The Words of the Vergara Family

Update Head Quarters Building in Philippines

Jaime O. Vergara
April 27, 2012

Dear Leaders, Blessed Families, Brothers and sisters:

Greetings from the Pearl of the Orient, 2nd daughter nation in God's Providence!

May God and True Parents' Love and blessings be upon you and your family in the Era of the Victory, Liberation and Completion of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind!

Thank you so much for all the supports and prayers that you have given in the recent mobilization for the International Leadership Conference and Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival in Mindanao last March 29- 31, 2012. Because of your sincerity in sending your donations our two big events in our country brought a tremendous success. Many leaders and brothers and sisters truly worked hard in the field to meet the goal of bringing 12,000 couples to the Blessing Event in Isulan, Sultan Kudarat. Many of them experienced spiritual phenomena during the preparation for the events. After these 2 events, many brothers and sisters were sent back to the mobilization areas to continue the Divine Principle, Blessing and 3-day ceremony education to those who received the Blessing.

Now, we are also preparing for the Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival with the goal of 12,000 couples in 4 venues in Visayas with 3,000 couples in each Blessing area: Tacloban on June 16, Dumaguete -- July 21, Ilo-ilo on August 11 and Cebu on Sept. 8, 2012. The culmination Blessing event will be in Metro Manila/Luzon on January 12, 2013 (Western calendar) with the goal of 13,000 couples + ILC national convention with 1,200 participants goal in Manila Hotel on January 9-11, 2013. At the same time we are also preparing for the Inauguration Ceremony of our International Peace Leadership College (IPLC), on January 13, 2013 (W.C.). Thus, we hope and pray that our International President Hyung Jin Nim and wife, Yoon Ah Nim can come or through God's grace we can welcome our True Parents to bestow the Blessing to our 13,000 couples in Araneta-SMART Coliseum.

In addition, we are also hoping that we can complete and inaugurate our Philippines Headquarter right after IPLC inauguration. As everyone knew that our HQ construction had started since December 2011. We are truly grateful to all our Blessed families and brothers and sisters who have already fulfilled their donations. We are truly grateful for all your continued support to God's Providence in our country. This time our construction is now in its full scale and we will be needing the full budget within the next two months in order to cope up with our targeted completion by September 2012. As of now, we only have a little over half of the full budget but we have absolute faith that we can do it together!

In this regard, we are once again knocking at your kind and loving hearts to solicit financial support so we can completely finish our HQ construction. Thus, all our Blessed families nationwide, as the true owners of God's Providence in the Philippines, we hope you could offer a minimum of 7,000 pesos or more in support for HQ Building (Philippines Cheon Jung Gung). As filial sons and daughters, let this building be our offering to welcome our True Parents in the Philippines before Foundation Day (Jan. 13, 2013 H.C.). It will become our lasting legacy for our future generations. We encourage everyone to offer this substantial Jeong Seong condition to participate and HELP build our new HQ. Let us work together and hold hand in hand for Philippines Cheon Jung Gung completion. Let's make our dreams come true!

You may send your precious donations to the following bank information:

Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity
Bank of Philippines Island

We trust that you will offer your valuable contribution for this important and providential project. Thank you very much and we are hoping that we can all work together to fulfill God's cherished hope for our country to become a Nation of Cheon Il Guk.

Respectfully yours,

Rev. Jaime O. Vergara
Vice National Leader

Noted by:

Rev. Julius B. Malicdem
National Leader

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