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The Divine Principle of Sun Myung Moon was introduced in Dutch magazine, BRES PLANETE

Teddy and Pauline Verheyen
January 1970

The cover of BRES PLANETE

Here are the contents of the BRES PLANETE article:

South-Korea this divided land, became a democratic Government, after a wracking war and built a viable economy, and took the initiative a few years ago the by calling together a conference of nine nations in the Pacific area.

South-Korea has recovered and tries to maintain the existing peace. To this peace has Sun Myung Moon, a man in his mid- forties much contributed. This man endured more than two years of brutal treatment in a communist prison camp during the terrible Korean War. In prison Sun Myung Moon gathered a group around him to whom he began to expand his ideas. After his liberation in 1954 this group soon expanded especially in Seoul the capital of South-Korea. Many accepted to his ideas and his words spread so fast that they have reached hundreds of thousands of people. His followers are now strong enough to exert a beneficial political and economic influence upon the country. His ideology is a dynamic counter-force to communism and it appeals primarily to youth in search of meaning and purpose for their lives.

After establishing a group of followers in his own country, Sun Myung Moon sent some of them to other countries to spread the word.

In 1958 a young man Sang Ik Choi began to teach principle of Sun Myung Moon to a student group who calls itself later the world Unification Movement. In 1959 Miss Young Oon Kim did the same in America... she had previously been a theological student in Korean, Japanese and Canadian universities. Mr. Moon's idea made so great impression on her that she made herself completely free for the spreading of his principles. Practicing what they teach this group live as a family under one roof.

In 1966 a national headquarters was established in Washington DC. There are now teaching centers in more than thirty cities in the United States and in twelve other countries also 3 centers in Holland. The Principles of Sun Myung Moon are not always easy to understand and if we completely want to comprehend them much study is required. One part of it we will handle now.

Picture of Sun Myung Moon in the magazine

Just what is the Divine principle? Does mankind need a spiritual teaching? Through the ages certain questions have concerned the theologians, philosophers and laymen. What is God'? What is man? What laws govern the universe? What is the purpose of creation and life? Does a spiritual world exist beyond physical perception? What is God's relationship to man? God's relationship to the universe.

Mr. Moon's Teaching is based on the old and New Testament but he explains the relation of Christ in another way, then it has been in the past.

Mr. Moon has gone along with the time and has given to the Bible an extra dimension. His teaching is a gospel of this time and Mr. Moon is bringing the world religions to a synthese. He will unify of all what is, with as base the truth of the Divine principle, the name of his movement.

Mr. Moon put it this way;

Christ wanted to show us that spiritual insight and power a far-reaching influence can exercise on the evolution of man, if man uses his power in the right way. However, man failed to put in practice the ideas of Christ. The Good was directed in a wrong way or wasted, while the evil forces seem to be operating even more effectively. A new spiritual impectus is needed. The teaching of Christ has to be looked at, and understood in a new way. Sun Myung Moon clarifies and explains the core truth contained in the biblical in a unique and logical way, and summarize it as follows:

The Divine Principle is in three parts:

1. The ideal toward which mankind is intended to develop according to universal principle, upon which all laws based, both natural and spiritual laws which man gradually discovers and learns to apply.

2. Man has deviated from this ideal. It specifies the accident in the evolution of man on his way to an ever higher degree of consciousness.

3. The Creative Force of God has been attempting to bring humanity back to the true path. This He has been doing through men (prophets) or events. For example Zoroaster, Moses, Buddha, Lao Tse and Mohammed.

History moves in cycles and we are now at the beginning of a most significant one. Mankind is today in a great chaos and they do not know how to deal with it. The dark that we see is not the end of mankind, but the dawn of a new age. To go forward and become lords of ourselves and all creation and to make this earth what it should be, we need wisdom. Sun Myung Moon gained it through the fusion of intuition or highest consciousness, the scientific observation of nature, and his study of history and duaristic -- that is, there is God the Creator (the subject) and the Creation (the object). In every part of the material world this principle of polarity is very obvious.

There is the male and the female, the positive and the negative, the day and night, and so on. In the East this principle is called the yin (female) and yang (male). 'Each half of any pair is complementary to the other and each is necessary to the other, for neither could function without the other. Neither is more important than the other, although the subject position is the one that inaugurates action which object responds.

Article of Sun Myung Moon in the Book

The male and female principle is life creating. The highest manifestation is the man-woman relationship. The corollary to the principle of polarity is that of interaction, or give and take between the subject and the object. This give and take produces the energy from which springs all creative results, it produces joy and vitality. When man and woman are one in love, they are a unit, the physical expression of the balance polarity, the completion and the oneness of God. No individual is complete in himself, and 'salvation" whatever that may mean, cannot be achieved by an isolated individual.

All things from the smallest to the largest in the creation exist in a paired relationship of subject and thus reflect the polarity of God's nature.

God is perpetual, self-generating Energy. All other energy derives from this Energy, the First Cause.

The Energy from the Source (God) is vertical, while the responsive energy produced between subject and object is horizontal.

The highest joy and energy is released in such reciprocal action when the opposites are not only related to each other horizontally with their creative source, or God. Sun Myung Moon sees the construction of the universe as follows: The universal Energy (God) has the power to multiply into two objects, males and female, one for each aspect of God's nature. These two polarities can unite through give and take, which union is expressed in children. In this case, God is the thesis, the couple is division, and children are synthesis. Thus, four positions are established.

Any one of the four positions can act as subject with the other three responding as objects. Only when give and take is per- formed among them in this manner, with one as subject and three as objects can the base of four positions be maintained. Through give and take, circular movement exists. This movement continues with variations and becomes spherical. For instance, in the solar system the sun is subject and all other planets are its objects.

a. Shows thesis division synthesis process and the four positions.

b. Shows the subject and object having give and take with God at the center and thus creating new life. That new life revolves in a give and take relationship with the united body of subject and object. Then give and take becomes spherical.

c. Indicates God's position from the standpoint of the object. God is not between subject and object, but is with the subject at the center. Therefore, the subject which is at the center of spherical movement represents God.

We see that energy so essential for existence is produced, by gives and take. Nothing is eternal if its energy is directed in a straight line thereby, losing power. Only by forming a circuit of energy is eternal existence possible. Therefore energy must flow in subject object circuit. As the circular movement of energy be- comes spherical the wonder and beauty of creation is manifested.

The base God, man, woman, and child is the axis around which the whole universe turn. As the first family expands to a clan, tribe nation and world, its base expands as well.

The followers of Sun Myung Moon, the Unified Family practice his principles in reality. The marriage holy and divorce is not allowed.

When two members of the family want to get married to each other they will wait for the coming of Mr. Moon who will first approve it. Sometimes it happens that he has to disapprove the marriage of two people who are in love with each other, because it would otherwise be a catastrophe. The man and woman have to decide for themselves what to do. The spiritual level of the group is very high and they strife intensively to achieve the God-man-woman-child relationship. Also many couples get married at the same time. On Feb. 22, 1968 there were 430 couples married in Seoul Korea. Together they said the marriage yowls in the present of 4000 family members. After the wedding the couples did not go on a honeymoon. They lived for 40 days in strict abstinence. When a man and woman want to marry with the approval of Mr. Moon they wait until 5,10 or 20 couples are formed and then the marriage ceremony is performed. In the period of time between the approval and the marriage the couple are already living together. During this period the man and woman get to know each other very well and help each other to strive to this goal. After the marriage they can have sexual relationship. Each one decides for themselves when they want children and are free to use the pill.

They have no dogmas which they have to live by. Each member of the Unified Family is free and determines his own way of living for himself and his family.

The members respect their leader Sun Myung Moon, They see him as the second Christ who has to complete the mission, in which the first Christ could not succeed. The members give all their free time to spread the principles. They are not fanatic the mistake which followers of other religions and movements have made and failed to progress.

Their centers are not churches or temples etc. The unified Family are building a new world based on the principles. A new age started in 1960, at this time Mr. Moon took a bride, this was an example for his followers who are increasing in great numbers.

The spherical movement of give and take, the true love, will be directed on the absolute and answer to the purpose of creation. 

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