The Words of the Verheyen Family

The Dutch TV station said: "The Christian inspired world movement, Unified Family"

Teddy Verheyen
December 3, 1970
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Dear Family,

This month we have been much inspired to work harder to bring the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. The blessing of 777 couples is now known by all people in Holland, who read need newspapers, hear radio or watch TV. About two months ago we sent out many letters, to newspapers and magazines, but no one seems to take notice of these letters, so on the 19th of October we put a small add in the paper telling about the 777 blessing. Suddenly every newspaper in Holland was making contact with us. 3 of the large newspapers gave at last one whole page to the blessing some newspapers put us on the front page. We are inclosing these articles, translated into English.

We have received many telephone calls and people are coming from the newspapers. The TV had a one minute film showing Father and Mother blessing the couples. We saw some faces that we know. We were all so excited that no one really heard what the newsman was saying. Later we called the attention to find out. This is what the TV station said The Christian inspired world movement Unified Family has held a mass marriage ceremony in the South Korean capital Seoul. 777 couples stood in front of Sun Myung Moon, the Leader of the movement, and his wife, Leader Sun is recognized by his followers, as a man who has received from Jesus Christ a mission to prepare the completion of God's league with mankind. To this mission shall the people who have been married yesterday, devote their life. They will spend their honeymoon separated from each other for 40 days. They will work to spread this message.

From the 1554 people (who have been married yesterday) are 4 Dutchmen. We went to Paris to greet the European blessed couples. They were all tired from such a long trip, but all were very happy and we were happy to see every one back and to hear all about Our True Parents and the blessing.

We took advantage of the newspapers and TV and radio reporting the news of the blessing and went on the street with many hand bills, while Unified Family's name was still fresh in the people's thinking.

Our centers in Amsterdam and Utrecht are filled with new brothers and sisters. Now we have opened a new city for the work. Norbert and Rosi will live and work in Den Haag. This is a very important city, because it is the government city. We have people studying there already and people seem to be prepared. We now have 3 centers where blessed couples are. We see that so much has to be done, before we can be happy. Many of the members are fasting 7 days this month this seems to speed up the spiritual work.

We send our love to you, Father and Mother and our true family all over the world

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