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MGZ reports at Northwest Cluster region (Baguio) re post GPF Victory

Spring Valdez
February 20, 2008

My Beloved Elders, Brothers and Sisters,

Annyeonghaseyo. I'd like to share with you many things our National Leader Rev. Michael Zablan shared with Baguio members during HDH and Sunday service at Baguio Church last Sunday, February 17. His whole family was there, together with Professor Angel Lorenzana. Please forgive my limitation in note-taking, expression and organizing this report. I hope you get the spirit and inspiration out of it nonetheless.

Philippines' position in God's Providence

During the meeting with True Parents, together with Continental Directors and National Leaders last week, True Father said (as you can read in the HDH report of Feb.13) that Japan has the difficulty now in fulfilling its mission as a mother-country. So TF called on the Philippines, Canada and Taiwan to join together with Japan to fulfill the providential role of mother-nation to the world.. True Father ordered Taiwan to send 1/3 of its members to Japan to offer support, but didn't give the order to the Philippines.

This brings me to realize how significant our brothers and sisters in Japan are, that our brothers and sisters there are no longer just 2nd daughters' representatives, but representative of a mother-nation helping Japan, with very significant role to fulfill there in the mother nation, as well as to the world. In our Kuya Mike's opinion, which I also share, the Philippines holds the internal role, and it has been our nation which was been gathering fruits as it responded to Heaven's directions, as can be seen in the GPF 2007. Because the country is at ripe-time for harvest, its major role now is to speed up the providence here and raise members to send to the world as True Mother and Bro. Hyun Jin Nim has directed earlier, Kuya Mike shared.

GPF 2007 and after

Bro. Hyun Jin Nim (HJN) believes absolutely that the Philippines' GPF 2007 was a tremendous success, no matter how anyone may view it negatively. HJN has always emphasized this to our National Leader. During the Victory Party at the Manila Hotel, our Continental Director publicly announced that externally, we did not meet our goal at the Quirino Grandstand, though he recognized the internal victory as we were able to bring all levels and sectors of the society into the whole GPF event, from the President herself to every level down to the barangays.

Our Kuya Mike emphasized again last Sunday that the GPF wasn't just the Quirino Grandstand event. The 3 Dep-Ed Regions consisted of more than 3 million students took part in the clean-up drive as part of the GPF; around 2 million signatures pledging purity were gathered; the coastal clean up drive where even Mayor Alfredo Lim himself took part in had 10,000 participations, the NSTP (student volunteer group) sent 18,000; the Commission on Higher suspended classes of 7 universities in favor of the GPF; the sponsors involvement were multiple, and others, so that the 250,000-goal was met and we exceeded many times over.

Our Kuya Mike was supposed to go through 40-day workshop at Chungpyung but he received a direction from our Elder Brother Hyun Jin Nim to visit all partners and sponsors in the GPF event. According to the PNP report of 2007, the GPF was their biggest and most significant involvement for the year. Another very impressive thing was General Cayton's heart when he said that he used to believe that the solution to some of our problems besetting the country was armed conflict, but with the UPF's principles, this isn't in his mind anymore; instead, it is to sit down with the adversary with the power of the heart. General Cayton openly accepted True Father as the Messiah. He was so moved by Col. Bo Hi Pak's defense of True Father in court, that he (Gen. Cayton) wants to be like Col. Bo Hi Pak and defend the Messiah too.

When our CD and Kuya Mike visited our biggest partner, the Philippine Information Agency, even the director herself wondered how they could support us the way they did. The 360 TVs in all 5 strategic locations in Metro Manila were too expensive. We were featured in all 3 government TV stations for straight two weeks and we were a daily feature in a morning program all throughout. The government slots on ABS-CBN and GMAtv were all set to accommodate to GPF, and we were on cable TV that reached worldwide via satellite.

The Lady Director said that the moment their van that connects to satellite leaves the station to cover our events, it costs the agency 200,000 pesos every hour, and they covered our event the whole day till night on the 12th of December and at other times before the main event. She also said that 70 of her staff had their focus on our events during that period.

Mrs. Supaporn Zablan sees that her effort in ICEF in gathering financial support for our projects at schools is riding on the victory of the GPF 2007 and the spiritual foundation of our country. Mrs. Zablan met with Marikina City Mayor and others for the publication of books for the DepEd's use in moral recovery program which they have already undertaken since last year. In Marikina alone, the City Mayor Marides Fernando, an Ambassador for Peace award recipient, approved a budget for the printing of our modules for all throughout Marikina City schools to use amounting to 2 million pesos.

The Manila Hotel staff awed at why anything our group asked for, Don Emilio Yap and President Joey Lina gave or approved it. We were given over 70% discount in hotel use. The conference kits were also prepared for free by the hotel itself. We were featured in the Manila Bulletin for 2 weeks all for free.

Big celebrities came for free. JayR, the Prince of RandB collected 100,000 pesos for every song during his performance at Araneta Coliseum, but during the GPF, he sang 10 songs all for free while he was supposed to sing 3 only. According to our Kuya Mike, he said, "I was looking for a family, and I found it here."

During the meeting with International Leaders in which our National Leader took part, Hyun Jin Nim ordered all continents and nations to duplicate the pattern established in the GPF 2007 Philippines. One leader remarked that even in a century, having such victory copied in their country is an impossibility, that a conference alone mobilizes the whole country's membership, not to mention that one event alone would cost them millions of dollars. The Philippine GPF was indeed mind-boggling with 5 conferences held at the same time together with other related events, and that it was a cooperative effort by our group with all sectors of the society.

Anyone could see that these are all extraordinary and beyond our human capabilities, that only with the good spirit world's support were we able to do all these. When someone mentioned to our National Leader that behind the scenes, the True Children, Heung Jin Nim and Young Jin Nim were mobilized in support of Hyun Jin Nim's GPF project, he believed so, at the same time he sees that our unity with Heaven's directions and as a whole laid the base for the good spirit world to manifest its wonders.

We could only go back in gratitude to God, Heung Jin Nim, Young Jin and the whole spirit world's support of Hyun Jin Nim's offering to the True Parents, the Global Peace Festival, which he sees as the short cut to the establishment of Cheon Il Guk. We are also ever grateful to our leaders and family members' faith in God and love for Him, our True Parent, and Hyun Jin Nim which served as the base for Heung Jin Nim and Young Jin Nim's legion of good spirits to work and make the GPF 2007 a tremendous success.

Commitments for GPF 2008

The PNP has committed to ensure security in the next GPF event. The CHED promised to send all university students including their parents if we hold the GPF at daytime next time. Marikina and another city offered their sports complexes which can hold tens of thousands as venues for GPF, and Marikina mayor also offered the river bank in the city developed for big gatherings of until 300,000 capacity as another venue next time. Pops Fernandez, in her TV appearance, announced her involvement with the Women for Peace. And there is an ongoing plan to bring Jay R on a national and world tour for fundraising.

I would like to close this sharing / report with Hyun Jin Nim's words as quoted by our Kuya Mike, "This is the time to put our neck on line, to bet our lives for the Providence..." proceeded by moments of silence and tears before he (HJN) could finally speak to our leaders, in his effort to communicate his heart about our True Parents, and how much he wanted to support them.

May we also develop the heart like our Beloved Elder Brother Hyun Jin Nim and the rest of the True Children on earth and in the spirit world, and live our limited lives for the glory of our Beloved Heavenly Father and True Parents.


Your sister Spring

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