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European Original Divine Principle San Marino Workshop Lecture Notes Day 2 - Part 4 of 6

Jeong Ok Yu
January 26, 2010
Unofficial notes

2:00 pm.

Give and take action, everything exists through it; correlative relationships; even if we are gathered we have one purpose. Correlative means we begin at the same point and have the same purpose, not to struggle but to become one. Why give and take? To develop. Given and receiving well. Some says, if I receive, I will give, it is rather to give and then receive. If everybody wants to receive and no one is ready to give, no development. Development only when people want to give first. Love and beauty; present contains to my Cheon Seong and my love, receiver has joy, I will be joyful as well. All beings exist in this kind of relationship.

Human world, always subject and object relationships, father and mother, parents and children; concept of Subject and Object, cannot be alone, need each other, positions belong together, come from the same God, develop from God by love, same purpose. Husband and wife, subject and object, some case, wife can be subject position, in case of Shim Jung, wife is more developed than the husband, object. Certain jobs, husband will be in the subject position. Teacher and student, employer and employee, not a master servant relationship, subject means parent position, object means child position.

Government and people, actually the people are subject partner, because government exists for sake of people. Expansion of the family pattern, president is position of father and parent, people are children; parent should sacrifice for the children. If there are some going hungry or do not have place to sleep, subject must work to resolve the problem with parental heart. Go to the people of the country who are suffering, does not just gives orders, should be in the position of the parent.

Animals have male and female, subject and object, plants have stamen and pistil, some plants have both, others are not, when the tree goes up you can see the difference. Minerals have yang and yin, all these resemble God, engage in give and take action. Subject gives, object receives and returns to subject. All energy invested, consumed, goes down, in the world of love, amount of love increases as it is invested.

If I give ten, maybe eleven come back, give back twelve, and becomes larger and larger, nothing else can create eternity, only love can do that. Spiritual world is the world of love. If we become one with God, no secrets between us. All the created world comes from God, relation of subject and object, and give and take action.

Keep giving, cannot bear not giving. We have to become the original body of love. Butterflies and plants. Pears in Korea, in orchards there were many insects, killed them by chemicals, but in the next spring, pears would not bear fruit, realized that they need insects, buy them from other places, take pollen from flowers and do it themselves. Very important relationship, fragrance of flowers attracts butterflies, takes honey and brings pollen.

Human beings fell, harm to others. People are wrong. Animals and plants, arteries and veins, blood needs to be cleansed, need to circulate in the body, give and take action. Have exercise to have good blood circulation. All give and take. Give and take between ball point pen and notebook; basically this principle existed within God. It is common sense. Look at the sun, nine planets, same course, God set it for them.

Centering on the sun, earth revolves, makes a day. God made it that way, his blueprint. Moon revolves around the earth. Women's monthly menstrual period, by the movement of the moon. Women are like the moon and women like the sun. Same order in the family. True in the East or West. Always the same, all come from the same God. Owner is one, the creator God, we resemble him. Different skin colors, environment influences. Earth is round, all live in different environments, insects have different colors to protect them. Black, yellow and white have the same red blood. Everything is the same. Their sperm is not black for black people. According to the environment some changes came about. Have to come back to the origin, God, can become one. They are children of same God. Humanity will be united as one.

Bible Mat. 7.2, "Judge, you will be judged." We receive what we give. Cannot give with the expectation of receiving. Give never expect that you will receive, but have the desire to give again.

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Everything we see is our object partner, listen to sounds, can have a relationship with everything. For development always give and take action. Principle of Creation , Universal Prime Energy. Within our mind there is give and take action with evil subject partner, I become an evil partner. Who is my subject and who is my object partner, determines whether I become good or evil? Start from the same point, development, same purpose.

Our mind and Shim Jung is filled is love, order and law and principles are filled with love, this kind of person is important today.

In the beginning of our church, difficult times, not enough to eat, warm clothing, etc. God directed a person to drop food or war clothing. We had the determination, to die even for our mission. Defend something even at the cost of your life. Same kind of consciousness has give and take action with heaven and horizontally with brothers and sisters.

Force of the conscience, page 42, we have original mind and conscience, make up original mind. Tries to lead people to goodness, his subject partner is God. We lost original mind, killed when we fell, conscience is still there, becomes one with truth, John 1.1 the word was God. What fallen people mistake for the truths, we did not know that there was one. Substantiation of God equals perfect man. I Tim 2.5 . Jesus was not ever able to engage in true love. Even his disciples betrayed him and left him. I am the way, today. When God enters original mind, I become then the holy temple of God. God is subject and conscience will become one.

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Conscience precedes the parents. Conscience is watching over me. When I am eating, sleeping, go somewhere. Precedes the teacher, precedes God. Conscience is with you, directs you towards goodness. Cannot see and hear God, but has given as a conscience to represent himself inside out to direct it towards God. How did we live according to the standard of our conscience?

Compass equals conscience. Fallen man tries to ignore, goes into wrong direction; there is a relationship of Sung Sang and Hung Sang. Fallen man feels the pain of the conscience, when he goes into the wrong direction. Do not know what you have to do, ask conscience, hear your heart and live according to the advice. True Father came down to Seoul from North Korea, his hair was cut short. True Father said, ask your conscience how to live. People do not know where to go, we just have to follow True Parents. The fact to be able to attend True Parents, we are blessed.

Origin Division Union action , three objective purpose and four position foundation

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Were within God before creation. Human beings have to understand how to fulfill this.

Origin Division Union action, two entities are reunited in oneness is Origin Division Union action. Multiply. By force of Universal Prime Energy, can manifest separately and unite; God is origin, Adam and Eve, are divisions, and children are unity, this is law of development. Reciprocal only one theory. Buy the fall, not realized. Conflict and struggle, instead of unity.

Communism appeared to be the truth, most intellectuals belief. Very tired….

All the intellectuals at that time were materialists.

This is not just the teaching of the universal truth. Bible says:you want to dance, but do want to come to three front. God has dual characteristics, resemble God.

Life of faith, but did not know the Principle, daughter came to the Father, philosophical argument with the father, he realized that she had been influenced by communist, scolded her, left.

Second generation do not understand the principle. Egg: shell of the egg, then white and yellow. White and yellow are harmonious, then struggle and fight against the shell, chick comes out is a synthesis, theory to justify revolution. Capitalists are minority, workers are majority, workers try to make a revolution, but with philosophy, unite the workers inside of the egg, against the shell; capitalists are the shell suppression the chick from coming out. Grow stronger, overthrow the capitalism, new world will come, this is their logic.

Egg and shell. White and yellow have the same purpose to produce a chick, protected by the shell. Both have the same purpose, not contradiction. Air pocket inside the shell, can breathe there, that is how God has created it. If that is the case, nothing would remain. If fetus fights against mother, struggles to come out when he wants, but already the mother is ready to give birth, but at 6 months too early, baby and mother could die. Communism is completely false logic will come to an end, will disappear.

Went to Russia with True Parents, they knew everything about True Parents, read all books, saw that True Parents do not want to destroy, but free Russia. Summit council, in same hotel, all were spies of Soviet Union, True Parents would read the word out loud, no much they tried to listen to our secrets, heard our word. Interview with True Father. True Father spoke simply, broadcast throughout the country, it was brought cast. At airport, where we were going, secret passages all over, they guided us through that, another room, another door, an important person came, a missionary came there, realized that there was a missionary they did not know about it. Realized that they had to meet True Parents. But missionary said, these were people did not know if they could come out alive. CIA came with two bullet prove vests to wear? True Father refused. Now he is prepared to bring mankind into one. Satanic theory of theses and antitheses.

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Three objectives purposes: centering on God, three objects, one subject. If Father is subject, God, mother and children are object, etc. God comes first, he is first object purpose, father is second, mother third and children fourth. Without give and take action, no fulfillment of purpose. All have the same purpose of creation. Four become one then purpose is fulfilled. Center of all beings is God. Some do not teach about three object purposes. Cannot think about it lightly. The center of all beings is God, all motivation is from God. Let never be ourselves be our own motivation. Four position have give and take action, purpose is fulfilled. Leader must not be the motivation, is visible, but God and True Parents' words are the motivation. Always the motivation is from God and True Parents. Let never be ourselves be the motivation.

Four position foundation

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Three objects purpose is fulfilled by give and take action, realize God's purpose of creation, because of the fall, not fulfilled, Satan's purpose went into the position. AA was a servant, did not have a vision, external form was the same, content was different.

Four position foundation: foundation for existence, etc.

Numbers 4, 3, and 12. North, south, east and west. Center is the north, children are in the south, father in the east, mother in the west. Sleep with head towards the north, wife should be on the western side.

True Parents picture should be at the North side, at least on the east side. If not possible, report to God.

Take off your shoes, first right then left, sleep man on the right, woman on the left. Restroom, go in first with left foot; go in your home go with right foot first. Order in the cupboard is same. Socks is the same, this is living by disciplined order, children will understand, will do in the same way; living according to the principle is important. Foundation for all forces, pray on the basis of the four position foundation, light one candle, but when we have two is very different.

Candle melts, the way God receives that prayer. Do not forget to extinguish candles; if a member has spiritual problems, do not go alone, but three people go with pastor there. Some times of the day, Heaven can work and not Satan can work. 2:00 o'clock is Satan's time, pray a little later.

When Jesus went to Gethsemane to pray, took three disciples, told them to pray, and saddened to death, shed tears of blood in his prayer. Came back, they were asleep, three times. Then he said, everything was finished. If they would have also prayed with tears of blood, four position foundation would have been formed, God could have worked on that. Some phenomena could have happened, like talking with Elijah and Moses. That takes a four position foundation. Three types of four position foundation, individual, family and world. 

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