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European Original Divine Principle San Marino Workshop Lecture Notes Day 2 - Part 2 of 6

Jeong Ok Yu
January 26, 2010
Unofficial notes

8:30 am.

Page 36 Education.

Resemble God, need education, character aspects. Only human beings require education, others not.

True education, purpose: to become a true child of God, education in the fallen world: convey knowledge, no purpose.

True education is education to become God's true children.

Shim Jung education, ideal to resemble God, he gave three blessings; not just have faith but live according to the will of God, for us to be educated, ideal is to complete three great blessing: to grow, multiply, dominate.

Be fruitful, grow, absolute sex, family, dominion over creation; God is intangible, need body to have dominion over creation; human beings are created for God to have a body and to have children.

What kind of philosophy of education? All nations have different concepts, schools also, intellectuals, do not have a universal philosophy of education.

Original Divine Principle, true education, in God's ideal of creation, as he is perfect, we must resemble him, extensions of Sung Sang and Hung Sang, etc. God's divinity needs substance, resemble God's Shim Jung.

Resemble God's perfection, first purpose of education.

Then couple, harmonized union, children, family ideal, resembles God, marriage of God.

Third, resemble God's creativity, have dominion.

Method of education: Shim Jung education, essence of God is Shim Jung, parents have God's Shim Jung towards their children, True Parents have children, breastfed understand Shim Jung of parents, love of parents for children, infant sees the character of parents, become center of child's heart; God is the parent, attend him as the parent, because of the fall do not know our parent, God; God is the origin of the parental Shim Jung, until the eternal world; education from parents is important, kindergarten, teachers of education of Shim Jung received at home, extend it, how to play.

Teacher's motivation must be Shim Jung, not just a game; tell stories, have to designed to bring about the development of Shim Jung in the child, raise to relate with them; standard of kindergarten is different than the home; help to relate better to the parents at home.

Bible stories, God's footprints in those stories, tell them about God.

Elementary, middle and high school, not teaching for a salary, wrong motivation, teach knowledge that parents cannot teach themselves, become students qualified to have dominion over nature, but must be based on Shim Jung.

Teacher has to have motivation in Shim Jung, even teaching math or physiques.

There must be a revolution in education to be able to teach children to become children of God, students come home and be connected to the parents when they come home.

Shin Jul Nim goes to kindergarten, waits for his turn to pray at breakfast, needs to go to school, True Father was speaking seriously, come back a little later. Doesn't let leaders talk while eating.

Teachers are very important, not just to convey knowledge, has to be connected to the family. Family life should be connected to the school as well. Today does not exist, need to create it, fix the wrong.

Elementary school, teacher needs to educate all, not just convey knowledge, must be a parental position to the students. Only knowledge: failure in teaching profession. Must have heart of the parent. Resolve difficulties for students. Standard of education. Teacher should not make difference between rich and poor students, must not favor rich, well glad students. Buy a pair of socks for poor child, give it quietly, student will never forget; motivated by Shim Jung, not knowledge. Educator is second parent. Portion of responsibility.

Middle and high school, appropriate education content. Then we must become educators motivated by Shim Jung.

In these flowers God has put something: creativity, Shim Jung, converse with flowers as we would do with God.

For the multiplication and completion of the family, there must be order, education of rules. Parents must teach them order at table, etc. Clear order, siblings not fight, Shim Jung and heart in love; Shim Jung family that God can love. Elder and older siblings, their relationships need to be educated, husband and wife cannot treat each other anyhow. Words are important, start with the language, words that they use. Tradition of heaven.

True Parents are model of heavenly tradition. Father says, he never talks to Mother, never as yobul or tangshin, he treats her with respect, where Mother is, omonim, respectful way. He relates to her as always as the partner that God has been searching for. Also True Mother uses very respectful language to True Father, always respectful, place spouse in higher position than themselves, spouse is representative of God, respectful way, Papa, Mama. These are words that contain Shim Jung. How to refer to each other, how to use language.

Elder couples thought that ones they receive Blessing their lives would be harmonious, no, they are fighting. Someone ask True Father, did you ever fight with True Mother? His answer: True Father comes from original body of God, True Father had to raise True Mother. She endured, True Father endured, women express themselves quickly, True Father never had give and take, a place to be alone, don't leave the home, go to the toilet, 30 minutes.

Raise your hands if you don't fight. Overcome that moment of anger, don't have give and take, remain quiet, that is the secret for victory, those who talk a lot make more mistakes. Words have that kind of power. In three years after Blessing see precious things in your partner that you do not have, that is how True Father matched us. True Father takes one person to give education to many others. Blessing is not something done by our own thinking, True Father matches three dimensionally, including ancestors.

Language has to be clear: Blessing marriage, not marriage blessing.

Leader in the church represents True Parents must live same lifestyle as True Parents, must love and nourish the members, when you look at members, see the leaders.

Mr. Aum, friend of True Father, designer architecture witnessed that on April 1, 1941 at Waseda University in Japan, at a meeting of Korean students, True Father sang a patriotic song of Korea, Aum was moved, wanted to be True Father's friend. After Hungnam, True Father met Aum in Pusan on a busy road. Mr. Aum had married took in True Father, True Father began speaking. He spoke for three days. Mr. Aum said "Now you are my teacher," and made a full bow before True Father, you are my True Master, True Parent, their relationship developed from friend to master to parent. True Father wanted to see him in his house, now over 90; sent a child to him for three days, can you still relate to the baby as you would relate to True Father.

True Father tests us in many ways, gives us members to tests us, in terms of our vertical and horizontal relationships, has to centered on Shim Jung.

In school, smart people learn more. Centered on Shim Jung.

Method is to establish our dominion over the world, requires knowledge and skills. Example a gift of an expensive bonsai, need knowledge and skills to take care of it. Computer for example, need knowledge and skills.

God has created things, food, air, etc. for us. We have to become their owners, our portion of responsibility.

Climax of making love, what do you think, no conscience, go into realm of nothingness, ultimate of love. True Father appeared to a couple every night in a vision to teach them how to make love, for 40 days. Love should be centered on your partner. God has same heart as a human being. If husband wants to touch the woman and the woman runs away, feels bad, same as God's feeling.

This education we need. Did it in Korea, gave education to the wives first. After that the men came to be educated. They were both changed. Power of Original Divine Principle. If we look at ourselves through eyes of God, everything changes. Animals are different, make love to multiply. Human beings can do 24 hours a day. If you are old, sleeping together naked, reason for that. There is a period for an apple to become completely mature, tastes best. Time of final maturity, need to be together. Sustain our physical bodies until we mature. Not because of sexual desire, become one.

To be able to dominate we need knowledge and skill. Must have also physical power, healthy. Received authority to dominate creation. Attend God in their love, naked in the garden of Eden. It is not just two people, but all nature would have applauded, center of the cosmos. Satan has turned lovemaking into something dirty. Loving is most sacred things, most holy.

Become people of character, people of goodness, genius.

Talks about a famous ice-skating girl, sports.

In South America; one pregnant woman watched soccer games, played soccer ball, played all night. In Korea, first birthday of a child is important, feast, book , money, pencil, computer, see what child touches first, omen. Not certain, prophetic way to understand potential of the child. Have to educate children to resemble God. Method is Shim Jung, moral and knowledge education, purpose to create people of personality, Shim Jung and knowledge. God and spiritual world, restoration through indemnity must be clearly taught. To live a life of principles. Unificationist education: unity of Shim Jung, thought and lifestyle.

In the past, early morning we would exercise, we would shout theses slogans. Most important is Shim Jung education; True Parents teach us: love heaven , love mankind, love country who protects my family. This education philosophy transcends all barriers, is universal. Everything is within those three. Remember this wherever we go. Divine Principle education is same, in witnessing also.

What kind of a person resembles God? Person of original nature.

What kind of being is man? Shim Jung is center, then science and philosophy, intellect will and emotion, function of the heart, there cannot be intellect separated from Shim Jung, emotion cannot be separated from Shim Jung cannot last. Shim Jung must be root to emotion and love. If Shim Jung is not the base, confusion.

Page 37, 1-2.

All has to be based on Shim Jung. Ethics and morals have fallen down, incest, etc. Shim Jung bears fruit in goodness. Communism is truth not based on Shim Jung.

Being of logos, purpose, Shim Jung, reason, purpose of that in internal nature and external form, laws of nature; etc. When we look at nature, should feel value, understand purpose for which a flower is created, I understand that value, become its owner. God had already given value.

Order of the universe is the model of the family. Earth turns around the sun. Order of the universe.

Being of position, page 38.

Human relationships, subject connected to God, united with object, union, man becomes subject towards nature, position and awareness of subject and object.

Lost this order because of the fall. We lost our subject position, we do not put ourselves into the object position to God. 

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