The Words of the Yu Family

Original Divine Principle Opening Ceremony

Jeong Ok Yu
January 24, 2010

Yong Cheol Song:

What a great blessing upon us. We have received amazing blessing. Last year, 2009, True Parents have been in Europe, did special things for Europe.

This year again, we receive Blessing upon. Special Education Session, era after the coming of Heaven.

Direct dominion of God, we have received so many blessings, great privilege to have special education session here in Europe.

Realize, this is True Father's special permit, we were supposed to attend in Korea. True Father has sent Reverend Yu to Europe for this special Education session. Europe is the first continent to receive full content directly by Reverend Yu.

Kook Jin Nim gave special permit for these seven days. Tim Elder came to translate for us.

Even some Ambassadors for Peace joined to study this Original Divine Principle workshop, in Korea 700 Ambassadors for Peace have received this in Chung Pyung. True Father said that this Original Divine Principle workshop must be taught to all humanity, all blessed family members and also Ambassadors for Peace.

There are about 10 Ambassadors for Peace among us. Thank you that you put aside your job, etc. to come here. This is most important.

Rev Yu born in Korea, joined in 1964 December, 430 couples, since 1966 he has been continuously following True Parents, public missions until today; 1995, NM for Uruguay; 1998 has been working in Japan for 10 years' time. So that Japan can support True Parents' worldwide providence.

Currently, True Parents have appointed him to become the responsible person for the Pacific Rim providence. This Original Divine Principle workshop started on 14 October 1998. True Parents have given special mission that Reverend Yu on behalf of True Parents conveys the content of True Parents' Original Divine Principle teaching. True Father has guided him to combine all the content of Divine Principle, since then under the direct guidance of True Father, he has been guiding this session, in Hawaii, Korea, USA. So many times, he had to go to suffering to lecture, vomiting blood to teach.

Many times, he reported positive results to True Parents. Put aside your all of your past. Pay attention to listen to God through voice of God and True Parents. He will transmit True Parents' teaching. All humanity should embody this in the original Garden of Eden that God has created in this world.

Rev. Yo Han Lee, 96 years old, he himself has attended this workshop twice. All must participate, special grace for us.

Rev. Jeong Ok Yu:

I understand that leaders of 27 leaders of Europe are working hard. Let us be grateful to God and True Parents to give us this opportunity, over the next week, most important content of your life.

This education is different, True Parents have educated themselves, your certificate will be signed by True Parents

Most precious time, you should realize the importance of this education. Have new determination.

In 2008, September 1st, True Parents declared Heavenly parent is me in Alaska. This commemoration was been held in Kodiak, Aug 31 Pal Cheon Shik.

The Sept. 1, 2008 was different, helicopter incident, celebration in Hawaii, not Kodiak. I went there, rain, by car, to another part of the island; True Parents said that we should teach Divine Principle, different from the Divine Principle, different from the past. Divine Principle explanation was True Father's teaching, for Christians to understand, as many people as possible could understand, Pres. Eu's work.

Pres. Eu did write the second book, lecture form; after that 42 years have passed, True Father said we had the Explanation of True Parents and Divine Principle, now we need the Original Divine Principle,

First two versions are root and trunk, there are branches. Root keeps the tree alive. Deep root is Original Divine Principle.

True Father said that the Third World War was ideologically. God's truth = taught. Original Divine Principle is teaching about God directly and clearly. Only the one who has met Jesus can talk about him. Should invite in the name of True Parents.

True Father met God, so he can talk about him. True Parents speak directly about God, certificate is signed by True Parents.

Workshop and the completion certificates are issued by True Parents, how precious and special.

The Lord invited many people, nobody came, so he went out in the road to invite anybody, but these people were not prepared. The prepared people could have better understood.

Now time of great transition, all leaders must learn about God's word to be prepared.

Questions: are you members of the Unification Church? Unification Church that you understand is different from God's and True Parents' understanding about Unification Church. We are not the kind of Unification Church members intended by God. Are we really members and leaders of the Unification Church?

Are you blessed families? Yes, Blessing is extremely precious. Ideal of God's creation. From the time God created, he wanted to establish the families, purpose of A and E, first ancestors, two people to become completed to establish true family. He gave the word not to eat? They did not keep that word, could not establish God's ideal family. Instead became husband and wife, family centered on Satan.

Original family should have been then established through second A, Jesus, although Judaism was prepared, they did not receive him, was crucified; Need to come again, now Lord of the Second Advent has come, God wants to establish the family ideal, blessed family. In order to do that, God has suffered so much, 6000 years later there are blessed families in this world through True Parents. How precious the position as BF is! You are now by the grace of True Parents, blessed families, took all of providential history.

Although blessed, we do not understand. True Father asked: are you blessed families, really? Because you do not know to accomplish it.

Do you know Divine Principle as members of Unification Church and blessed families, how can you live the way you do?

As blessed families, 40 years, when God sees the way we life, we are very different from the standard of God. Our view is different from God's view.

Where is that standard? With God and True Parents. When we do not understand God clearly, cannot come to him.

True Parents = Lord of the Second Advent, understand

Humankind must go the path to seek God, lost through the fall. We were created as sons and daughters of God, one opportunity to live life on earth, once, in all eternity. 50-60 YEARS we use it, we have met True Parents, pioneered this providence, incredible blessing for us.

How should we live? How should become the persons God intended us to be? We must become one through True Parents, met through True Parents.

Hawaii, 2007, when all of creation would return to the original state.

Servant of servant position, adopted sons, could not return to original son's position. To attend God, go to the original position, a servant cannot attend directly.

Years of jubilee, all mistakes forgiven, could go back to God, declared in Hawaii. Hawaii was the endpoint of all the providence. Civilization began on 4 rivers, Mediterranean Sea, England, USA, centered on America. Cont. go back to a peninsular country via an island.

Japan was connected to Hawaii. Hawaii providence is continuation of Japan providence. Cent. On King Garden, True Parents declared the new culture, PM 13. True Father said that the culture that began after the fall of man has gone around the world, now new culture could begin, King Garden. True Father has always named providential placed Garden. The garden in Hawaii = king garden. If Adam had not fallen, King Garden. Kona = kind of place of entire providence will be brought to an end, new culture. Satanic culture would end, God's culture is going to begin.

He declared this new culture there. Satan has been leading history, Las Vegas, place where all of satanic culture is gathered, needs to be dealt with. 19 times True Father went there, to resolve this, to save Las Vegas restore to the original position. Leaders did not understand, True Father was hurt when we suggested to stop going there. True Father wants to completely uproot satanic culture. Prov. Path of True Parents.

Fall, Shim Jung with God was broken, now reestablished, most important is absolute sexual ethics.

Because Adam ate the fruit… God's portion of responsibility. And man's portion need to be combined. Because the responsibility is different. God's PR is 95 %. If human beings do not do theirs, God's cannot be established. That's why liberated realm of the portion of responsibility in Gods providence. History.

True Father educated me for many years about Original Divine Principle. He gave me this content over several years. For me to be here today is because I am learning with you. I'm not here to educate you. I received education from God and True Parents.

This week is very important time for us. God's providence is all of history since the beginning. From the time of God's creation of the universe, already ideal of family. Will be accomplished man both portions of responsibility are combined.

So far this did not happen. That responsibility has never been accomplished. This is the proclaiming the completion of the lRPRGPH.

God's will was not accomplished caused by the failure of man's portion of responsibility. We are proclaiming that through this education session, God can enter the liberated realm, also man's portion of resp., because True Parents have completed their responsibility. Centered on Hawaii, all the content we could not know, we knew in the wrong way. True Parents have been opposed and cursed. But they have loved mankind and sacrificed. Highest mountain is Mt. Everest, take away the water of the earth, Kona's mountain is highest, 1000 feet deep under the water. This mountain is important, halfway stop to breath, so high. On top, True Parents' prayed: fallen man has cursed God, not resolved all problems, True Parents' have gone to the top of the highest mountain of the earth to pray for forgiveness. Way of the cross, True Parents have been able to live until this age, prayed in gratitude. Every time is important, True Father goes to Hawaii.

Next day, True Parents held ceremony to convey God's word. Mankind could receive the world. Cheon Won Ju, person who breeds the word. True Parents stood up, all representatives stood up, received God's word. In the beginning God's word was lost.

True Father gave the word to True Parents, SJN to CWJ as fallen woman, to US representative, gave to Hawaii members, represent all mankind, gave back to True Parents.

Special prayer to declare the Fourth adamic heart. Shim Jung has to be restored. April 6, 2008, 49th True Parents day. Until now this day has been celebrated centered on a few members, True Parents' family members. Mother led that ceremony, she read Hoon Dok Hae and prayed and received flowers from True Children, did Kyung-bae in front of her. Ceremony to restore True Parents' family. First two sons of True Parents, Cain and Abel positions, restore historical conflict. One-year anniversary of Hyo Jin Nim's Seunghwa, Kook Jin Nim and hyung Jin Nim bowed in this ceremony.

This process was part of what made it possible for us to receive Original Divine Principle, began in Hawaii. Tents on the lawn, small home. Neighbors did not like it. True Father said, we had to do it here. Then moved to Korea.

Now we are here. In Korea with 36 couples to 30000 couples have all received.

Japanese members, American leaders in Las Vegas.

First time all continual leaders in one place. Most precious education that you receive in your life.

True Parents' asked us: attitude: take off all of your clothes, take off your concepts of faith. Take off everything, appear hear as blank slates

Until now we could not draw a picture of God, what blessed families should be, we have the name of the church. Appear before God as complete blank.

If the lid is on the bottle no water can go in. WE let our life of faith according to our own concepts, through it away, erase your own image, not completely clean, but better than wrong picture.

Draw the actual picture of God, otherwise we cannot be reborn.

Establish your center. Where is the center of my heart? Knowledge, power, money?

God needs to be at the center, True Parents need to be there

God is the invisible True Parents.

Need to understand God and True Parents clearly. Original Divine Principle will help us to do so.

We need to change.

True Father: computer: delete all the things that we do not need. Press a button. All the lives that we have led until now, this is not right, needs to be deleted. Cannot do it by ourselves, True Parents have the authority to delete.

Providential time from the individual, family to tribe, Tribal Messiah, what is that? Becomes a nation, South Korea, 260 last names, clans, when they are blessed, all Korean nation will receive the Blessing. Not been able to go beyond to the world and cosmos and God and come back.

True Parents are on the earth to establish restoration of Canaan. True Father said in Hawaii, time began when spiritual world comes to the earth. Billions of spirits are prepared to help blessed families. All people will dream dreams, Revelation says.

This time has come. Spiritual phenomena. Time to attend God will come. Nee to establish a state.

Nation protects the families. Jesus: don't cry for me, cry for your descendants, seek Kingdom of righteousness.

Now stage of transition of world, when children do wrong, parents take responsibility. There is law in a nation, if your children do wrong, the national laws will judge them, parents cannot do as they want. Heavenly will have to be applied of heavenly nation has been established, Cheon Il Guk. True Father's words will be law;

We are the ones supposed to live according to his word. We believed in him, suffered with him, rejoiced with him.

When the world sees us, we are nothing, from Heaven's eyes we are precious. Need to live according to heavenly law. True Parents is showing us the way, from behind guides us through the path.

True Parents want to take us with them. Once gone, the transition cannot come back. Satan cannot cross. If we have a condition for Satan, he can hold us back. Take off, everything so you can cross with True Parents into the next stage, era. We are invited by True Parents. They will delete everything that needs to be deleted. We are here at the invitation of True Parents. We were free to come or not.

Seriousness of this time: like being on the operation table in hospital. Education of Original Divine Principle go back to the original state God had created us.

Path of seeking God, True Parents have guided us. Much more about God will be revealed. There is content to be revealed even more. True Parents said it in the past. Now this is the Original Divine Principle. People talk about in philosophy, when we receive the original body of Divine Principle.

Have deep mind and heart, open to receive this word. You came here to overcome many difficulties.

From this time until the end, keep the schedule strictly. What is the kind of world of Shim Jung God wanted to have. Please participate on behalf of your spouse. Be prepared to give this education to your nations. Very serious. Approach this with a very pious heart and serious heart.

You understand the essence of what I am trying to say, even translator.

We are going into a new era of providence. Once True Parents go, cannot come back, want to take us with us. True Parents' cannot come back. How are going to give this education in position of True Parents, their behavior, actions, lifestyle.

I hope that you are leaders, follow the schedules on your own. This is not a place of debate. Prepare as much as Heaven is prepared. Open our hearts sot that we can receive the word of God. This is precious time to begin.


Loving God, we have received so many words from Heaven, lived in the fallen world as people from the fallen world. You sought us out, called us as your sons and daughters; need to use this time to think about our attitude and heart towards you. Be the people who can pray and work to establish your country and land and people. I pray that you can educate the people here so that they can be your representatives in the world. Difficult, but you had much more difficulties. You have never complained, always thinking about your children, your sons and daughters. Have been living selfish lives, that is why the world has been under Satan. But through the education what it means to be your sons and daughters. Lead us, be with all members throughout Europe, unite with us, pray for Ambassadors for Peace, so that they can receive the Blessing we receive her. Be with us during the entire week.

In Blessed central family.

Write your questions down, through the unfolding of the workshop will be answered.

Prayer reflection through group discussion, or individual prayer. 

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