The Words of the Verheyen Family

Two Presidents' Letters were sent to the Representative of IFVC in Holland

Teddy Verheyen
June 1971

Mr. Teddy Verheyen, Representative of IFVC (International Federation for Victory over Communism) in Amsterdam, Holland sent his 10 letters to 10 Free-World-countries in April to gain the support of their Anti-Communist movement in his homeland. And firstly, he got two replies from the Republic of Korea and Australia as follows:

… to you for your encouraging letter of April 8.

It is indeed heartening for us to know that your Federation is valiantly combating the expansion of that evil force of communism in your country, and is thus serving our common cause of preserving our hard-won peace and freedom.

Please be assured that the free people in Korea and elsewhere are always behind you and your fellow members.

With the President's best wishes to you and the members of your organization for a full measure of success in your worthy endeavors,


Chung Yung Kim

Secretary-General to the President

Mr. Teddy Verheyen
International Federation for
Victory over Communism
Titiaanstraat 40hs
Amsterdam, Kingdom of the Netherlands 

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