The Words of the Verheyen Family

The Dutch Bres Plante magazine has published a 6 page article on us

Teddy and Pauline Verheyen
November 18, 1969
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Our Dear Father, Mother and Family

We are very happy to report to you that at last attention has been brought to the public eyes and ears about the Unified Family all over the world.

We are sending you a copy of this month's Bres Plante, magazine, you will find on page 83, a most wonderful 6 page article written about our master and Unified Family. In the article some of the principles are explained. We have translated the article from the Dutch language to English so all of you can share it with us.

I will tell you a little about the magazine. It prints 12,000 copies for Holland and Northern Belgium witch also speaks the Dutch language. The Bres Planete is one of the most read magazines books over a large part of the western world.

It is printed in 7 different languages, Germany, France, Italia, Spain, Canada, Argentina and Holland and they will soon be printed in more languages. You will find the Brest Planete in every book store and in student's houses. It is also in libraries and business offices. Even though there are only 12,000 printed in the Dutch language, it is read by at least 70,000 people and maybe more. The Bres Planete in the other countries do not have the same articles. So we do not Low if they will have this article in them. But Miss Alexandra Gabuilli, the writer of this articles said she was sure some of the other countries would want to put it in their Bres Planete, Magazines.

Teddy met Miss Alexandra Gabuilli about 9 months ago here in Amsterdam. At this time he talked to her about the principles and she was interested. Later we sent some information about the Principles to her, then she made contact with us and wanted to do the stone on the Unified Family. She ask for more information and we went to the office of the magazine and spent several hours for the interview. Miss Gabuilli was very interested as a person as well as a writer. She wants to visit our center and met the Family. Every member here is very happy about this break through to the Public, we also know it is only the beginning of greater thing that will happen in the future if we keep putting out energy on our Fathers Kingdom, we thank you Father for your love and your prayers, and most of all for your great truth, that will bring the world into our Family Unit.

We send our Love

Teddy and Pauline 

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