The Words of the Vlasic Family

Shirley Vlassic's passing to the Spiritual World

Hiroshi Goto
February 8, 2011

Dear Family,

On January 24th our dear sister, Shirley Vlassic, passed to the Spirit World. She passed as a result of a tragic accident in which she fell in her bathroom and broke her neck. She had been separated from our Unification Church community for over ten years and had subsequently joined a Church of Latter Day Saints Congregation where she resided in Vienna, Virginia. It was one of the ladies from the LDS church who found her, Sunday morning, when she stopped by to pick her up for church.

Shirley had no living relatives left, so a friend from the LDS church, who owns a funeral home, raised money from the congregation to have a memorial service for Shirley and to have her buried with other members of her family in Michigan. He is planning to drive the body there this coming Monday, if the weather is good for such a trip. Hiroshi and I visited the Funeral Director, Mr. Meyer, and gave him a bouquet of roses and lilies, explaining the significance of them to him as taught by Father Moon. He was very happy to receive them and said they would accompany the body. We asked about giving a donation to him to help defer the expenses, but he thanked us and said he had raised enough money already from the congregation for all burial and transportation expenses. He said, he couldn't, ethically, accept any more.

We were very moved by the heart of this man in taking responsibility for our sister. We heard about it too late to attend the memorial service, so, unfortunately, none of our Unification Church church members could help with this. But, if anyone would like to extend a thank you to him and say something about Shirley, his information is as follows:

Ernie Mayer
Pierce Funeral Home
9609 Center Street
Manassas, VA 20110

Hiroshi and Kathleen Goto
NOVA Family Church, Fairfax, Virginia 

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