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European Original Divine Principle San Marino Workshop Lecture Notes Day 2 - Part 3 of 6

Jeong Ok Yu
January 26, 2010
Unofficial notes

10:30 am.

Reason to study Original Divine Principle to solve all problems of the world.

Through the dual characteristics: Original Sung Sang and Original Hung Sang, internal and external form are master keys to open all.

Look at all the problems of the world, with master key can solve all problems of the world. God is the harmonious union of Hung Sang and Sung Sang, essential character is Shim Jung. Also our central character must be Shim Jung. God created in order from the lowest level with the design of human beings. He created the environment first, then humankind. Need balance of Sung Sang and Hung Sang and fulfill value.

We resemble God, are composed of Sung Sang and Hung Sang. Must be balanced, purpose and value of that place. Born as members of a family, family ethics. Family has Hung Sang and Sung Sang aspects, grow up in the family, family is the base for the person, parents and children to live together, need family ethics based on Shim Jung.

School, teachers and students, education principles, love heaven, people and country, expands education done in the family, become husband and wife, education in schools based on Shim Jung.

Company, get a job, president of the company, employees, company regulations, based on family ethics, based on Shim Jung, cannot just employ and pay for the labor, employees should not think that they are there just for the money. President must not just be employer but also parent. In case someone does not come to work, because of illness, take care of him, just like a parent takes care of the son. So employee thinks company is his family and employer as his parent. Now companies in the world do not have that kind of ethics, do not have feelings of a family, just how to make more money.

Nation, country, leaders and people, guiding principles of country, allow to live together, laws, president must abide by the same principles. Principles must be eternal, just as the country. Fallen world has denied God, do not know his guiding principles. Cheon Il Guk has to have them. God's principle has to become the nation's principles.

World, nations, United Nations, principles for the world, principles of peace, transcends countries' laws, come from God. Humankind must understand and return to God. Our mind resembles God's mind. Bodies resemble God in his external form, live a life of principles and order.

That human being can be happy anywhere. Absolute sex has to be in that kind of world, automatically united, no borders.

We departed from God, once return, and reunite with each other. Master key can open any door, leader must have that consciousness. Becoming one again in God. Return to God's law, automatically peaceful, equal.

True Parents have declared that knowledge and technology should be shared equally in the world. We are children to God, value system, vertical view should be understand, this is God's Shim Jung world.

How is it that we can solve all the problems, you may doubt that. Problems because of the fall, did not become original human beings. Religious people could not unite, did not know God, created greater difficulties, Middle East. People are dying every day because of religion, cannot go beyond their differences. Lineage returns to God's lineage, balance of Sung Sang and Hung Sang elements, value systems; need to solve all problems of the world. Without it cannot solve a problem. There is nothing that you cannot solve, power, knowledge, money is not enough. Need to center on God.

Sung Sang value must be there. Value system must reflect absolute goodness, must be based on Shim Jung, all must be based on Shim Jung. Truth, beauty and goodness receive their value from Shim Jung. Life of Shim Jung is life for the sake of others, love others, cannot bear not seeing others.

Solving problems of yang and yin, attributes of Sung Sang and Hung Sang. God is parent. Man resembles God, perfect our character, individual character, united body of mind and body. Yang and yin are united with God, in the same way must be union of husband and wife, perfect family. Family resembles harmonious union of Yang and yin in God. Take care of yourselves, go the way of religion, train yourselves, seeking God, way of true religious training. Seeking God is ultimate purpose of our religious lives, train our mind and hearts, perfect family, dominion over the family, nation and country. True Father: before I dominate cosmos, dominate myself.

Self-discipline is first step. Individual is like a cosmos. Dominating yourself is more important, overcome desire for food, True Father was always hungry before 30 years of age. True Parents would always stop eating first to have others could eat more. Kim Il Sung thought that True Father would always do that, small stomach.

In Pusan Father was begging for food, eating other's leftover food in restaurant; Chinese restaurant, Mr. [Won Pil] Kim was employed, served True Father double serving, three double helpings [of rice] True Father ate. Realized that True Father had huge appetite. Before he ate, he wanted to feed his children.

How to overcome the desire for food, second overcome the desire for sleep. Limitations our body, overcome, leave as much time as possible to the accomplishment of God's will. Reduce sleeping time, rest of the time, doing God's work. Always trying to save time. How to overcome the desire for sleep? How to overcome desire for sex? If cannot do, cannot be a leader.

Man in front of beautiful women naked, master sexual stimulation, otherwise cannot be leader, for woman is same, be daughter of God, inherit God's heart. All the people in the world spiritually open, went through that, cannot be accused, qualified to be God's child. It took six thousand years to find God's child. Those who go back to the original position, cannot think about fall. Who has that standard? Establish ourselves. We are all working on it. The word is truth is alive. Only Messiah knows everything, I learned from him, try to dominate myself, teach you to do. Control theses things.

Man's last revolution, page 39.

Because of economical, political problems, do not cause problems, but human beings are the problem. Need to establish correct human beings. Political, religious, industrial, cultural revolutions we had already, but not yet the true revolution. Owners of revolutions were not proper human beings. There need to be a revolution of human beings. Change human beings, we are all the targets of that revolution.

Not by guns, swords, but by truth, true education. True education, there are many schools in the world, Harvard, Oxford, etc; training manpower for the nation, there is no God, ideal of True Parents, true family, no ideal of the Blessing, no ideal to become one. This only exists within true parents, establish that kind of education, revolution, need to do it ourselves.

We are doing it ourselves, choice between God's or Satan's side, this is the revolution, principle education, Shim Jung. Go back to the original body of principle. Human beings must go through three world wars, third war ideological. Question: whether ideas are true or false. No one has been able to teach about God correctly, have not met God. Only the one who has met God, can teach correctly. True Parents came from original body of God, truth, substantiation of truth. Revolution of Shim Jung, cannot be done without God, revolution of returning to God, life for the sake of others, true love, true character, revolution of absolute sex and true family.

Only education given will be the one of absolute sex. Fall: turned upside down, children of Satan; now right side up, education of absolute sex, change human beings, teach leadership. Some leaders say this is wrong, cannot escape from that context, some clerics have sexual relation with children; who can resolve that? Educate with absolute sex, Original Divine Principle education equals absolute sex education. Divine Principle until now has not changed, was basic design, blueprint; God is original body of principles.

Unification Thought equals theory of original image, original blueprint. We can feel and hear God's love and breathing because he is the original body. Need to give this Original Divine Principle absolute sex education. In the past, need not only to teach but go into right way, become the substantiation of absolute sex.

Revolution of Shim Jung. Root of the tree, trunk and flower, fruit and seed. Human beings through revolution of Shim Jung, true love movement. Character resembles God, lives with God. Education has to be given all over. You will understand and remember it later. Principles have to become part of your lives, 360 degrees. Final revolution. You are revolutionizing yourself. By God's word and truth. If you have that truth, can go anywhere. Song: unified soldiers talks about that. As we act as sons and daughters of God in any environment, this kind of education we are doing, revolution of human beings.

Fundamentals of everything; in philosophy: the relationship between God and humankind, parent and child.

Page 40: The relationship between God and the universe: Original Sung Sang and Original Hung Sang, Original Yang and Original Yin; God created an object to love.

One was subject and other was object; symbolic and image representation, flag and map. Human beings are image of God, all other created things are symbolic expression of God. Each individual resembles God individually, unique way. Animals resemble God by species. All things are like God's body, human beings are like God's face.

In God there are unlimited numbers of individual images. He wanted to love me absolutely because of that. God is the masculine subject, and universe is the universe is the feminine object.

Man and all things, man has authority to dominate all things, must have all elements. Can imitate sounds. All chicken over the world give out the same sound, dogs as well. Qualified to dominate over the creation. Earth has five great seas and six continents, human beings have, earth is floating in the universe, suspended, how does it just suspended like this, mysterious. God understand it.

Pray about it. Human beings are microcosm: 5 viscera end 6 entrails, we have 12 months in the year, 24 seasons on lunar calendar, December 22 is always winter solstice, 24 seasons starting with it. On December 22, 2012 new calendar has to be created, week should have eight days, Ahn Shi Il. In Korean: sun, moon, fire, water, wood, metal, earth, seven days of the week. True Parents said that there would be eight days. It will be the day of heaven. Seems to be missing to me. It might be different. 12 set of ribs, protect 5 organs, 24 total.

Everything is by formula. Human beings are objects of beauty, fingers of different lengths, represent the year. Because God is original body of dual characteristics. Each season is three months, each finger has three sections. Because we have the hand like it is we can grasp things. With the thumb we can do it, represents God, Adam, Eve, children. God has created us this way, detailed planning. Head and body, legs and arms is like that, by the numbers. Because God is scientist, creativity. Earth: hair is like plants that cover the earth, etc. Microcosm of created earth. Living without knowledge of God: the substantiation of the Principle has left the Principle.

Absolute relationship between man and woman, subject and object, object does not mean to be lower. They cannot exist without each other.

Book of Changes. [I Ching]

Why to deal with this? In future, East and West need to unite, Calendars need to unite, lunar equals Cain, solar equals Abel, merge into one. Solar calendar should now be merged into the lunar calendar. More accurate in lunar calendar, sometimes 13 months. Now all church holidays are by lunar calendar. We follow lunar culture not because leaders are Koreans, but closest to God's culture.

Difficult to accept kyung-bae. Not Unification Church or Korean rites, but from God. Korean culture is closest to God, language and tradition, includes order. Western language is horizontal. Vertical has to be the center. Tradition of Unification Church is God's tradition. True Parents teach us that tradition. There is nothing else in heaven. The same is true with education. We must educate according to God's ways. Need to leave for descendants, tradition and education. Listen to True Parents: how to attend Heaven and how to educate children. Heaven has to be the model. East is the I-Ching and Bible. Book of Changes: yang and yin, five elements, etc. Bible: word was with God and he was the word. Same as book of changes. Does not explain that God has personality, God is the Father. Both thoughts have to be united. Can be fully elucidated with help of the Principle.

Sex of the baby is not determined by woman but by men, woman protects the fetus. This is contained in God's principle. Artist painting a picture, invests his entire heart; drunken person makes love to a woman terrible. Hearts and minds of woman and man who create new life must do it in holy way. Invest sincerity and dedication.

Page 41: difference between Eastern and Western ontology:.

Western: form and matter; Eastern: yang and yin, must unify both, God exists as harmonious union, therefore these cultures can be unified centering on God, Shim Jung will be the motivation.

Universal Prime Energy, Give and Take Action and Four Position Foundation.

All are within the original body. Each of these concepts were not created by True Parents, were in the original Divine Principle.

Need energy to exist, Universal Prime Energy equals fundamental energy of God, Hung Sang part of God is Universal Prime Energy.

For God to exist, need energy.

God's provides energy to created beings equals Universal Prime Energy, causal energy.

God himself must have energy to give and receive well must have a partner.

God has dual characteristics; reciprocal relationship, Give and Take, have the standard bas, reciprocal base, give and take action centering on Universal Prime Energy, multiply, be separated, as an extension of God into Subject and object partner, establish reciprocal base, husband and wife, give and take action ,produces energy for existence, multiplication and action.

Universal Prime Energy external to God equals energy from Give and take action, relationship of cause and effect, internal and external.

Energy must have a relationship. 

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