The Words of the Verheyen Family

We sent letters to 10 National Presidents

Teddy Verheyen
May 10, 1971
Amsterdam, Holland

Dear Parents, Dear Mrs. [Won Pok] Choi,

First of all we excitedly wait to know when our True Parents will visit the Family in Europe. We hear all kinds of reports that you will be going on a world mission soon. Everyone wants to be with you. They are working even harder to tell people about the truth.

This weekend 12 members went out to 7 cities to spread hand bills and witness. We were able to buy a second hand VW bus for the family activities this summer. The first time we went out as a family with the bus something went wrong with the motor and we had to have it repaired. When the bus broke down, we were on our way to the most communistic area in Holland with anti-communist handbills. But the motor trouble did not stop us from showing the area with handbills.

Holland had its elections this month. Most of our activities were centered around anti-communist pamphlets just before the election.

We sent letters to 10 different presidents of nations, supporting their fight against Communism and declaring we are behind the WACL. A quick reply came from President Park and the President of Australia. We are enclosing the letters.

We went to London this month to deliver 12 air shot guns. We enjoyed being with the English family. We stayed at the families new headquarters, a large Farm House located outside of London.

To all of our Home Land we send our Love. We are fighting with you for victory for the Heavenly Father.

We send our deepest love to Our True Parents and all Families in Korea.

Your Family in Holland.

In Their Name,
Teddy Verheyen 

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