The Words of the Welch Family

The Master Visits Chicago, Illinois

Eileen Welch
March 21, 1965
New Age Frontiers -- May 1965

The call came from Washington at 7:30 am, Saturday morning saying the Master would come Sunday evening. Jhoon Rhee and Col, Pak both called to tell me the glorious news. It was a shock because we weren't expecting him until April 10th. We had a few things, but did not have any furniture or preparation for his room, We had no money, no time, it was Saturday, no shopping possible on Sunday, and no furniture delivery on Saturday or Sunday!

I was ready to go to work. What could I do? I was frantic. Weekends are the busiest days at the office, Never are we allowed Saturday or Sunday off, I thought I would lose my job, But if so… I would lose that job! I had to prepare for Master's visit, I called the office and told them I wouldn't be in, that I would try to get in Sunday as my guests were not arriving until afternoon, I hoped they wouldn't be so angry.

It was a miracle the way things turned out, I didn't lose my job and I was off three days, We went to buy furniture, The third store solved our problems and gave us credit to open an account. We rented a U-Haul trailer and delivered the furniture ourselves. All things worked out perfectly for his coming. Really the angels and heaven helped us, We had all things ready by 5 pm Sunday, and began waiting and wondering when they would get here. By 9:30 we were so anxious and dinner was not getting better by the minute, I was afraid it would all taste so bad! Did they decide not to come? I was really worried.

They came about 10 pm. I wondered who the Master might be as they all walked up the walkway, Then the light dawned? Master was the very young, powerful man walking near the front of the group, We were amazed! We expected him to be older, and he was so young! We were speechless and excited, joyful and scared all at once.

Confusion reigned for at least half an hour. Suit cases, hugs, tears, kisses, and a small house filled with so many hungry people. What great and wonderful people. Never have I ever seen or known such great people who are yet so humble. After eating dinner, we had a short visit. All the Family was tired from travel. The Master asked me to sing, so I sang two songs which so beautifully symbolize the promise of God to His children on earth, the fulfillment of the Feast of the Lamb, the Marriage of the Lamb, the Son of God, which He will give to His real children here on earth; two wedding solos, "Because" and "Through the Years."

We had a great privilege in meeting our brother Nishikawa from Japan, and look forward to seeing him again, Mrs. Choi is so wonderfully chosen in the Mother's capacity. She is every thing Mr. David Kim said; so wonderful and loving, and such a great lady. She is a hundred times more wonderful than Mr. Kim could ever explain, because words could never, never express such beauty and loveliness of God as shine from our beloved Mrs. Choi.

We had such a short visit Sunday evening, and I could hardly keep from crying when they all went to bed. It seemed like for ever since I had seen any of the precious ones in our Family. Every time the Family stops to visit and must leave again it is so difficult to say goodbye, We are so isolated. How desperately we all need one another. How difficult to live without loved ones and Family centering in the Heavenly Father and His plan and will.

After breakfast the next morning, we went to downtown Chicago for the Heavenly Blessing. Father chose a lovely spot just a short distance from the fountain in Chicago's Grant Park just off the lake, The world-famous fountains of Chicago with their beautiful displays of color are so symbolic of the Fountain of Life, our Christ, the magnitude of his character, personality and love to all the children of the world. "And the waters that you saw are peoples, nations and tongues." The Fountain who gives the Water of Life to all nations could not be more beautifully symbolized than by the glorious fountains in Grant Park.

The ceremony was so different in fulfillment and symbolism, symbolically making our two lands into one land which belongs to God, I was so touched and thrilled that I cried and rededicated my life and love to this blessed work of Father's and to His precious kingdom, I could not believe we are so blessed as to be His first children in America. Only God's love and grace could bring such "luck" to us.

I could not stand it when they left. The time had been so short, and worst of all we hardly heard Father speak. The only consolation was the Parents' Day celebration in Washington on April 2nd. We looked forward to this with all our hearts, waiting to see him again, and the Family in Washington, when we would be able to listen to Father teach.

There are no words to express the joy and love we felt for all the Family, and what words will ever express what we feel for our Father?

Our task is great, and the challenge even greater to fight for the Victory. We are more determined than ever to fight and win for God! 

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