The Words of the Verheyen Family

My impressions on visiting Korea

Teddy Verheyen
April 9, 1970
Seoul, Korea

Teddy Verheyen

Korea, land of the morning calm has been isolated for many thousands of years. In this beautiful land many great kings have lived and died, leaving behind graves and memory.

In their history they have been invaded many times but yet built up again and again what the enemy has destroyed. To live a high spiritual life is for them very important, as a result many religions and ways of worshipping their Heavenly Father came about, and has sustained them through their long suffering from invasion and occupation.

It was a great joy for me to visit this country of the morning calm and especially to visit the Unification Church where I have in my own country Holland very strong ties. It was 7 years ago that I came in contact with the Divine Principle a new teaching from Korea, and this New Revelation have changed my whole life completely, and many others in Holland have been changed and touched deeply, and because of this we call Korea our dearest Fatherland.

I wanted to see this land for many years and after it seems to be an endless period of time, the great chance came and I was on my way to see my spiritual Fatherland where we have been talking so much about in Holland. When the airplane sighted the shore of Korea, I got very excited and took many pictures, further in land I saw beautiful mountains and rivers and tiny villages in the valleys far below. I felt so grateful to our Heavenly Father and prayed that Father will protect this country.

When the airplane entered Seoul, the heart of Korea I looked below and tried to absorb so much as I could from this great city, and felt sorry that I was the only one from Holland to see this beautiful city which has been protected for ages by the surrounding mountains. They are silent and yet seem to talk, and can certainly tell very much about this city.

Upon landing on Kimpo airport I was welcomed and embraced by my Spiritual Father and Mother and by my dear brothers and sisters. Immediately I felt at home and protected. The whole world must become like this. Then there will be no sorrow, pain and suffering. The next morning I attended at 5 o'clock the Sunday morning service and felt very much love for the Koreans who were attending the service. They are so loyal, filial piety to their spiritual Father and His words. They kneel and sit for hours to listen to Him.

It is so good to see my spiritual Father and to listen to Him even when I don't understand him. Because He is Korean, I love all Koreans. Their way of living, the school boys and girls in uniform, eating their Kimchi with 2 sticks and even sitting on the floor with the legs crossed.

The old wise men with their horse hair stove pipe and not to forget their heated floor and Church bells ringing early in the morning.

They are humble and peaceful but yet god fighters to protect and defend their country and culture, their language seems to be strange but very expressive. That 16 UN nations have fought in this land and not to forget the multitude of Koreans who have died is very meaningful because Korea is God's chosen land, a land where the Kingdom of Heaven will be established first. A land where all the religions will be united. A land where children can run free. A land where people from all over the world will come to, like it is written in Isaiah 60. A land most favored in God's eyes. Koreans have suffered from foreign invasion and have been persecuted under several regimes but have endured through this endless period and have waited for their Messiah who was born in Korea and is establishing the Kingdom of Heaven, and is fulfilling the work Jesus began 2000 years ago.

For many years, many people all over the world have received revelation that the Messiah is now living on this earth and that this generation has the great privilege of serving Him.

The Anti-Communist movement is very strong and I was very impressed by the International Federation for the Extermination of Communism. The people here in South Korea have fully experienced life under Communism, and they by all means never to live again under communist rule.

Koreans are known as the best fighters in the world against communism. Outside of Seoul the Unification Church members have built in 40 days a building where 200 young people at a time are constantly being trained. Anti-communist lectures are given continuously all over the country and abroad.

I am very proud of the Unification Church, its members and its tremendous activities not only in Korea but also abroad and truly be thankful to our Heavenly Father for having me led to this land, my spiritual Fatherland. 

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