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Announcement Regarding The Seventh Phase Of The International Blessing Of 400 Million Couples

Jimmy O. Vergara and Michael G. Zablan
March 28, 2007

National Leader
Family Federation for World Peace and Unification Philippines
32 Samar Ave., Diliman, Quezon City
924-1833, 928-8891 ; Fax : 924-1826

To: All Leaders, Blessed Central Families, Brothers and Sisters
From: FFWPU-Phil. Headquarters
Date: March 28, 2007
Re.: Announcement Regarding the Seventh Phase of the International Blessing of 400 Million Couples

We pray for God and True Parents' blessing and love to be with all regions, clusters and providential organizations as we enter the era when True Parents declared "Eog Mansei for the Sacred Reign of Peace in Cheon Il Guk, the Realm of Cosmic Peace."

This is to inform you of the 7th phase of the Blessing of 400 million couples. Regional leaders, center leaders and cluster leaders should do their best in preparations for this Blessing.

Date of the National Matching May 31, 2007

Date of the Blessing Ceremony: July 2007 WCSF 2007 in Korea

UM-Phils HQ via satellite

3. Participants:

1) Single Members aging 22 & above

Matching Method: In person by True Parents and by photograph

Qualifications for Participating in the Matching

Single Members

Age range: Those who are at least 22 years of age and no older than 40 years of age

Candidates must have completed the following education:

2-day Blessing education, 21-day Divine Principle workshop

(Candidates should complete the required education courses on the Divine Principle and the Blessing as designated by each region or cluster in accordance with the standard for the 400-Million Couples Blessing.)

Blessing donation of Php 1,200.00

Documents to prepare:

1). Applicants should fill-up the standard Blessing Application Form for the Seventh Phase of the Blessing of 400 Million Couples

Written pledge that, if matched, he/she will participate in the Blessing Ceremony

Certificate of having completed the 21-day Divine Principle workshop

Certificate of having completed the 2-day Blessing education

Certificate stating that the candidate is unmarried

Please make sure that blessing candidates are unmarried (that is, single).

Should submit either a certificate stating they are unmarried or an equivalent document.

Receipt for blessing donation

Health certificate (including the results of an AIDS test)

All blessing candidates must undergo a health examination and be tested for HIV/AIDS. Darker-skinned blessing candidates must additionally take a sickle cell test. Candidates from Southeast Asia must additionally take an electrophoresis test and blood test.

* Please pay particular attention not to admit to the matching alcoholics, people who are mentally ill or suffering from epilepsy, people involved in gambling, criminals and homosexuals. Please keep in mind that the people infected with HIV may sometimes test negative for HIV in the initial examination because the virus stays dormant (and thus undetectable) for three months in the body, after which it becomes active. Therefore, after the matching ceremony, leaders are strongly encouraged to receive a statement from the candidates that includes a record of any instances of donating blood or sexual contact in the previous three months, in order to check the possibility of HIV infection. If a candidate tests positive for HIV after the blessing ceremony, the blessing will be nullified and the candidate will be deemed the injuring party.

Certificate of graduation from school/college

Certificate of employment or enrollment in college etc.

For re-Blessing candidates: Documents verifying that the candidate is re-applying for the Blessing

Re-blessing candidates who come under any one of the following three categories are eligible to participate in the upcoming matching ceremony, as long as they provide documentation that proves that they do.

a) Those whose previous spouse has already been re-blessed;

b) Those whose previous spouse has already married outside of the church;

c) Those whose previous spouse has not been re-blessed or married but does not present any objections to the candidate’s intention to seek re-blessing.

Photos (portrait style, candidate should be upright, facing the camera): One full length photo and one photo of the head and shoulders. (Both photos should be 8 x 10 inch in size.)

On the lower right-hand corner of the photo, please attach a 1.5 x 3.5 inch (4 x 9 cm) sticker that indicates the candidate’s mission country, nationality, district, church, candidate’s name in full, blood type, height, gender, date of birth, and most recently attained academic level or background.

Note: During the matching process, True Parents may refer to the given information. Those in charge of compiling this information should thoroughly prepare, collect and record the requested information. Please remind the candidates that their foreheads should not be covered but be fully visible in their photographs.

Requirement for Blessing Candidates

Blessing candidates must accept True Parents as the Messiah and have a heart of absolute obedience to the matching by True Parents. Candidates must pledge to maintain their sexual purity and to never divorce their spouse.

For the Greater Good,
Dr. Jimmy O. Vergara

Noted by:
Dr. Michael G. Zablan
National Leader

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