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Dayton ACLC Prayer Breakfast

Michael and Celeste Vlasic
January 12, 2008
Dayton, Ohio

On Saturday, January 12, 2008, Dayton, Ohio, held our ACLC prayer breakfast at The College Hill Community Church, hosted by Pastor Robert E. Jones. Pastor Jones gave the welcoming remarks to the 23 people in attendance, talking about love. Evangelist Lillie Wright gave the invocation and we had a wonderful catered breakfast.

Following, Celeste Vlasic read an article she wrote concerning Pastor Jonesís Anniversary event that some of our ACLC ministers had attended in December 2007. The article was entitled "He Walks the Walk," pertaining to the exemplary life Pastor Jones lives and how he is bringing his community together. His congregation is a wonderful mix of African-Americans, Whites and Hispanics, with absolute unity amongst all. Upon finishing the article, Bishop White stood up and applauded, with tears rolling down her cheeks.

Bishop White then proceeded to read the ACLC Goals and Objectives emphasizing the wonderful message of Divine Principle and that Father Moonís philosophy is not his, but revelations from God and Jesus. Honorable Michael Vlasic read the Founderís Speech, emphasizing the Divine Principle and when our speaker, Rev. Mark MacDougald gave the main talk, he practically preached the principle of creation. It was very well received and we are trying to make the foundation for having Divine Principle lectures in the near future.

Although our group was smaller than usual, we had the victory of gaining 5 new ACLC membership applications, thanks in part to our sister Gloria Laurentís announcements and emphasizing the importance of joining.

Once again, it was a wonderful morning of inspiration and fellowship and our goals and challenge is to expand our memberships and participants for 2008. Glory to God.

Michael and Celeste Vlasic
ACLC Dayton Coordinators

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