The Words of the Verheyen Family

The Master's Visit with the Cleveland Family

Pauline Phillips (Verheyen)
New Age Frontiers - April 15, 1965

My Dearest Family,

Where do I start? Words cannot begin to express the most joyful and historical event to have ever taken place since the Creation. The day the American Family has been looking and waiting for came at last!

I must start with the Cleveland Family's first meeting with our beloved Father, which took place in Washington DC. Emma, Ken Pope and I lived in a high state of excitement from the moment we knew Father's plane had landed in San Francisco. We wanted to be there to greet him with the Family, but the miles were too many. Our next goal was to be in Washington DC to greet the party upon their arrival. We arrived there on the morning of the 12th (March). Two of our Washington Family met us at the bus station and took us to the Fellowship House where everyone was in a state of expectation and excitement. We were tired after our long ride on the bus, but who could sleep? The Lord was really coming! No, we could not rest this day!

It was 4:30 pm when our Father and his Family arrived. No one knew what to do as they drove up to the house in Arlington. I was so excited I thought I would break inside. Not only was it to meet my real Father for the first time, but I was going to see three of my older brothers and a sister, and my beloved mother Miss Kim, after being separated from them for one year. I wanted to run to the car and gather all in my arms, but on second thought I stood back at the end of the line waiting for each of them to come to me. That first handshake I will always remember! My heart sang out! How wonderful, wonderful to be with God's real Family, with our real Father after 6,000 years of waiting. The tears that ran down my face I could not stop, I didn't want to, for they were tears of joy from the bottom of my soul.

We spent three beautiful days, listening to our Father teach every night till late hours. We sat in a circle, our ears bending forward, afraid we might miss one word, No one moved to go home till the last goodnight was said to Father. No one slept for three days, and the strange thing was that no one got tired. We were really living in the Kingdom of Heaven, because the King was with us.

We didn't want to leave. There was so much love, so much power, and oh so much joy. Heaven was on earth, and who wants to leave heaven?

But we had to return to Cleveland to be ready for their visit with us. On the way home, I could not believe the beautiful days we had had were real. The tour of Washington with Father and Col. Pak leading the party; the trip to the White House where we sat in a circle on the lawn; picnicking on the Capitol lawn; our Father feeding the little squirrels; having dinner with him in his room; Father leading us in singing Korean songs; and singing special songs to us. He sang with such power it felt like it would lift you off the floor. Was this all real? Am I in a dream? Yes, it was real, very real! Our Father was with us, teaching us from the heart of the Heavenly Father.

We cleaned the house from top to bottom till it shone, We thought, "The King of Kings is going to stay in this house, How can we not have everything just right for him?" Word arrived that they would be here on Saturday, the 20th, The most blessed day in the history of Cleveland. Dinner was ready by 2 pm. The weather was zero, with lots of ice and snow on the roads.

Our Father arrived about 11 pm, on a cloud. Of course the cloud was the seven members of his party: Mrs. Choi, Miss Kim, Mr. Pak, Mr. Nishikawa, Miss Yoon, George and Gordon, They were tired and hungry after their long drive. Dinner was served at midnight, with our Father sitting at the head of the table surrounded by ten of his children. Soon after eating we went to bed. I didn't want to sleep. We had only a few hours of our Family living in the house with us. I wanted to be awake every moment of it.

Breakfast was served at 8:30, March 21st, the first day of spring. There was no sign of spring outside! The weather was zero again. Inside our hearts, spring had really come to us. How warm and glowing it was with the Master in our midst!

Soon after breakfast, we left to bless the Holy Ground. The place chosen was University Circle in Wade Park on the east side of the city. There are three universities located around it! It was freezing cold, but who could feel the winter wind? We could only see heaven and earth being brought together in this one spot.

They left all too soon. As we stood waving goodbye until they were out of sight, I could see them all waving and smiling. If only the whole world knew the true love of our Heavenly Father: If they could only taste this love, they would not stop until they knew the true heart of God. We must work even harder to bring this true love to this starving generation of people. They want this love that we have found, but Satan holds them away from it.

Oh Father, please come back to us soon. We already feel homesick for you. You have brought the reality of God to us, as we can plainly see you in the Father and the Father in you.

Next day, we went back to the blessed land. As we were looking for the spot on which our Master had stood when praying, a policeman came over to us and ran us off the ground, asking what we were doing. Seems no one is allowed on the grass! Satan is not going to let us have that piece of land easily. We must fight a war for it… So now we go and sit on some steps above the spot to pray. As long as we keep off the grass it will be all right.

We plan to start Sunday morning services on the steps as soon as the weather warms up and more people are around, It is a most beautiful spot and will attract a lot of people this summer, We feel that God has chosen this piece of land as His, and we will keep it as His no matter what happens. God's frontline is also Satan's frontline. The war to defeat Satan will begin on this piece of ground!

We have also planted an apple tree as a symbol of the Principle's first year in Ohio. As the tree grows and brings forth fruit, it will symbolize the fruit this city will bear for the Father. We go to the tree and pray everyday. We will love and pray for this tree just as we will love and pray for the fruits that come forth from this city. We must make all men the tree of life, to live in oneness with our Heavenly Father.

1 will close this letter with a few comments on our Master. What a true Father he is to his children.. We can see all parts of our Heavenly Father in him. Who can doubt after being in his presence for a few days that he is truly "The Lord to Come"? My love has grown much deeper for him since meeting him. My respect is much more than before. He is really the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Some day soon, the whole world will know him. He will shine as a mighty sun into the universe, and will light the whole world with his Divine love, Divine wisdom, and Divine power. Let us shed our sweat, our sweat, our blood and our tears while there is yet time. Let us work beside our True Father as his devoted children obeying his command, as he directs the world into the Kingdom of Heaven.

In his most blessed name, I do write these things. Your sister, Pauline 

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