own hell.

If husband goes to hell, wife must bring him out, resemble God; in spiritual world, husband is in wife, and vice verse. Have to be one before going to spiritual world, how many years you think you are going to live together as husband and wife? Maybe sixty or seventy years is a long time, but not long enough. In that short time, must fulfill, even at the risk of life, must fulfill.

Last revolution: must revolutionize myself with the word of God. Father will come to us. Heart and mind must be one, husband and wife, parents and children must be one. Family lives according to God's will, change completely. Even disciples did not understand Jesus, believed him to be Jewish king, become ministers, position, until Jesus died. Went back to their hometown until Jesus called them back to the upper room, 40 days separation, Holy Spirit came into their heart, went out to witness, determined to die, fed to lions, etc. That is how they changed.

We, today, we attend to True Parents substantially, need to realize and live according to the word, understand how precious the Blessing is, must do that work, through me God wants to realize his will, God and True Parents are suffering right now. During this period, consider that you are like disciples in the upper room, make same determination, any kind of distance, Satan will come in again. Cannot sleep, never return to where you were before, that is how we can change. Unless you have that kind of mind, cannot be people who fulfill God's will.

Page 54, value

Determining original value, realize purpose of creation, value is realized; standard of that value: defining value: must be in relationship. All exists in dual characteristics, subject partner and object partner, has desire for object, centering on God; in fallen world, lost God, fallen desire; Subject has certain desire for object, object must satisfy that desire, that is the value.

Husband's desire towards the wife, wants to love her, even if she is sick, tries to satisfy his desire. Object has satisfied the desire, then it has value. Value is determined by the purpose. For example: knives, what is the purpose; thief uses it to rob someone, or doctor uses it to operate and safe someone's life, purpose is different. A sheet of paper; if it records something important, need to preserve it; same piece of paper can be thrown in the trash can; depends on the purpose. Marble house and carton house, depends for the purpose it is used; gathering to save the nation equals most valuable house; the purpose determines the value.

Same thing with human beings. Body must move according to the mind. How can I live a valuable life? Lived my life for the family, it will be valuable for them, they will cry when I die, if I lived for the nation, nation will remember me. What purpose did you live for? For the nation, becomes a saint; for the cosmos: divine sons and daughters of God. God, True Parents and spiritual world will welcome us when we die.

You were born in your country, before anyone else you met True Parents, you sacrificed, lived for the sake of God, if that kind of person dies, heaven will regret and welcomes you to spiritual world. If you receive your Blessing, your affiliation is not clear, will be alone when you die. Blessed families cannot live in hiding, must be tribal messiah. Do not hide your Blessing. Appeal to them to come out and act as Blessed families.

Page 56

Determining Original Value

Subject person has desire to the object to fulfill God's ideal of creation, this becomes the purpose, for an object partner to possess value, satisfy desire of Subject and realize value, create the original four position foundation.

Page 57

Standard of original value: absolute, unique, unchanging, eternal: measure a certain distance, rulers has standard, in Louvre museum, standard. There is only one standard, not one, unique, cannot change; eternal. Cannot change from morning to night; must understand. Human beings cannot be standard of value, not president, king, they change. The people of conscious, not either, no human being can be the standard of value. Standard of original value is only God.

He is intangible and invisible. Messiah as substantiation of God can be standard of value. Who was standard at age of Jesus? It was him. Jesus' value still exists until today, but all those who lived with him, at his time, are gone. We are living in the same age as True Parents, we are with them; we cannot change history. Listen to True Parents' word. Follow that, you are blessed.

Page, 57

Original emotion, intellect and will, original truth, beauty and goodness

Came from within God, internal Sung Sang of God: intellect, emotion and will, resonate within our own mind, becomes the truth, when my body moves according to my mind, truth, goodness and beauty come from God, were within his essential Sung Sang; our thinking, emotions and will must be like God's, all these have value unless they are connected to God and based on Shim Jung; only intellect without Shim Jung cannot be truth, communism equals false logic, purpose revolution, not trying to save human beings from ignorance. God created out of love, not out of struggle. Human mind has three faculties: body responds, action in pursuit of truth, beauty and goodness; God is subject partner of these.

Page 58

Love and beauty, good and evil, righteousness and unrighteousness

Love and beauty: love is the force that the subject gives to the object, emotional force from object to subject is called beauty; do this to develop, give someone a present, monetary value might be small, Jeon Sung put in it must understand it, there is love and beauty in the gift, receive joy; parental love, children's love and conjugal love.

Three great loves, children's love includes siblings love. Beauty: loyalty, parents are the center of my heart; came into being because of love of parents, raised me; if we don't get it from my parents, try to get it from someone else, cannot be loyal to spouse. Children long for the mother; feel unstable. If your parents passed away, think more of your mother than of your father, she created me, she raised me. My parents are the center of my mind, God is the ultimate parent. In unfallen world parents are God, attend God; in fallen world, do not know God, cannot go back to original world.

Filial piety; love our parents with our entire mind, our hearts and all our soul, live for our parents that way. Sons and daughters are different. Daughter in law, love in-laws more than her own parents, becomes like a daughter. Value in the Unification Family. Faithful: relatives; people who are married think first of your parents or your wife? It is alright to think of the wife, same with wife, thinks of her father as she relates to her husband. That kind of heart is developed in the family. Training ground for the heart. We received the Blessing, live in the world but we are not families of the world.

Virtuous wife; not many women patriots; had to serve husbands; now True Parents have liberated women. Many faithful women, not many faithful men. Women lost filial piety, loyalty and faithfulness must be established through absolute sex.

Good and evil: if something fulfills God's purpose: good; if it fulfills our own purpose, or Satan's purpose: evil; it is hard to say: let us not live according to Satan's purpose, easy to say let's live according to God's purpose. Can also think according to God's are Satan's purpose. God's world is Shim Jung and value, in order to fight Satan needs intelligent people; both God and Satan want to get the best, most intelligent, more capable; ex: second generation. Education of our children is wrong: good university will take away children; first purpose is to teach children absolute sex; even if they go to lower school

Righteousness and unrighteousness

Elements of life to pursue goodness: righteous; unrighteous: pursues Satan's purpose; motivation is important 

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