The Words of the Verheyen Family

We have been sending out the members on missions

Teddy Verheyen
June 30, 1970
Amsterdam, Holland

Van der Stok couple from South-Africa

Our dear Family,

This month saw our Holland Family back out on the road again going from village to village with many hand bills and the loudspeaker. For two weekends the trumpet has sounded in Holland while we were driving slowly through many villages of Holland.

We were sitting on the top of the bus and shouting with our powerful loudspeaker in all directions in the quiet villages; at the same time we were walking on both sides of the bus carrying big boards and giving out many handbills.

Many people opened their windows to see what this is all about and were very surprised to hear about this entirely new sound. At one place we spoke with the loudspeaker to 3 big apartment houses, where about two thousand people were living, they all could hear and at the same time we put out our boards and (at the same time) and give out many handbills.

One Saturday the bus broke down; we put our hand bills in bags and walked many miles from one village to another informing the people with our sweat. We felt God's power with us.

We have been sending out the members on missions; so far 4 members have gone out. We use these trips into the mission fields as training for the members, so they will know the suffering of God. They do almost no sleep and eat little food walk for miles to witness and give out their hand bills. Each member is happy to be able to do this in making indemnity for the restoration of this nation.

We are witnessing on the streets most every day, drawing the first chapter on the street and preaching with loud voice. There are many people on holiday in Amsterdam; we give them the address of other centers in their part of the world.

This has been a blessed month for our Family in Holland. Our brothers from England, Italy and France have visited us to learn about the new business in Europe.

We enjoyed having them here. The give and take with other nations is always good and brings us all closer together.

We had the couple from South-Africa spend one week with us. They studied the Principles and were learning how to apply them to their daily live.

They plan to leave on the 23rd of July for Cape Town, South Africa to begin to search the children for the Heavenly Father.

They will open their house in Cape Town as center. I am inclosing a picture of them.

We feel it is a great victory for our Father to have the Principles taken to this big nation where many millions of people now live. So the truth reaches out to every corner of the earth. We will march on until all mankind has heard and understand the truth.

Our love and prayers to all our Family in our Homeland,

The Holland Family 

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