The Words of the Yu Family

The Internal Meaning Of The Fourth International World Tour

Jeong Og Yu
October 22, 2006

(Notes by Dr. Michael Jenkins in discussion with Rev. Jeong Og Yu, the Chairman of the Unification Movement for Japan.)

Many important providential decisions were launched from Kodiak. During this three generations speaking tour, Father came to Alaska and gave more devotion than ever. When he was in Chung Pyung he sacrificed in an incredible way going fishing from the early morning sometimes never coming back until after midnight.

Father arrived in Kodiak on the 4th of October. True Parent's three generations tour was just about to finish. The there generations represent the OT, NT and CT. Also these three tours combined had a special meaning in terms of restoring the Old Testament.

The Old Testament Age was substantially completed through the True Family through the three speaking tours. The meaning is that Adam and Eve originally were to become the True Parents through them God wanted to create the Ideal Family. The True Family Ideal was the model that God had intended. Because of the fall God lost the life, love and lineage completely blocking the way the Ideal family. Through the first tour Father proclaimed that True Parents had completed Adam and Eve responsibility fulfilling the ideal that God had for True Parents. Through the second tour the True Mother led the way setting the condition of uniting Cain and Abel through bringing together Rev. Kwak, Continental Directors and other key elders of our church and the members of the True Family. Also through the blessing that was done for all races and religions in each nation a condition was set for True Parents to enter the Original Palace. At the same time each nation could be conditionally connected as a nation of Cheon Il Guk through the Coronation Ceremony for the King and Queen of Peace at the Original Peace Palace and Museum. The third tour represented the fulfillment of the OT age ideal that God had longed for in the beginning, the three generational family of Grandparents, Parents and Children. This fulfilled the realm of the Ideal Family and proclaimed it on the World level. Thus True Parents fulfilled three generations and restored God's Ideal Family.

Father now fulfilled everything that was left undone in the OT. Now Father is going through the New Testament phase, through the Fourth International tour and with representatives of Jesus. The New Testament Age is the church age. Christianity represents the bride of Christ. Christianity is the Bride position to the Messiah that is why it is the Bride religion. Jesus explained that the relationship of God and Man is that of Father and Son. Also mankind and the church are like the Bride of Christ. Also Jesus brought the love that could reconcile brothers.

That was the foundation for the ideal family. Then if Jesus had been welcomed by the chosen people he could have restored the True Parents position on earth. There were three stages. Because of the cross however that couldn't be accomplished on earth and the Jesus and the Holy Spirit worked as True Parents from the spirit world. This left the believers in Jesus awaiting the return of the Lord standing in the position of the Bride. To this day Christianity is still awaiting the Bridegroom. This is the essence of the New Testament Age.

120 Clergy are representing the 2nd Israel, Christianity, America and the Brides Position. All the American ministers are mobilized representing the 2nd Israel. All True Parents foundation is mobilized to go to the world. Jesus was supposed to go to the world with 120 disciples bringing God's Blessing to 120 countries. Because of the cross this couldn't be done. With that reason 120 ministers are going to the world.

Through the 120 Christian clergy uniting with True Parents by joining this tour and proclaiming True Parent's message in 120 nations they will be fulfilling the role of Bride and be lifting up and receiving the Bride Groom. This will also fulfill a special role for America which represents the second Israel. Through this tour the American Clergy can demonstrate the true greatness of America which is founded on her faith in God and respect for all races and religions. This can set the condition for America to bring a "spirit" of peace to the world. Through love and sacrifice. The Christian clergy completely canceled all their schedules and left America for the world tour. This sacrifice is an important condition to demonstrate the spirit that God instilled in America to serve and love the world. There is also deep significance that the event had to be fulfilled by clergy in 120 events in America first. The Elder Son nation has to stand up for victory. The fact that 120 Clergy did this on October 21st uniting with True Parents brought the Elder Son Victory. Now that victory and spirit has to be brought to Japan which stands in the Mother's position. Then through the 120 Clergy fulfilling this in Japan it signifies the Mother - Son cooperation and shared victory and unity. On that basis the Mother nation and Elder son nation will return and offer the victory to the Father Nation by completing the tour in 120 cities in Korea as the Fatherland. Through this the Clergy will play an important role of reducing tensions between North Korea and the United States and strengthen the bonds between South Korea and the U.S. This will bring encouragement for understanding and dialogue demonstrating the "spirit" Through this the foundation of unity of Father, Mother and Elder Son will be completed and the dispensational victory can be then extended to the whole world. This will completely fulfill all that was to be completed in the New Testament Era.

The New Testament Age is the age of the church. The Complete Testament age is the National Age. Father has proclaimed that after the 120 Clergy fulfill their mission then additional world tours will be done with Ambassadors for Peace to cover the world. This will also have three stages 1200, 12,000 and 120,000. Through this process the current UN will be in a good position to work cooperatively with the Abel UN. On this basis then peace can be advanced quickly. This is a very hopeful time. Though the world is very Father gave this message with a very bright and hopeful future.

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