The Words of the Yoda Family

Seung Hwa for Benjamin Yoda

Nancy Nishi
November 28, 2007

Dear Family,

I received this from Chiaki Ainsworth san and I pass it on to you all. Try to come to the ceremony. It would be a great comfort to Ben and his family.

Thank you,

Nancy Nishi

I came back from the Yodas.

Benjamin was laying peacefully, he looked almost like just sleeping. It was a sad accident but God still works through it.

Mr. Yoda was telling me that Benjamin's sacrifice made his parents eyes open. Now they clearly know family is the most important thing in the world.

Wake ceremony: December 3rd Monday 6:00 ~ 7:00 pm at MINAMI-TAMA Saijyou*

Seung Hwa ceremony: December 4th Tuesday 9:30 ~1 1:00 am at MINAMI-TAMA Saijyou*

*MINAMI - TAMA Saijyou
2147Kamioyamada-cho, Machida city, Tokyo
5 minutes by Taxi from Minami Osawa station on Keiou Sagamihara Line

Benjamin was one of our IFA-Kids main members since he was born. He grew up together with our children. He was in Chiba, Nagano, Sunday service, God's Day, Picnic, Christmas party......... everywhere with us.

I hope many of IFA members attend the ceremony, and say fare well to him, and support his family; especially, our dearest sister Judith who is amazingly taking this matter well and trying to think every thing positively.

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