The Words of the Vergara Family

Our Deep Sympathy to Japan victims of earthquake and tsunami

Shirley Vergara
March 25, 2011

Greetings from the 2nd daughter nation in God's Providence!

Kumusta na Weng? Kumusta na family mo? We hope you are all fine and in good health. I always read your postings whenever I have the chance to open my emails. Seldom do I have time to do it because my responsibility this time is in the Witnessing and always busy guiding and educating our new contacts and seminarians. This is a late message that we wanted to send after the earthquake and tsunami tragedy.

The day we learned about the earthquake and tsunami in Japan immediately I tried to contact Mila Reyes through her mobile and also Grace Comedis whom I knew living near that areas affected by this tragedy. But we were not able to contact them. We don't know what to do and what to say but offer prayers for all of them. And we felt relieved when we learned that all brothers and sisters were safe and in good conditions except that they are lacking of food supplies.

We have special prayers in headquarters last Sunday and also as a couple we are truly praying for Japan's immediate recovery in this tragedy and sufferings that they are under going now. When we saw the news in TV, we are like watching a movie. It is really like the last day of last days. So scary and so pitiful that things happened to our Japan brothers and sisters. I remember what our True Parents said, that in the last days of the last days many things will happen in an instant.

Japan which is a very powerful nation, ready to welcome that high intensity of earthquake still was devastated in just a split second during that day through the tsunami. But truly True Parents are really parents to everyone that He sent the couple of our elder brother Hyung Jin Nim and Yeon Ah Nim to give comfort, encouragement and help to the victims in spite of the danger of the nuclear plant energy. We hope to be like them too, but we don't have yet that capacity and instead we can only pray for all of them especially to all brothers and sisters who are still in agony and sufferings and truly in need of help.

Since we heard that tragedy from the news we wanted to make and send our messages of deep concern and prayers to everyone but we were so sorry that we were not able to do it due to my schedules preventing me to open my emails.

Actually for the previous months and days, we were so occupied with many seminars -- 3-day, 7-day, 21-day and 120-day in our new Training center (formerly Ant.2, UTS). So many times we attempted to make a message of sympathy to them but just at the start then we couldn't always finish it. Our Philippine Providence is truly indebted so much to our Japanese brothers and sisters in Unification Church as a whole especially to our commando team, who never stop supporting and helping us every now and then whenever we need their Help and Supports. I believed without their great help and supports, Philippines can't have this kind of foundations now.

So brothers and sisters in JAPAN, in behalf of our family our couple felt so much sad and lonely of what had happened to all the victims but at the same time we are so much grateful to all of you because of your hard work, sufferings and unending support to God's Providence in the Philippines we can have many ODP seminar for our VIP, we can start doing the renovations in headquarters, we can receive True Parents supports for the constructions of our IPLC buildings and we can have many seminars. So I think you are really a living HERO in God's Providence esp. in the Philippines that in spite of your many difficulties in life, you continuously help and support Philippines headquarters every now and then.

This time our headquarters is doing the solicitations to all our brothers and sisters nationwide to send to all the Japan victims of the tsunami. We are truly so sorry for this very late message to all of you but truly deep in our hearts and our minds we are always praying for all the protections and safety of everyone. Actually tonight because the lecture of the ODP for the International VIP was finished earlier, we could make this message to all.

WE ALWAYS PRAY FOR THE IMMEDIATE RECOVERY OF JAPAN and we hope and pray that they can be stronger and bolder citizens in building God's Kingdom this time even in the time of this big trials, there is a sayings, that if there is sadness there is always happiness that will come soon. And if there is night there is also a day. and if there are sufferings there's always a blessing to come. So our Japanese brothers and sisters from the past until now you are paying a lot of indemnity and suffering means there will be BIG Blessings to come for those people who sacrifice for the sake of others. Our PRAYERS for Japan's immediate recovery be with you all!

Love and pray,

Kuya Jimmy and Ate Shirley 

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