The Words of the Yokoi Family

Growing Through Challenges, The 4th Montana Adventure Workshop

Komyong Yoko
November 3, 2006

Hello everybody,

Daniel Munsell's team had the blessing and opportunity to participate in the 4th Montana Adventure STF Workshop, or mental toughness training! The internal goals that Mr. McMurdy set for us were to connect to Godís Heart of Creation, practice the Core Values, and connect to Hyun Jin Nim on a deeper level by going through the lifestyle and challenges he chooses to put himself through.

This time was mid-October, our team had to undergo many extra challenges. As we began our climb it was raining, and eventually as we ascended it turned to snow, soon we had to plough through three feet of snow. The temperatures dropped, especially on the first night to somewhere in the single digits. To make matters worse we forgot toilet paper at the cabin!

Despite these obstacles we kept going with a positive spirit, Mr. McMurdy doubted that we would even make it as far as we did; As we approached the shoulder of Hollowtop Mountain Mr. McMurdy made the decision that our equipment was not good enough to complete the hike up to the summit. So we ended up turning around and hiking down the trail back to the cabin. Safety is always #1 priority.

We felt a little disappointed by our circumstances but we were glad that we could face this challenge. Mr. Mc Murdy who is an experienced guide said that this was the worst weather conditions he had faced taking a group out. Back at the cabin he guided us to another mountain for a day hike. Up that mountain we approached three different peaks each more challenging to get to than the one before, just as we thought we had reached the top another one showed up! The weather was exiting: we faced sharp winds and deep snow. The incline was in some places very steep, about 75 degree. It was an experience none of us will ever forget!

It was a great experience where we were able to really taste both Godís Motherly and Fatherly aspects of love. I realized how Victories are achieved in steps: as you are climbing up a mountain you set your sights on one peak and you reach it, even though you are maybe completely exhausted but then you see another peak and you want to climb that one...So it is with our spiritual hike.

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