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European Original Divine Principle San Marino Workshop Lecture Notes Day 1 – Part 6 of 6

Jeong Ok Yu
January 25, 2010
Unofficial notes

6:00 PM

What is wrong with the world of effect? True Father has already spoken on the origin of the universe. God is harmonious beings of Sung Sang and Hung Sang and Yang and Yin, of character, true love, life and linage. Human beings come out of God as male and female, God has two sexual organs, owner of sexual organ is the partner. When these two make love, become one, God and Adam and Eve become one, one point True Parents struggle, if love is different than cannot come together, unite.

Love goes the shortest distance, vertical and horizontal meet in an angle of 90 degrees. Adam has seed, Eve has ovum, God is original body within himself, cannot interact within God, when they are reflected in Adam and Eve, become active. Adam as substantiation of masculinity and Eve as substantiation of femininity, come together, Adam's, Eve's, God's sexual organs become one. Two meet, always, owner is exchanged, God is vertical owner, need God's permission to make love.

Blessing marriage or marriage blessing? Which is correct? Blessing marriage! Greatest blessing God gives to Adam is Eve, for Eve it is Adam, give each other. They become a substantiation or body of God, marry, first night becomes God's first night together. God uses the bodies of Adam and Eve to make love. The Blessing means God gives the partners to each other. Purpose for human being equals to give a body to God. To have dominion over the world through Adam and Eve, not just a conceptional love. God experiences love through the bodies of Adam and Eve; and then to multiply children through that love. Love is a concept, not an actual reality, without partner, remains as a quiet love, not active love.

Why can we not see or feel God?

We can see some rays like sun but not x-rays; we cannot hear all sound waves. We could not exist if we see everything. Under microscope there are many germs on your hands, on table. Good that we cannot see them. Create telescopes and microscopes. With God, he exists, cannot hear or see. The more precious, the more invisible. Mind is invisible. Could not live with the knowledge of all of you 200 minds in the room. All kinds of minds, thoughts, cannot see subject partners of bodies you see. Because you cannot see it, does not mean that they do not exist.

God is a god of love, of mercy, all powerful, greatest power is Shim Jung. No one likes to be ordered around. We want to be ordered by love. Within the context of love everyone wants to be controlled. Love, linage is precious, cannot see. Sexual organs are most precious parts of our bodies, are hidden.

Most precious, most sacred thing we have is the sexual organ. Need to know it clearly. Wash hands after toileting. First you should wash your hands first. Take a shower, first wash that and protect that part. Adam and Eve gave it to the servant equals fall. We educate our children, what is the most precious, need to tell them. Absolute sex education. From this year we must educate, for humanity to become together, brings about a world of peace and unity.

Most important precious things has been treated in wrongful way, change that kind of thinking. Most important is education of absolute sex, there was not a university in the garden of Eden. Our second generation must stand up right to give hope to God, True Parents and ourselves. Our second generation in Europe there are many, among them cannot be exchanged for anyone in the outside world. Important is: how to become the children of absolute sex. Why can't we see God?

We are one with him, we cannot feel him. Our heartbeat cannot feel it, cannot live without it. If we had to listen to it 24 hours, could not stand it. We are one with it, we cannot hear it, just like blinking eyes, or breathing. We are not conscious of our breathing, we are one with it. We are not one with it, difficult. First thing in the morning, go to the toilet, bad smell, can you smell your own like bad? You are one with it. Because we are one with God we cannot feel it.

Creation or evolution? Stop this discussion!

It is creation. All exist in pairs, for the sake of love. Difference of species, for new to come out need input of energy. Monkey cannot evolve into human being. Not proved at all. It is not scientific, because the seed is different, the blue print is different. Denial of God, then need to develop evolution theory. Through labor, reason and language? Cannot be. We are most precious sons and daughters of God, substantiation of God, creates sons and daughters through us.

God does not love through the body of the monkey. All entities exist in pairs for the sake of love. Species is different, seed is different. Like crow and sparrow. Cannot cross them, have different seeds. Needs input of energy for something new. In the past in Japan, electronics was most advanced, small camera, thin battery. After six months it changed, it was not evolving? According to their needs, human beings invested themselves to changed and progress. Science: output is smaller than input, in love: output is greater than output, energy is multiplied. In science, energy is used to create output, loose energy.

Before creative action, need thought, idea, concept. God had concept of woman, than created man to fit for woman. Woman existed before man in the concept, object position, value cannot be lost. In history, women have been treated poorly, tragic history. We have hair to protect head from sunlight, we have furl on our forehead, horizontal, men have to shed sweat in order to live, not women. Men have to sweat, furls protect eyes.

There is air and dust, so God gave us eyebrows and eye lashes. Ultraviolet rays, God keeps the eyes moist. Already God was aware, included in his blue print. He understood what would be necessary, eyes are horizontal, nose is vertical. Supposed we had eyes in front and back of our head, sleeping lie on one of the eyes. He thought in great details how to create human beings. God though of how the sweat flows down the face. Our head, eyes, mouth, connected by nose; nose represents the king in our face, according to True Parents' words. When you go some place, see a person's face in order to know him or her. Human beings are like God's face, rest of creation is like his body.

We live for the sake of love. Love organ keeps man and woman together. Even in spiritual world, husband and wife live together like that. Eternal law, God's blueprint of creation. If there would be no love in spiritual world, how tragic. Need partner, that is the family. Love and Shim Jung has to be completed to reach perfection, go to spirit world according to our accomplishment on earth. Until now, we have not related in the right way as husband and wife, need to change, not even think about another man or woman.

True Father said that we should sleep naked. One person did it for a few days, grandchild came into the room, saw them. Told True Parents, he laughed about that. Why did he tell us to do that? To complete love. More than 60 years old, do not have the power anymore to love as before, time of reaping. If we sleep naked, think of the time we were young. Bring your love through completion before you die. Have that kind of heart for each other.

Important truth. True Father did not speak like that when we were young. Only True Parents teach us to do that way. No one in the world could teach us that way. This is the most precious education that he is giving us. If one of the spouses leaves the world first, after cleaning the corpse, pray over the sexual organ of that spouse, send him to spiritual world first. Blessed families of the Unification Church can go together to spiritual world and live together like that.

Centering on absolute sex, to complete love, mature our love; as we grow old, sleep flesh to flesh, mature our love, go to spiritual world. Because True Parents know, they are teaching us, know spiritual world. If we live according to the word become that kind of persons. True Father said, I never told you a lie. We try not to believe it. There is no doubt. For the children to live with parents, have the same heart, cannot be bought with money. Why do we live? Need to live according to God's blue print.

Evolution argument must finish now. Going from one stage to the other, appears as evolution, use the word creative evolution.

Pantheism, Plotinus: no motivation of creation and purpose; this theory came about, because of ignorance.

Motivation is Shim Jung and love, purpose is joy. All the understandings and theories we have come up with will fall away. All content in bookstores has to be changed. Mostly figurative, needs to be taught very clearly. All books have to be changed. All theories have to be replaced by the principle. People read too many books, confused.

Relationship between God and mankind equals mind and body. Human beings resemble God. See God in other people, understand divinity, dignity and value of other people. Our leaders must great people humbly. Each person has many ancestors in their background; do not think only of him. Pray for people, do personal changes must be very careful. Human beings have the same value as a second god.

Relationship of parent and child.

Reason: all are born from parents, children are substantiation of parents, linage, four principles of being formed: children are born of love through father and mother, no one else can be involved in it, I was there, came into being; their love comes from love, resembles the original body, God, experience peace and joy through that love. Aside from God no joy happiness or unity. Secondly, they are formed belonging to the parents; seed of love of my father is 0,001% and rest from my mother. When I come into being, all is from my parents, nothing is from me. We come from our parents, belong to them. Nowadays, people talk about human rights, the rights of the child. Mother and father sacrificed all for them. Where is God's rights as a parent? Where people come from, need to understand. Filial son or daughter lives according to their parents' will.

They are formed for their partner. Man was created for the sake of woman and woman for the sake of man. From the time we were created, even before that, God planned it that way. People refuse that, do not want to get married, do not want children, sell sexual organs like commodities, will go to hell. No one should commit suicide.

We are formed to live eternally. Physical body helps spirit to perfect, and body returns to earth, spirit goes to spirit world. Teach it very clearly. Knowledge, power, riches will not help us in spiritual world. God and humanity are in parent-child relationship. Adam and Eve, God's children, Adam equals God's body, Eve equals God's wife. Eve's fall, God lost his wife. Lost sibling relationships, lost eight women: value of true mother, queen, grandmother, mother, wife, daughter in law. Eve took on a different linage. Adam and Eve 's marriage would have been God's marriage, first love.

Jesus left the world before he became substantiation of God's body, because he had no wife. Until now, God could not have lived and loved substantially; with True Parents' coming his desire is realized. In future, when people want to see God, True Parents' image will come up. All religious people will become one, after spiritual world will become unified, after True Parents go to spiritual world. But before need to accomplish on earth, now no country, Cheon Il Guk needs to be substantiated on earth.

Even if he has to buy an island. All spirit selves will be mobilized for God's providence. True Parents know the date that they will go to spiritual world. In Hawaii and in Las Vegas, True Father touches all furniture, does not know if he can come back. When they are alive, need to attend them in that way. If True Parents will not be able to establish Cheon Il Guk, we will be blocked as well. Deadline is January 13, 2013. Have Blessing movement, carry holy wine with you, give people the Blessing we have received the authority to act on their behalves. They have given you that value. Even until the second we die, need to dedicate ourselves to that. Our sons and daughters need to do it as your testament.

Greatest desire of man is to become true parents.

First we become sons or daughters of our parents, then become grooms and brides, most important issue to have your children become good grooms and brides, schools should teach them this. Most central and core philosophy, even families are teaching their children that way, no school. PhD degrees are not essential. Without children, parents cannot be parents, to become a true parents is our greatest desire.

Become a good father and mother; ask ourselves if we are true father or true mother? God's desire, his ideal. He needs to be substantiated through us. Children learn about heart of their parents. Parental love is needed for children to become mature. We should not nurse babies with cow milk, they become like an animal not like a person. Satan uses this strategy.

Children need to experience parental love, mother's love, milk. Mother cleans diapers of the child, seems precious to the mother. Because of science, use diapers and throw away, in the past, create own diapers. Parents become center of child's heart, loyalty. Filial piety equals because parents have sacrificed for me, I will care for and love them, attend the parents, be qualified to be a child. Understand Shim Jung, love and character of the parents. Live for the sake of the parents. Then parents can rest, Sabbath realm.

God is also a parent, when human beings reach perfection; he can go to save settlement. Children must accomplish his way as a child, qualify as a child, parents can occupy position of parent. God lost his ideal as a parent, sad, lamenting. One more thing: parents sacrifice everything for the children, grow older become like children and children become like their parents. Loose sight, cannot hear, cannot talk well, and not move well. Old parents must take care of parents, like a baby. Clean them, move them, take care of them. Just the existence of parents is precious. Do not forget your parents. Need to attend them. Give the love that you cannot give to their parents, give to your members.

Our education of Original Divine Principle, is to be children of God, then God can occupy his position as parent. We should do it before anyone else. Greatest desire of human beings is to become true parents, not only in name. When my parents go out, come back with a piece of candy, overjoyed, when child grows up goes to work, bring something home to the parents. We are supposed to be lord of creation, take care of our parents. 

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