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A Letter Of Thanks And Gratitude From The Ffwpu Philippine President To All Members

Mr. and Mrs. Jaime O. Vergara
October 2, 2006

Dear Brothers and Sisters in the National and International,

First of all in behalf of our leaders in the Philippines we would we would like to express our deepest thanks and gratitude to all the brothers and sisters who in one way or another give their full support in making the 12 location Philippine tour of the True Family very successful. The reflection of the True Family in general in their visit to the Philippine they said, AWESOME! AMAZING! And so far among the countries they have visited in Asia, Philippines is the best and the most numbered among all the countries. Congratulations to everyone. Let's be proud of being a Filipino.

Sorry for not sending immediately our expression of gratitude to everyone because since we have finished the rally in the Philippines, we had a 1 day meeting with all our leaders in the country together with our Continental Directors, Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Kim in Tanay and in the middle of our meeting, typhoon MILENYO hit particularly metro manila and until this time probably 60-70 % of metro manila and nearby provinces have no power & water. That's why only this time we can use internet cafe to send email.

Hopefully the moment we can have power in headquarter we are going to show you more picture/reports on the very successful tour of the True Family to the Philippines.

Again Thank you very much to all the Brothers and Sisters who support the rallies in the 12 venues, particularly our Commando Brothers and sisters in Japan, our American/Asian team in America, brothers and sisters all over the world for making our country go to another & higher level of God's providence. Mabuhay kayong Lahat, Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

Sincerely yours,

Mr. and & Mrs Jaime O. Vergara

Including all our leaders in the Philippines.

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