The Words of the Verheyen Family

The world is ready for The Divine Principles

Teddy Verheyen
April 3, 1971
Amsterdam, Holland

In last month, we have been making more conditions for the world restoration. We can see how important it is to pay off the debt to Satan and take the world back to God.

The world is ready for The Divine principles, but we need to show them any way to save.

We find things are changing very quickly here in Holland. The new members who came to the Principles witness and teach the Truth before they know everything of God's Providence in details. But, they grow more quickly.

For 3 months we have been lecturing anti-communism one time in a week. And our all Unified Family in Holland used to come to Amsterdam to hear the lecture of anti-communism.

We sent so many letters to the people in Holland to get their support financially for "The Federation of World Peace and "Unification Movement". We sent out also our proclamation of the Federation to the famous newspapers in our country.

In last month we opened 3 more centers in Holland. Adding these three centers we can have 6 centers in this country. Then all the main section of Holland will have a center and people from all over this nation can easily go to one of the centers to study the Divine Principles.

Michiel Jepkens 22 years old will head to Nymegen Center that was established in Eastern side of Holland' Bert Boland 22 years old will head to Maastricht center in Southern part and Eric Jan Van der Stok 23 years old will head to Groningen Center in Northern part of this country.

These 3 members are dedicated to the Family. We are very happy to make them Center Leaders. They will stay away for 40 days before returning to Amsterdam for 3 days then they will go back to the mission field.

Our prayers arc for more members soon to help carry the responsibility of world restoration.

Love and Prayers,
Dutch Family 

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