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European Original Divine Principle San Marino Workshop Lecture Notes Day 1 – Part 3 of 6

Jeong Ok Yu
January 25, 2010
Unofficial notes

10:30 AM

Science and religion, religion, centering on Christianity: Christianity raised banner of man's salvation, wanted to save all of humanity, accomplishing mission? No. Become bride to receive the Messiah. Does not. Christians should be living as the bride awaiting the groom. God is my father, I am his only son, gospel of all gospels. Core is here in this relationship. Old Testament God equals Jehovah, Jesus equals God is my father. Relationship between God and humankind problem is resolved. Christianity's most important teaching is that, but does not teach it. Does not have value system based on that understanding. Not able to explain relationship between father and son. Because cross, Jesus could not fulfill ideal family, Christian values are crumbling. Even within the church, values are crumbling. One brotherhood, equality, this is only expressed in words, cannot be put into practice. Three points that Jesus taught, could not be taught. Now True Parents' teaching: one family under God.

Sacred leaders of today, Jesus at his time, they could not believe in him. Christianity spread around the world, in Israel only 2% believe in Jesus. How much criticism did he receive! Old Testament equals his name considered as holy, picked up a new brush to write his name, but when he was there, so much persecuted. Salt and light of the world, but world became rotten. Salt prevents spoilage and gives flavor to food. People of love are loved by everyone. Have proper value system. Did not become salt and light of the world. Church became secularized. Became spoiled and rotten. Even among our leaders, if secular world comes in, we are spoiled and rotten. Important for us as Unification Church leaders, early leaders led wonderful lives. Use Principles to become light of the world. If we just avoid persecution, but we need to teach what is right and wrong. Become the light, lamp of the world.

Ideal world here on the chart represents the left, ideal family, tribe, nation and world, spiritual world, Kingdom of Heaven in Heaven, but they fell, became all fallen on all levels, owner equals Satan, no life but death, Jesus came to give salvation to this world, this world equals wild olive trees, need to be cut down, grafted to true olive tree. People who should have followed him and attended him persecuted him; centered on religion wild olive trees should move and become bride to receive messiah as the groom, did not attend him, crucified, punishment for worst criminals, Jesus said he would come again. 400 years of persecution under Roman Empire, start to prepare. Christianity should have receive him, failed just as Judaism. All spiritual and physical foundation disappeared.

Adam and Eve were separated into Cain and Able, could not unite, shed blood, begin of human history. Bible: blood of Abel went up to heaven. In spiritual world foundation on Abel's side, also on earth. Preparation for 2000 years, Lord of the Second Advent was sent on that foundation, was lost because Christianity failed to receive him. No place for God and True Parents to stand, wilderness, jail, hell.

True Parents had to attend God, go with God to prison. True Parents had to sacrifice himself in prison, searching for his disciples, reestablish spiritual foundation on all levels, True Parents have gone around the world tens of times, at the top of his voice, desperate, how to accomplish God's will is most important.

Family foundation on earth will be reflected in the spiritual world, on all levels same is true. Numbers of groups were prepared to receive Messiah, they were lost. True Parents came, understood God's word. Could not tell God, "well the foundation is lost," had to reestablish the foundation. When Father was 80 he had the foundation he was supposed to have when he was 40. If Christianity would have received him, restoration in short time.

Father established HSA-UWC, because Christian foundation was lost. At that time the church was so poor, the church headquarters was in a house called Three Gates House three gates (doors) came into a small room. But our signboard was so huge. Neighbors children broke it. Was not respected. 40 years later I will take it down, True Father said. I did not come to make a church, but establish a world without church, religion.

It has to be clear to all: relation between God and man equals parents and children. True Parents had to indemnify Judaism and Christianity, Unification Church is youngest brother of two previous ones. Fulfill their purpose. Bring together all Christianity teach them the word, go together to build Kingdom of Heaven. All providential events, bring all of history to an end. It come on foundation of Christianity.

What needs to be done by the Holy Spirit equals True Love. Without True Love unification is impossible. HSA-UWC is a long name, we shortened it to Unification Church. So after 40 years, sign was taken down. Church is for individual foundation. Family Federation, family has to be restored. Jesus wanted to cut down the wild olive tree, Romans 17:11, share in the nursing sap of the true olive tree. Root is wild olive tree, nursing sap of the true olive tree. First generation equals all wild olive tree, were engrafted into the true olive tree. Wild olive tree root is still there, shoot will come, we are blessed, need to nourish the true olive tree equals second generation equals they are fruits of true olive tree, not your children, but God's children.

Jesus said: I am the vine, you are the branches. Branches equals second the generation. All belongs to God. Without second generation, not hope. First generation work hard, if second generation do not stand up right, no hope. Responsible for past, present and future. To be engrafted on true olive tree, this is the Blessing.

We thought that salvation was through religion, now through Blessing. No church building is needed, believe in Jesus, not just in name, believe in him, become like him. Only in name, but must be in actual life. The word church is the place where people are educated. Chinese character equals for church equals teach filial piety towards God.

Fallen people knew that their parents were not God. A world where religion is not needed, that is where we are headed. Change our linage to God's linage, rebirth in Christianity, through the Blessing, after Holy Wine ceremony equals ceremony to cut off Satan's linage. God cannot bless us, unless we cut of from Satan's linage. After Holy Wine, we are separated from Satan. Holy Wine equals medicine created by God.

It is also a rite in Christianity. Jesus gave last supper. Nicodemus, Jewish official, ask Jesus at night: need to be reborn. As an adult how? Jesus: reborn in the spirit. Christianity does not understand the meaning of Holy Spirit. Blessing and holy wine is very important. Aids patient, without cure, find medicine, take one pill and cure, how precious that medicine would be, people would line up to get it. Holy Wine is even more precious than that. Because Messiah has come, can restore our linage, ceremony is precious and sacred.

Through the Blessing go back to the original world, true olive trees, come back to God's linage, grafted to the true olive tree, Cheon Il Guk. All people in the world have to go through the Holy Wine Ceremony, all inhabitants of a nation, without that no Cheon Il Guk. We have to do many Blessings, in your families, reap what you sow Now is time of reaping. Witness to your families and people you know, your tribe. Ten million people come with you, your tribe, kingship in the spiritual world, our fortune.

Blessed families are tribal messiahs. We are all tribal messiahs. Tribal messiah equals son of God, same linage of God. It took 6000 years to send his son. Hundreds of millions of blessed families, now is just a matter of time. Foundation on earth and in spiritual world, more fearful than tsunami. How fearful, nothing can stop that. Some countries are only a few meters above sea levels. When spiritual and physical worlds unite, wave will wash away everything.

Noah prepared for flood, Noah got into his ark. We have to listen to God's word, not lend our ears to words of the secular world. Centered on True Parents, Cheon Il Guk, hope of God. God's world was supposed to be accomplished, through religions. God sent the Messiah, because people should have served as the bride, necessary to do it themselves, re-indemnify. After Fall religion was established for this purpose. Now is the time when everything will come to an end. No extension anymore, Jan 13, 2001, coronation, 12 years later, God will be the king of kings.

No the owner has been changed. Everything has been upside down, no it will be put right. Angelic world has to go back to their original position. Now salvation through the Blessing, not religion. But believing in the Messiah, attending True Parents. Our view of religion of witnessing, all has to be changed. We wanted to save individuals to bring them into the church, in early days needed application to come in, needed to work for 6 months, need to promise never to leave, then we could apply. Now we don't need it anymore; people now do not understand the value.

True Parents have established the foundation, it became much easier, conditions for Satan's accusation came down. Blessing is easy to receive, but we do not understand that value, every time we just drink the wine. Leaders do not understand. Holy Wine, only drop, on your tongue, in spiritual world people would love to do that, here we do not understand. Christianity can fulfill its mission? No Unification Church works now in Family Federation. Not anymore making members of the church. Have them study, their home becomes church equals home church, educate their families, children, Hoon Dok family church. Reading the word of God as a family, training ground. Humanity today: church is gathering, in the last days, each family becomes a church.

We go to their homes, give Blessing in their homes, read text book in their homes, Cheon Seong Gyeong, Original Divine Principle, Peace Messages, Gateway to Heaven, Owner of Peace of Linage. Even if True Parents are not on the earth, these words are eternal. Always just live according to this textbooks. Published read in families, pray in the families, family altar, stage on which pastor speaks. Not everyone cannot go there, small desk, like a small table, put holy wine there, holy salt, holy candle from Cheon Jeong Gung. All has been given to us. Put also the word there, Divine Principle, Cheon Seong Gyeong, Peace Messages, True Father equals gateway to Heaven, booklet on Owner of Peace and Linage.

Problem in the family, need to greet God at that altar, nothing will go wrong, pray, put hand on Cheon Seong Gyeong, pray to resolve that problem, open any page, Heaven will open page for you, answer will be on that page that you open, train yourselves and your children. Cannot find solutions in the outside world, need altar. Most holy place in the family, preparation as parents, children will respect. If they have same life as outside, God cannot come there. Family church, Blessing movement. You cannot go to Heaven if you have original sin. The right hand thief went to Paradise, not Kingdom of Heaven, Jesus could not go there, because he did not have a family. Family equals world of love, Shim Jung. Could not receive love of a family of a nation. Has not received that love from a woman from a child, most tragic thing of his life. He went to Paradise, can go there as an individual. Kingdom of Heaven equals only as a family.

In 2000 years Christianity did not send event a single person to the Kingdom of Heaven. Gateway to Kingdom of Heaven was not open, Jesus had to come back to the earth in the form of True Parents. Key is the Family Pledge. Received the Blessing, in position more blessed than Jesus. We received the Blessing before Jesus could receive it. You are precious people, blessed families do not live as blessed families, saddest thing for God.

He did not bless us to hear about that kind of things. Pains God's heart and True Parents' heart. Our family should not sadden God. How should we live, cannot continue with past habits? Gate to Heaven is open for us. One leader working in America said, Jesus was established as spiritual leader of America, why are you not working harder to bring Christianity to America? True Father laughed and said that you are in better position than Jesus. You have to be helping Jesus, why should you ask for his help. Jesus understands. You must be responsible.

Heaven has great hope in you, you are very precious in Heaven's sight. Christianity has lost ability to take action, cannot take answer questions of Bible, became a religions of rituals and institution. Life of faith has become secularized, not trying to accomplish God's ideal, forgotten than mission, guidance for life, lost sense of direction. In the early church, they went to death, they became martyrs. Go out to witness, go out to risk your lives. A hundred people martyred, ten thousand would join. Who is ready to risk that?

We have to help those martyrs in spiritual world to receive the salvation. Before spiritual world can come to earth, the Principle needs to be taught to Christianity. In the past, they would go the way of death. God wants to give the Blessing to Christianity because of the past sacrifice. Now anyone who can follow this way, can receive the Blessing.

Those who oppose us will go further away from God. Fire of reformation was lost. Luther created the Reformation, he did that at the risk of his life, that fire was lost. In the Last Days, the altar is moving. Today as we are leaders of Unification Church ask ourselves whether we became like that. In the beginning of the Unification Church, we could communicate with spiritual world, speaking in tongues, translating tongues, very common. Spiritual phenomena happened. Not just ritualistic services, sang same song 12 times, people were completely involved by the spirit, could not stop singing.

True Father was soaked in sweat and tears. In the early days of Unification Church, he was incredibly hungry. He had two meals a day if he was lucky. Sometimes just water three times a day. Sometimes he would lecture for hours and continue on. He wanted to save a person, more that he wanted food or a of drink water. That is how we began.

My seniors went out, shedding blood in pioneering and witnessing. They ate dog ate food. The son of God, did not have food. He fought with a dog and ate his food, the dog did not agree. How tragic the beginning of the church. For three years we left our children to go witnessing. We had time limits and had to take our children to relatives. Some of us ran away; we just dropped or children to our own father and mother and we ran away.

Difficulties our senior members went through. A mother would even tie her child to a pole until the father came. The mother had to go to a place of witnessing. We cannot forget that. It has not been easy, in early days. The fire has to be revived in Europe in these days. You two hundred leaders are one, light the fire in Europe, and consume it.

Science, object of research from something to nothing. Energy is intangible, religion has reached its limitation, science did too. Ignoring human values, science damaged. Science should be in service of humanity. Go separate ways. Science could not accomplish its role.

Providential age: Adam and Eve should reach perfection through three stages of growth. Fall equals no principle, history developed, human Shim Jung gradually began to rise, with Adam and Eve, Noah came, last days, people did not listen to him, failure of Ham, than Abraham, ark did not open the way of salvation, sacrifices were wrongly done, sacrifice of Isaac, 400 years slavery, Moses took them out of Egypt, Canaan, after 1600 years, New Testament Age, last days when Jesus came, all of history let up to that point, new gospel. In the beginning;: parent child relationship was lost, humanity did not receive Jesus' teaching, died on the cross, come again after 2000 years returns with new word, Completed Testament Age, completed in these days, centering on the new word, new age.

Intellect and Shim Jung has developed. In each age the central figure receives the word and follows. True Parents have come to the earth, have taught us the word, what kind of people they are, God, who we are.

In this age, time of Lord of the Second Advent as True Parents, we can go back to original human history. This last days is the time when principle must appear. John 16:25 plainly about my father, no longer figurative speaking.

Bible not very clearly. Time comes when he will speak clearly. Much more to say, more than you can bear. Give it to us, have opposite effect, until the time was right teach figuratively. Spirit of truth will come, will tell what is yet to come. True Parents, Unification Church principles will give us exactly what True Parents is teaching us, no longer parables and figures, prophesy again, all nations, new prophesy has come, Original Divine Principle. New wine skins, old wine skins and new wine, spoils.

We have to completely get rid of all your concepts, naked before this word, receive it purely. If you have concept of the word cannot receive it. There are four kind of problems that need to be solved, before it was described.

These kinds of problems need to be solved. Establish true values, review spiritual world, know clearly that man is fallen. Original human beings. Know clearly about our own responsibility.

For a long time again, True Parents have been teaching to us. Become a woman and man of God. True values equals need to understand these six points. Realize God's ideal of creation equals one family under God. Establish it ourselves. Absolute sex, purity, absolute sexual organs. Realizing peace in the unified world.

Resolve fundamental points of the Bible. Only way to accomplish.

Restore God's Fatherland, Cheon Il Guk. All humanity need to be blessed. Cheon Il Guk cannot be established with Satan's linage. These six things:.

Know God,

spiritual world,

True Parents,

God's word,

clearly know man's responsibility, know my true self, understand what kind of being original human being is,

where am I standing? On God's side or on Satan's side.

Overview: two parts.

Introductions and seven chapters.

Introduction and six chapters.

Central content is Principle of Creation and Human Fall.

God's design for creation, fallen human beings could not live according to Principles of creation, fall explains how fallen world came about, restoration equals some one drowning in water, save, go back to original position.

Religions do not understand, just believe in Jesus and his cross. One grandmother took child to revival meeting, he thought he talked about numbers, number nine.

Need to explain clearly about salvation, recover state before the fall.

Principles of restoration restore principles of creation.

That is the only two places to use principles as a term.

End time: people will come out of the grave, predestination and Christology, Jesus' mission, trinity, what Christianity is teaching, Christians don't understand about Christology, our members don't understand either.

Final conclusion of salvation, second advent when Messiah will come, need foundation, time and environment where he will not be killed. How, when and where the Messiah will come.

Conclusion of part one is Christology, of part two is Lord of the Second Advent.

Unification principles is not only teaching of Unification Church equals heavenly way for all humanity.

True Parents provided it, born January 6, 1920, fifteen years in 1935, received heaven's mandate, could not receive Jesus, Jesus came to Rev. Moon to ask him to accomplish the mission, Father said, he could not, God was sad, experience, realized he had to do it to relieve God of his pain. Made the determination, fought against myriads of Satans, won victory, received God's approval, difficulty of discovering the Principle, more than picking up a specific grain of sand from the bottom of the Ocean, compared to the difficulty to find Unification principles. So difficult to establish this. How difficult to fish for a specific fish in the entire Pacific Ocean; For God to meet the Messiah so difficult for God to meet him , there was only one fish, he knew, God caught it, fish has to bite the bate, God's difficulty.

How God met True Parents, we attend them, but do not understand their value. Meet them very easily, God does not see them like that. Principles equals atomic bomb of True Love, salvation, live according to the word, peace, blessing, did not come of someone's mind, comes from within God, his original body. From that, the design from God himself, through the True Parents, this is absolute revelation.

Until the liberation of Korea from Japan, sought for the Principles, waited for the liberation.

Could have been done in 7 years after 1945, May 1, 1954, HSA-UWC, 10 years, another 9 years later, 1966.

On September 1, 2008, I started teaching Original Divine Principle.

All these things have happened during our lives, how precious. On Feb. 17th, received this mandate, put it into the poem, crown of glory, prayed in 1935. Have walked on this way.

Reads it.

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