The Words of the Youmans Family

14-Day FR Condition

Michael Youmans, Antto Hassinen, Verena Hoffmann
September 24, 2007

Michael Youmans, Scotland

So this was my first experience of FR for more than a couple of hours. When I first applied, I never though deeply of what I was getting myself into. I just though "huh", it sounds interesting and I was also thinking about the 50% discount on all other European workshops.

But I must say I felt positive and confident throughout the whole condition. I was confident in my team, because I had such helpful and caring team members. They supported me and kept me motivated.

Usually people have ups and downs while FR but I never experienced the downs, maybe because I never let myself. Even though people rejected, I shielded myself and didnít let it get to me. I kept focusing internally. I knew that your internal attitude would reflect your external.

Just like all workshops, it started slowly and ended really fast. When I reflect back I can see images of the people who were able to give back something either internal or external. During the workshop I started to get concepts about old and then I started to get scared of them, so I decided to make an internal goal for one of the days to connect to the old people and by the end of the day I had such amazing experiences with them.

Through FR I could gain more confidence in myself and realize that I want to keep giving people happiness.

Antto Hassinen, Finland

I wanted to conclude the condition with success both internally and externally, so I invested as much as I could. Before starting to FR I prayed and made a deal with God. I promised that I would do a 400 bows condition for the summer activities if He helped me reach my goal.

During this run I did my very best to love the people. I was thinking of my family, especially my mother and could thus think of the people as family members. I also felt that God encouraged me when I saw the shape of a heart on a wooden door. The last person whom I met in this was a very nice lady who had been in Finland only a week before and she was so glad to meet me. She even gave me her phone number in case I needed anything at all during my stay in Switzerland.

I was as happy as I could have imagined when I finished the run. It also turned out that I had managed to complete my goal. Now I have already done 400 bows and reflected about the condition. From this condition I have learnt that I can learn many things through FR.

Verena Hoffmann, Germany

These two weeks were very intensive but extremely nice. I did MFT for the first time and was positively surprised how comfortable you can sleep at gas stations. Before this condition I never thought that I could survive something like STF, where you do a lot of FR and MFT. However I must say now that my fear has become considerably smaller. I would even say that an experience like MFT is something nobody should miss out on.

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