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European Original Divine Principle San Marino Workshop Lecture Notes Day 3 - Part 1 of 6

Jeong Ok Yu
January 27, 2010
Unofficial notes

5:30 am

After the three day course finished there will be a little difficult, then be prepared to receive great grace from Heaven.

Page 53: Parents of Heaven and Earth

1997, July 7; 8 times 7, realm of the cosmic Sabbath for the parents of heaven and earth

12 years he has been fighting with this, without others knowing. He added absolute sex; centering on what was the cosmic Sabbath main theme; this is the authority, not realm; true love, life and lineage; eternal lineage; all sovereigns have a term in the world, realm of cosmic Sabbath is for eternity, never ends; last year's motto: eternal realm and authority.

Has to be settled in our daily lives, expand True Parents authority, expand it. Individual True Parents, True Parents are the visible True Parents, God is the mind and True Parents are the body. True Parents' thinking, action is God's. All is being done by God in the body of True Parents.

When True Father was in prison, even then he went the way God wanted. When it is difficult, we stop and rest for a while, but True Parents have always acted according to God's way. High noon, no shadow. Shadow and light becomes one. Light is right overhead. Same way with God and True Parents, are in position of high noon, no millimeter of difference between God and True Parents. God is Father, subject position, when True Parents are substantiated, we call them together True Father, subject position.

True Father came and searched for True Mother, God also. Always, we said that God conceived of Eve first and created Adam to fit to her. Eve fell, Lord of the Second Advent must indemnify that. True Parents on earth, True Father has to find True Mother. Realm of cosmic Sabbath established on the base of absolute sex.

Without it no coronation of king of kings. Twelve years ago he established this and worked by himself to establish this foundation. Sperm from True Father's absolute sex and ovum of True Mother's come together within the causal body, now the seed of true love and body of true love came together, come together in the woman's womb, true lineage realm. All creation and Adam and Eve as central being, four position foundation is established through the reproductive organs.

Jesus regret and grief. God's sorrow. He chose the Jewish clergy, but they did not receive Jesus. Through the reproductive organs has to be substantiated. Accomplished in 2009. True Mother's ovum is the wrapping cloth for True Father. Takes the seed of the True Father, contains and raps around the seed of True Father, True Mother is clothing of True Father. That seed received in the ovum of the mother, clothing, wrapping cloth. True Mother had no substantial body, Bible talks about the Holy Spirit.

Until now there was no substantial mother; True Father came as the third Adam, there was no mother; True Mother must be born again within True Father and by True Father, needs to be recreated by True Father. There was a historical course to prepare True Mother, had her responsibility. God created Eve first, plan, True Father came on the assumption that True Mother was already there; must find her, raise her up; True Father is the substantiation of God, knows about this.

He found her, holy marriage, he raised her up. Within God, True Father she was born and raised. That path was extremely difficult, external victory attend True Father, must have 14 children, trained by him. You know how difficult the path of a mother is. She had four operations to give birth. True Father had to have 14 children. She gave birth to all 14, very difficult.

For woman to have a child after one operation was difficult, she was willing to die in order to do it. She is the one who has to receive True Father's seed, resembling him. To be born again as True Mother, raise her up substantially. Last year, True Father said, this needs to be included in this workshop, Original Divine Principle.

Yesterday, we talked about temperature of lovemaking, heat of True Father's love making, everything disappears, all disease dies, only seed of true love remains. True Parents have given us everything. She must become a mother who resembles True Father. Adam had to raise up Eve, but left her up to the Archangel; True Father had not to go that way. True Father had to raise her up.

True Father is like the mind, True Mother is like his body. God is our True Parents, God has both male and female, subject position represents the Father, God is the mind and True Parents are the body. There is a difference of age between True Father and True Mother. Also there could not be the smallest difference between True Father and True Mother, high noon relationship; God and True Parents are vertical, True Father and True Mother horizontal. Jesus came as the substantiation of God, could not find a true mother, could not plant seed of true love and life. He had to first find true mother.

All women on earth represent True Mother. All men are satanic seeds. Jesus had that seed could not plant it, God's regret, Jesus' grief, all ignored. Same is true today. True Parents came, nobody understands. If True Father is mind, True Mother is body, high noon coincidence. True Children, we can become children in the Cain realm. We can be restored to the original lineage. There is only one True Parents. Many children come, we are their children. God's substantiation is Adam. God substantiate himself, can have many children, but there are only one pair of True Parents. Invisible mind is causal aspect of resultant body, body is second mind, body is not mind itself. Same situation. What is the course of True Mother? Adam and Eve had to go through a growing period.

I was in Hawaii, in December Obama was coming to Chicago. True Mother went on True Father's behalf. I went with her. On the way to the airport in Hawaii, True Father said this: "I raised you up purely to offer you to God, so that you were unsoiled by the satanic world." He never had her fast, witness. So Mother never knew about restoration of indemnity. True Father knew. Mother was like his shadow; but True Father fought with Satan.

If humanity would oppose True Mother, no way to be born again. Bible says that there is no forgiveness to go against the Holy Spirit. You don't know True Father well. In 2008 there was the helicopter accident, he said three generations went to death and came back. Who was the second generation? Mother was created by True Father, she is like second generation. By True Father and in True Father, resembling True Father, he found her and raised her up.

True Mother had to become one with him, could not complain, could not relate as a normal woman would do to her husband. How difficult her path was, no crack between them. Do you think True Parents fought? Never; sometimes when True Mother's heart was difficult, he went to bathroom and came back, he knew how to raise her.

Coronation ceremony, True Father king of all kings, January 15 of last year. No other king from now on could be recognized by heaven. From now, there is a new original world that has begun now.

No one comes here on their own. They have to be invited; if they didn't come, cannot receive that Blessing, first and last time to receive this grace. Even a second is precious, time it takes to sleep is too precious. For a moment our heart cannot rest, do not live a second for Satan to come into our hearts.

We are representing all 27 European nations. We are 200 people here to bring Europe into the right path. You are representing True Parents to Europe. Must witness to your spouse just as True Father did. Only way to go and to have life. All of the restoration was set by God. All has to be revealed even if you do not understand.

Why did the True Children go through such a difficult course? We should have formed a fence around the True Family, instead Satan attacked them. True Father set conditions for Blessing, established federations, as he widened the realm of the Blessing he widened up federations. King of kings, coronation ceremony equals God is now the king of all countries. All authority, all power, all transcendence came to reality. Now because he is the king of kings, can God to any place. If you keep these words, responsibility, you will see it to come real. He has already accomplished it, proclaimed it.

True Parents have a victory, follow their words, absolute faith, love and obedience, can participate in their realm of victory. They invite us there, nothing is hidden between parents and children. If True Parents are the mind, our blessed families should be their bodies. They are like our mind, we were born through them. We are like their body. True Parents lived to accomplish God's will. We were blessed by them to help accomplish God's work. We lose our values as blessed families the day we leave them. Satan continues to follow us, although we were blessed, fallen nature is still there. Original sin was cut off, but fallen nature is still there inside me. It is my responsibility to cut it off. Satan accuses that we still have fallen nature. If we leave the realm of True Parents, Satan will attack you. Will destroy you.

Heaven does not want to treat children badly, need to separate from Satan, we must participate. If you only worked as hard as True Parents then in six months one year it will done. March forward towards the satanic world. Israelites crossed the Jordan River, built the nation. We too, must do. March around Jericho, walls came down, God promised, believed in it. Leaders march around Jericho, give them salvation; otherwise they will be destroyed. Messianic philosophy. Even on the cross, he prayed they do not know what they do. Need to gain victory on this battlefield.

Verse 3 of Family Pledge. Four great realms of heart and three great kingships; verse 1-2 cannot be accomplished without 3.

God has dual characteristics; he goes to highest joy and deepest despair, world of Shim Jung; Adam and Eve must have Shim Jung realm of four position foundation: heart of the children, connected to Shim Jung of parents; feel the parents Shim Jung, going the path of becoming a child, not by knowledge, understand character of parents, ideal of a child; connected to the Shim Jung of God, the parent. Path of perfection of Shim Jung, nature teaches them. Father is the center; have to know the Shim Jung of the father, cannot deal with Adam and Eve directly, they had their own responsibility; Shim Jung of the child, ask questions, curious. Not be impatient with them, teach them in a way they can understand. Teach the child with sincerity.

Adam and Eve were curious, playing with various things, chased the animals and flowers. Lucifer was supposed to ask Adam's questions. God could not deal directly. Archangel knew about creation. "Your parent, God, made it for you", talk to them about God's Shim Jung. Gratitude to God. Character of true love would have been filled.

Then Shim Jung of brother and sister, than Shim Jung of husband and wife. Watch animals making love, no one taught them, but felt love. Adolescents can understand, their bodies formed. Watched animals to give birth to offspring, raise their small ones, textbook for them. God's Shim Jung is in nature, Archangel would supposed to help them understand.

Human beings need permission from God to become husband and wife. Begin to feel the Shim Jung of parents, by watching the animals. We are supposed to protect our children like animals do. God could not help them directly. Shim Jung: felt everything.

Four aspects of Shim Jung, development requires object partner. Created Adam and Eve as his object partner. In the process of growing they complete the four great realms of heart, completes them and God. Then God can go into the position of Parents. Responsibility of a child, completes the parent. Joy for children, brothers and sisters, husband and wife, parents.

We have different sexual organs, have to understand; Archangel had to help them to understand, but he lied and made them his own, justified himself. Do not make your members your own, this is Satan. He went the wrong way, justified his actions. Separate ourselves from that. Understand ourselves clearly. God is waiting for them, Adam is not owner of his sexual organ, same with Eve, they are owners only on the horizontal basis, real owner is God, they need his permission.

That is the Blessing. Greatest blessing that God gives to Adam is Eve, and same for Eve. More precious than the entire universe. Blessed families. Blessing marriage. Determines the owner. Archangel made those sexual organs his own, homosexuals, lesbians. Must be completely cleaned, without God's ideal will not come. Need absolute lineage, absolute sex. This is the only way to go back to God. Follow this truth. We must understand how purely we have done until now. Adam and Eve completed God, four great realms of heart, God feels joy. Adam and Eve have substantial body, children of their own who would complete the four great realms of heart.

Adam and Eve have two roles, they complete the four great realms of God, eternal True Parents, they have children and experience it themselves. Takes three generations to complete world of Shim Jung. Three generations in one family. Three great kingships, grandparent represents the past, parents represent the present, children represent the future. First ancestor of humanity, represent God, grandparents. Grandparents represent God. We must attend grandparents as we would attend God. That is the world of Shim Jung. Three ages, past, present and future. Complete the family through three generations: royal family. Verse three is most important. God created Adam and Eve they had to complete their own character with God's word, own responsibility as second creators, could not deal with them directly. Their children, Adam and Eve could not deal with the children directly until they have their own children.

Understand deep tearful heart of True Parents. One time True Father was ill, called us, oxygen mask, did Hoon Dok Hae. We are still young, stand up in their place. Cannot deal directly with their children. Archangel has to help them. The true children, three Archangel must help, our senior couples, Won Pil Kim, Hyo Won Eu, and Young Whi Kim. They are spiritual children of True Parents, were blessed before True Parents. Protect and raise the true children. Every blessing has a certain will behind. 1998, August 31, Family Federation, 80 world leaders went to South America, True Father shed tears.

Need to take care of our mission, take up our responsibility.

True Parents could not educate their own children, had to take care of us. One time they came back from the world tour, had children leave the table and give their seats to leaders. Kook Jin Nim ask him when he was seven years old: are you the father of Kook Jin or 36 couples? When you are twenty, you will understand. Now he understands.

We must attend True Parents in our hearts. Disciples did not understand Jesus. They could understand once he was dead already. We must have passionate shim Jung. 

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