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Dutch HARP Report

David Verhoeven
December 1, 2006

Hello everybody!

After good memories and experiences from the summer activities in Germany and Sweden (and other countries) there have been some changes in Holland. After Jonathan Campman, Willem Schenk and Marrielle Janssen decided to participate on a year program we had to make a few changes in the Dutch HARP-committee.

First of all we had to choose a new HARP-Leader which is me, David Verhoeven, and then we needed some HARPies for the new HARP-committee. After we settled that we were ready to make this the best year that the Dutch HARP EVER had.

So determined as we are we got together for a meeting and organized the first Dutch weekend HARP-ws of this new HARP-year. We wanted to start off good, because we also have some new HARP-members, and we really want to give them a good example. But it was really good and fun for everybody.

So first we started with some games in teams so that the new HARP-members could get used to the "normal" HARPies. The next day we had some excellent lectures from our lecturer uncle Hans Campman. And in the afternoon we organized a treasure hunt because we really wanted to emphasize team unity and responsibility on this workshop. They had to do almost impossible tasks, like collecting items and some service for peace. But amazingly enough all the teams managed to fulfil all the tasks, probably because of their fantastic team spirit :P. Meanwhile we were pleasantly surprised by a visit from President Song and his family. So lucky in fact that Sung Joo and Hyo Joo were just in time for our games in the woods.

It was already Sunday by that time and as if we hadn’t had enough surprises already, Mrs. Song wanted to give us internal guidance which was really good and inspiring for us all. I think this was a really good workshop to start with but our winter workshop is going to be even better!

David Verhoeven

P.S. You can see some pics from this ws on our Dutch HARP-site:

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