The Words of the Verheyen Family

In Holland, The International Federation for Victory over Communism established

Theodorus Verheyen
July 22, 1970
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Dear Father and Mother,

Enclosed you will find one copy of the legal papers for the Anti-communist movement here in Holland. (Translated from Dutch into English) We can now work officially under the name "International Federation for Victory over Communism" (We use the English name).

The Queen of Holland has to give the final approval, but we can already officially work and be representative under the above name IFVC.

I am now informing all the newspaper and magazine in Holland about the WACL Conference in Japan and international blessing of the 700 couples in Korea.

We send our prayers to you in our homeland.

Teddy Pauline

The undersigned:

1. Theodorus Verheyen, marine engineer, living in Amsterdam, Titiaanstaat 40 huis, born in Noordwijkerhout on March 14, 1935

2. Pauline Phillips, without profession married on equal terms with Mr. Theodorus Verheyen, born in Kansas on February 6, 1932.

certify with this act informing a corporation "International Federation for Victory over Communism", to be established in Amsterdam and therefore lay down following regulation:

Name and Location

Article 1

The corporation is called: "International Federation for Victory over Communism". It is located in Amsterdam.

There can be established regional and local departments.


Article 2

To conduct academic research and the critical contemplation of communism, its theories and social system.

To present new theories opposing Communism, which support the realization of the ideals of freedom and democracy.

To contribute to achieve a world of peace, freedom and happiness

The following activities shall be undertaken to fulfill the purpose stated above:

Exposure of the fallacy of Communist theory with its atheistic basis.

Research and presentation of theories triumphant over Communism.

Training of persons who can realize the purpose of this Federation.

Organization and directions of an international front against Communism.

Information through lectures and publications.

Maintenance of close liaisons and exchange of intelligence with anti-Communist organizations within and outside the country.

Other activities so far as these tend to achieve the erected purpose on legal and permitted manner.


Article 3

Whoever is eighteen years, resident in the Netherlands and supports the objectives of the corporation may become a member through the prescribed procedure.

Foreigners may also become members through special procedure to be established by the steering Committee.

Article 4

Every member has suffrage to vote for affairs and persons and can be chosen to perform functions within the corporation.

Article 5

A person who renders an extraordinary service towards the corporation can be chosen as honorary member on proposal of the Committee

Article 6

The membership finishes by withdraw, expulsion or decease. Withdrawal occurs by written announcement. Expulsion takes place:

On grounds further lay down by the Committee.

By decision of the general meeting of members taken with at least two-third of the total valid votes.

He who has been expelled, also in the future remains excluded from membership.


Article 7

A. The incomes of the corporation consist of:

contributes of the members

donations and subsidy

income from enterprises

miscellaneous revenues.

B. The fiscal year of the corporation applies to the calendar year.


Article 8

The officers of the corporation shall be as follows:

One president

One vice-President

One chairman of the board

One secretary general

Five to fifteen directors

Two auditors

The officers will be elected on a general meeting from and through the members.

The term of office will be one year and are re-eligible. In vacancies will be provided as soon as possible.

Article 9

President and Vice-President will provide advice and supervision.

The Chairman of the Board represents the corporation and superintends overall affairs.

Officers take part in the daily sessions and can hold a departmental executive post or be director of a regional or local department of the corporation.

The auditors are responsible for supervising the overall financial affairs of the corporation.

Members of the corporation can be elected as advisors at all times.

For the disposal of bank credit the signature of the director of the financial department is required.

To enter into a money loan, to buy, sell, mortgage or rent real estate (immovables) is required the authorization of the president and Vice President.

Affairs. which need a speedy treatment, are written treated by the Chairman of the Board.

1. The following affairs will be treated by daily Committee:

approval of project plans and budgets.

drafting revisions of the Articles of Incorporation.

installation of president, vice-president and advisors.

election of officers.

installation of directors of departments.


Article 10

There are the following departments in the corporation:

The Organization Department is in charge of matters of organization of the corporation.

The Publicity Department takes charge of publications, information and education.

The Educational Department takes charge of training of personnel.

The Financial Department takes charge of financial affairs and corporation accounting.

The Business Department takes charge of business for the procurement of acting funds for the corporation.

The Investigation Department takes charge of data and intelligence collection and supervises members and structure.

The Ideological Institute takes charge of criticism of Communism and develops and presents ideals superseding Communism.

The General Affairs, Department takes charge of affairs, not assigned to other departments.

Article 11

Regional and local corporations may form corresponding departments. The establishment of departments other than these mentioned above, requires approval from the Board of Directors (Committee).


Article 12

Within three months at the end of every corporation year, will be held a general member conference. In this conference the Committee delivers report on the duties, finance of the corporation and vicissitudes in the last corporation year, after which the auditors deliver report on by them instituted investigation on the financial affairs of the corporation. The general members' conference decides upon modification of the Articles of Incorporation.

Article 13

The Committee has the authorities at all times and is obliged to call for an extraordinary member conference on written motivated request by at least 17 members within thirty days after such a request has reached the Secretary.

If the Committee fails to comply with a request within the placed term, then the requestors are competent to convene the meant conference.

Article 14

To attend a general member conference and an extraordinary member conference, all members will be called up at least 8 days before, with announcement of place and hour of conference, as well as the treated subjects.

Article 15

The whole Committee will meet once a month and the daily Committee as often as it is necessary.


Article 16

About all proposals concerning affairs will be decided by majority of the votes as far as the Articles of Incorporation do not provide otherwise.

In case of equality the proposal is considered as being rejected.

By voting about persons, he will be chosen, who has the absolute majority of the votes.

Voting about affairs occur orally and about the persons to elect occur written.


Article 17

The corporation can be dissolved at all times, if on the general member conference at least two-thirds of the amount present members of the corporation declared themselves in favor of it.

A resolution for dissolution is considered at the same time a resolution to liquidation.

If by such resolution no other arrangements are placed, such a liquidation occurs by the Committee. By liquidation the resolution in article 1702 of the civil code will be observed.

A possible credit balance will be used for, by the general member conference such to provide purpose, which will agree with the purpose of the corporation.

Contrary to the resolution in article 8, as members of the provisional Committee will make their first appearance:

Theodorus Verheyen and other sixteen members 

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