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European Original Divine Principle San Marino Workshop Lecture Notes Day 1 – Part 1 of 6

Jeong Ok Yu
January 25, 2010
Unofficial notes

5:30 AM

Today Original Divine Principle lectures. We begin with Family Pledge; in God's ideal of creation, based on the family. Original Divine Principle equals education to allow us to accomplish Family Pledge that's how important it is.

Family is God's ideal of creation, first God created angelic world and all things, then human beings as their master. Through Adam and Eve he wanted to realize the family ideal. His ideal is the ideal family, basic unit of the kingdom of Heaven, true love, God is the original body of True Love need to live centering on true love, cannot experience True Love by ourselves, need partner, feel love.

Family is training ground for Shim Jung to be registered in true love.

As the basic unit, place we are trained in Shim Jung and True Love, love of three eras comes together.

God is first gen, Adam and Eve are second gen, their children third gen.

God is first gen, as original body of True Love, Adam and Eve second gen of True Love, etc. God is formation stage, Adam and Eve married, get children, become grandparents.

Grandparents are formation, parents are growth stage, grandchildren are completion.

God wanted Adam and Eve to have family, have substantial children, raise them, could substantialize love that was in God, God's will to be accomplished.

Core entity where three loves are learned and realized.

Basic social order is family, problems start in the family, no leader today thinks that way, they think of policies,.

Family needs to be fixed to fix nation and society.

Most important is linage of absolute sex, family must be centered on absolute sex, linage, love.

Adam and Eve must accomplish that, linage of pure love, true life, love, linage, sexual purity.

Family of absolute sex.

Eternal original homeland is the true family, purpose of our lives.

In order to accomplish that ideal, need pledge to do that, many leaders appeared in history, no one realized importance of the family, to protect it, is important.

Didn't understand importance of the Family Pledge, True Parents understand.

Bible: do not swear, do not make false pledge, this pledge we must recite for eternity.

Animals have bones, can stand upright, fish do not have same as mammals, cannot stand straight.

For families to stand strait, need bones equals Family Pledge, maintains the order of the family.

Absolute standard and core of constitution to realize Cheon Il Guk, its core, not the kind of laws of the world, but what will allow us to accomplish the ideal of the family.

Gospel of all gospels, lives of faith, cannot see God, we love God, he loves us, do not know what kind of relationship to God, it is not enough, connection between God and us is the Family Pledge, it connects us to God.

True Parents: live according to the Family Pledge, each day.

Family Pledge is key to let us open the gate of Heaven, all want to go to Heaven, need a key; Jesus came with the key, needed to establish a family, second Adam, came for the family, but Jesus himself in relation to the chosen people, could not unite with him, crucified, gave key to Peter.

Key equals family, need to understand concretely about importance of the family is described in Family Pledge.

God cannot listen to any prayer, need to pray according to principle; our lives need to be of prayer, always we must breathe in resonance with God.

Family Pledge equals prayer of all prayer, greatest blessing of all blessings given to humanity.

Recite it, not enough, need to live content in our lives, substantial bodies to represent its content.

Satan could rule the world, because no family ideal, True Parents have risked their lives to accomplish Family Pledge, Family Pledge is record of True Parents' lives.

After 6000 years, Family Pledge was established by True Parents; the fact that True Parents can give Family Pledge, up to us to live up to its content.

When husband and wife fight, parents and children fight, cannot recite Family Pledge, and bring our hearts together.

Fallen world has nothing to do with ideal.

All of our thoughts and lives are connected to fallen content. Jesus said going to Heaven is like a camel going through an eye of a needle.

Cannot go to heaven by praying a little bit, have to establish the family in God there is no concept of conflict.

Receive training in the family, one as husband and wife, parents and children, process of training for unity is the family.

Continually pray. How difficult it was for True Parents to establish this pledge, be grateful.

Eight verses, each verse has different significance.

Kodiak Alaska, then Hawaii, for four days True Father spoke about Family Pledge, number 14 of Peace Messages, explains the pledge.

True Father repeated in great details explanation of Family Pledge.

Original Divine Principle equals the most important is to understand Family Pledge.

Father spent four days to explain verse one of Family Pledge. He asked us to live this way? No one could answer yes. Ashamed. How to accomplish the content of Family Pledge, way that our families must go. How precious, each verse deep content. Need a few days to explain.

Who could write theses of each of these verses. True Parents understand importance of family to prevent Satan to invade, Family Pledge.

Family Pledge Verse 1

Going through the Family Pledge. Reads verse one: As the owner of Cheon Il Guk….

I as the owner of Cheon Il Guk: we stand on the foundation of the word, some quickly, some slowly.

According to True Parents, take two or three seconds between each word of the Pledge to think of each word.

After the owner of Cheon Il Guk, pause, our family, pause, etc. need to think about the meaning.

Goes through the first verse, pauses after each phrase.

Core aspects of the explanation, at the end of Cheon Seong Gyeong, explanation, also Peace Message 14.

Word: Cheon Il Guk, is a country established by two persons becoming one, two horizontal lines, upper equals heaven, under equals earth, human beings, body and mind have to become one, that is where heaven begins.

Husband and wife become one, in Bible, when two persons are together, pray, anything can happen.

Within myself, unity of mind and body, pray alone, then when husband and wife pray together, Cheon Il Guk equals nation of two becoming one.

Owner of Cheon Il Guk, our family, True Father said "my family," people may think in individualistic way, changed to "our" family to not misunderstand.

Owner of Cheon Il Guk, our family, but I am responsible, husband can say "my" family.

Three generations, that what makes up the family, this is the basic unit of the family expands to the nation, world and Kingdom of Heaven on earth and heaven, my life on earth will connect to eternity 6 persons in family, what is going to make them one: True Love makes them becoming one, True Love refers to God's love, True Love equals gives and forgets, invests and does not seek repayment.

Fallen world best represented by parental love, continually investing, like God gives eternally, world of love equals eternal.

Family centered on True Love becomes one, then seek original homeland, where is it?.

The place that you were born? All like their homeland because there is love there, parents, grandparents, was there, siblings love was there, relatives, neighbors, etc. there is no one who hates it. Where is our homeland? It is where True Love exists, God's love, homeland equals seeking God's love, where? Born in a certain place as a result of love between our parents, father equals heaven, mother equals earth, seed and body, by that love of father and mother, sperm of absolute love and ovum came together, we came to being. They needed sexual organs to do that. My existence started with sexual organs of my parents.

Created by God, our parents, what that this mean? We come from the reproductive organs of God. That is where the Original Divine Principle begins. Has God reproductive organs? What do you think?

He has them or not? Raise your hand. All living beings come from their mother, animals, insects, come from the female, but female needs seed from the male, resemble God, there must be something within God that resembles the male and female.

True Parents have gone through this struggle, have received recognition, some reacted against that. How can God be our parents? Your homework, study about that.

Seek after God's reproductive organs equals seek our original homeland.

We are born of fallen linage of Satan, God is True Love, True Love, True Love, how to realize, with our hands, has to be done through reproductive organs, made your children not with your hands.

Ro equals most precious place, holy.

In fallen world equals repugnant, curses.

Satan is wise, Satan's linage has to change to God's linage.

The linage can change the world back to where it was supposed to be. Struggle over blood linage; open your heart, you will understand.

Human beings to go through original course, absolute sex, cannot establish family, original order in society.

More fundamentally, what within God are we going to seek? God's reproductive organs, reborn in God's linage.

Original homeland, seek it to establish God's original family, ideal.

Principles of Creation, could not do it up until now, the time is come to include it in the Principles of Creation.

God created Adam and Eve, include it. Father would have been killed, if he put it there, already there were rumors about sex in early days, what until time is right, now True Father can teach it openly.

In South Korea, leaders of countries of Unification Church, taught it around the world, now the time have come to teach it openly.

Liberated realm of portion of responsibility refers to absolute sex, commandment of Garden of Eden.

If leaders do not know this, cannot answer questions about this.

Portion of responsibility is centered on absolute sex, even if not in title of Workshop.

If Adam and Eve had maintained absolute sex, maintained their responsibility, also God's responsibility, they could not do that, caused the fall, eating of the fruit. Term portion of responsibility equals incredible, where heaven and earth become one.

Human portion and God's portion, question in your head equals will be resolved.

Establish original ideal of creation in original homeland, family, three blessings, four pos found.

Original ideal of creation established on earth and in heaven, on earth first, with my body, then in spiritual world.

Fact of the fall, A brought hell on earth, blessed families purpose is to establish Kingdom of God on heaven and on earth, not rebuilding, we are establishing it, was never built before.

Blessed families need to accomplish life of absolute sex centering on True Love, spiritual world equals Kingdom of Heaven, our families will create it, no one else will do it.

Who teaches us about this? Messiah, teaches us how to build it, loves us as his children.

Husband and wife, parents, children fulfill to establish Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

Eternal world, how will it be established, God does not build it for you, human portion of responsibility.

Owner equals interested in something, responsible for our nations, owner of a nation must stand in position to represent God and True Parents, owner cannot sleep is concerned about country, need to work harder to accomplish hopes of the people.

Father is center of the family, children may sleep, father cannot, owner means who take interest in family.

Resolve problems of the family.

Owner of Cheon Il Guk, how much interest do we have? Cheon Il Guk is coming, we are not qualified to be in Cheon Il Guk, if I am the owner, need to be concerned more than anyone else, what to do? Take responsibility, to protect, raise it up, nurture it, attitude of the owner.

Go through phrase by phrase, check ourselves everyday.

Family Pledge Verse 2:

Attend God and True Parents: verse 2 will be on basis of verse 1, God and True Parents will be with you.

Become a family who attends God and True Parents, God will have to come if we have family of True Love.

Represent the cosmos, owner of spiritual world, True Parents are owner, attend God and True Parents on earth.

Our family represents the cosmos, center is one, representative is one, not two.

God and True Parents, incorporeal are one together, our family represents the center.

God and True Parents are not just a concept, we attend them in our family, that is our family represents the cosmos, filial sons and daughters, are born through the love of our True Parents, concept is not substantial, need to be substantiated.

Our parents are the center, I live with my parents, learn from them Shim Jung, owner of my heart, my teacher? It is the parents, it is God, where we come from all, our parents, grandparents, previous generations, born of love between mother and father, love has to be one, have to come from the same origin, God.

Centering on God, starts in the family, filial sons and daughters, God is our parent, not fallen, our parents would be like God to us, Adam and Eve would have been substantiation of God, substantial parents, they have God as their parent.

Everyone refers to God as their father, all of our ancestors, I also, my grandchildren will do the same.

God is the parent of all, all came from him, want to go back there, when we leave physical body.

Center of heart and mind is our parent. Love parents with all my body and soul. Parent equals God, attend God as my parent, unless we do that, cannot realize world of peace.

Peace was always thought of in terms of human beings.

God becomes the center of our family, establish a nation, a state, if a person does not realize filial piety in the family, cannot in the nation become a patriot, not just empty words, sacrifice live for the sake of the country, that person becomes the center of the country.

Country is extension of the family, all of that country loves them as members of the family, but not love of husband and wife, cannot think of all handsome men of the country as my husband, there is only one, exclusive, but other people think of them as parents, siblings, children.

Can expand into the world, humanity, become a saints, four religious saints, taught content.

Path of unification, religion, cannot just live for nation to become a saint, but for all humanity, love humanity as one's family.

True Parents equals first time we have concept of divine sons and daughters, Kingdom of Heaven, laws same in both worlds, reflect in spiritual world, life on earth is important, law of Kingdom of Heaven, laws of the palace, same in both worlds.

Need to understand these two laws, laws of heavenly kingdom and heavenly palace equals person who does it equals divine son and daughter, must live the way of the family, law of the family, fulfill dutiful way of the family.

God blessed us, what kind of person did he want us to become? Divine sons and daughters, not just stop at the level of the family.

We may think we have accomplished, True Parents have done it, we not yet, True Parents have pioneered this way, teach us, follow them.

Saints in the world, True Parents gave them the blessing, dream, if true equals incredible, precious, transcending 6000 years.

We are born in this age, were called before others to Unification Church, blessed families, leaders, like a dream.

At the 430 couples Blessing, a very handsome lecturer became sick and had an operation. He had difficulty recovering and went into a coma. In the spiritual world he was asked what he did. He answered, "VOC." Then all the patriots of the nation came and asked, "did you love nation more than this or that person?" He gave up, ashamed. He said, "I witnessed, brought out all pastors, but could not be better than them." He was told, "Go back to earth, become the person who you want me to become. He came back to life and recovered. At headquarters he asked, "Give me a chance to do pastoral work, I have to do it, for one year I will come here every day until you let me do it." He started more churches in Korea than anyone else.

Purpose, what we accomplish on earth is important. Not a vague concept, True Parents have taught us concretely about it, gave us the textbook.

Family Pledge Verse 3:

Verse 3 has the most important words, I'll talk more about it later: four great realms of heart.

Born as children, learn from the parents, from siblings, heart of husband and wife, parents.

Object realm where we establish it is the three great kingships, when all accomplish it, is realm of royal family.

Core of Family Pledge equals verse 3.

Family Pledge Verse 4:

Verse 4: ideal of creation equals three great blessings, accomplished on earth, universal family, first on earth than in heaven, are not separate families, are same, perfection of world of peace freedom and happiness, without family cannot be accomplished.

Family Pledge Verse 5:

Verse 5: universal family, unite spiritual and physical worlds through our lives, every day, every moment, as subject and object partner equals to advance unification, centering on our family, True Love.

Cannot just work for a while and then stop. We strive everyday to advance the unification. Rest equals retreat, keep moving forward, God's providence never stops, work as hard as we can to move forward, work together as husband and wife, siblings help each other, work harder, children help parents work harder.

Family Pledge Verse 6:

Verse 6: representing God and True Parents: attend God, representing cosmos, perfect family that moves heavenly fortune, need to follow fortune of the family as an individual, family follows nation's fortune, nation follows world's fortune, follows heaven's fortune equals mind and heart of God, Follow heart of God equals follow heavenly fortune.

If God goes east, we cannot go west. We cannot feel God's grace and complain.

Need to follow heavenly fortune, moves it, heart of God, most precious, parental heart, seeks his children before he seeks the cosmos.

Change linage, that is the Blessing, precious, not just a rite of Unification Church, changes linage, blessed families have nothing to do with Satan, understand?.

Messiah teaches us to go to right direction. Convey heaven's blessing to our surroundings, give a lot of Blessings. Spiritual world, what did you do? Gave blessing, good results, unless, no power in spiritual world, witness to people.

Heavenly fortune equals God's heart to move it equals give the Blessing, nothing more precious, God is waiting for that to happen for 6000 years.

Family Pledge Verse 7:

Verse 7: culture of heart, living for the sake of others equals accomplish culture of heart, if we don't have original linage.

Family Pledge Verse 8:

Verse 8: Completed Testament Age, Cheon Il Guk age? Father would have corrected it. Completed Testament Age equals promise of Garden of Eden is accomplished. Earth and heaven were under Satan's rule. Blessing is not yet completed, not all Europeans are blessed, also those in spiritual world, they are still in the Completed Testament Age.

Absolute faith, God believes, need to do Blessing movement, one in love with God, January 13 2013, Cheon Il Guk, spiritual union world, instead of HSA-UWC, association of spiritual union world, era will open on January 13.

Completion of God's will, incredible changes in the world, what will happen? Could not develop very much, but will do, spiritual world will be mobilized, one, this is the era coming, True Parents prepared for that, waiting for the time to come, perfection of liberation equals verse 1 original homeland, verse 8 equals realm of liberation. 

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