The Words of the Vergara Family

Support for Tanay Property Development

Jimmy Vergara
January 17, 2007

Dear Philippine Families, Brothers and Sisters,

May the new era after the victorious entrance of the True Parents in the Original Palace and the Crowning of the King and Queen of Peace bring you and your family more blessings from Heavenly Father! Thank you for all your prayers and great support for God's providence in the Philippines and the rest of the world.

We are continually receiving tremendous blessings since last year, starting with the historic visit of Dae Mo Nim in our Tanay property for the ancestors liberation and blessing, and followed by the victorious tour of our True Parents during the UPF Inaugural Convocation held at the Manila Hotel in December 1 last year. Then on May 28, 6th year of Cheon Il Guk, we could again receive great blessings with the visit of True Mother and elder brother Hyun Jin Nim during their tour in the Philippines as part of the 180-Nation Tour to Restore Homeland. We were challenge by True Mother and HJN to work harder and truly offer the Philippines as heaven's first restored nation.

Then again last August, our elder Brother Hyun Jin Nim came to the Philippines and held many international events that drew many delegates, brothers and sisters from around the world. It was an amazing breakthrough in many areas of our campaign for national restoration as we made great impact in the youth sectors the academe through the IPEC, the local government especially in Manila, through the International Youth Festival. HJN has great expectation from the Philippines as he planted the seed for national restoration. Then, the great blessing to become part of the 40-Nation World Peace Tour of the 3 Generations of the True Family in September 25, 2006 wherein True Mother, Kook Jin Nim and True Grandchildren spread the message of true love to 12-Cities in the country.

True to our motto for this year, "The Era of Complete Settlement for the Model Providence of the Ideal of Peace in Heaven and on Earth", time and again True Parents have emphasize the importance of realizing the model providence of the ideal of peace and our ultimate responsibility as God's Blessed Central Families, as citizens of Cheon Il Guk We should always take ownership of the Providence to restore our dear country, Philippines.

During the CIG leaders Assembly in Korea following the True Parents Birthday Celebration in Korea, Philippines was awarded as the No.1 nation based on our 2005 results. This is truly a great blessing as well as a challenge to contribute more for God's providence. As a "Daughter Nation", we should steadily create conditions to connect with the heart of True Parents and True Family. Our desire should be on how to speed up the providence in our country and how to offer this nation to God and True Parents.

A new dawn has come. Since the time that Tanay Property was offered to heaven through the visit of Dae Mo Nim and giving her blessings to Tanay even referring to it as like Chung Pyung, many great blessings has come to our nation. By offering Tanay to God and with the will to build True Parents building there, we as a nation are also receiving a lot of blessings. There is already a plan to build True Parent's museum as well as to construct a big auditorium that can accommodate thousands of people to be educated and welcome Dae Mo Nim and True Parents once again.

We enjoin all Philippine brothers and sisters to sincerely support the development of our Training center in Tanay. We appeal for the financial support to help in the infrastructure development of this blessed training center where brothers and sisters can pray and closely feel God's heart. Let us make determination that our family can contribute something for this project by completing the donation of US$150 per family before the end of this year.

Brothers and sisters who shall accomplish this donation before the end of the year shall be recognized and receive a special "commemorative plate" from Tanay, with their family photo.

You may give your donations through bank transfer to the special bank account for this project details below:

Peso Account:

Account Number: 0121-0391-92
Account Name: HSA-UWC
Bank of the Philippines Islands
Cubao, Aurora

Dollar Account:

Account Number: 0124-0091-46
Account Name: HSA-UWC
Swift Code: BOPIPHMM
Bank of the Philippines Islands
Cubao, Aurora

Thank you very much for your sincerity to uphold God's expectation from us. We hope that you and your family will receive tremendous blessings from God in this era after the coming of heaven. Let us bring the realization of God's Peace Kingdom!

Pres. Jimmy Vergara
FFWPU Phils.

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