The Words of the Uraguchi Family

Mini GPF in Hiroshima

Febbie Uraguchi
October 5, 2008
Co-sponsored by FJMGP/YFWP
Hiroshima International House

The Filipino Japanese Movement for Global Peace (FJMGP) Hiroshima Chapter in cooperation with the Hiroshima International Family Association (HIFA) held a local Global Peace Festival last October 5, 2008, Sunday at the Hiroshima International House with the theme "One Family Under God". Despite the continuous rain, 147 participants attended the event. Hiroshima Filipino Association, and Cathedral members were among the participants.

Our enthusiastic Master of Ceremony is Mrs. Julie Hirakami with her husband Mr. Yasuyuki Hirakami HIFA President. The program formally started at 1:15 pm with the Invocation led by Mrs. Rennee Fujimoto followed by the 2008 GPF video presentation in America. Mrs. Febbie Uraguchi gave her Welcoming Remarks and the very cute children from Seiwa Academy Kindergarten gave their intermission number. Mr. Tatsutoshi Kikumoto, the GPF-J Hiroshima Coordinator gave a brief introduction about GPF and introduced the main speaker. His speech was translated to English by Mrs. Sonia Yamamoto.

Mr. Koji Matsuda, the Director of the Global peace Exhibition and main speaker of the event explained the main concept and program of GPF using PowerPoint. His speech was translated to English by Prof. Angelita Obara. The participants were inspired upon hearing it.

Sr. Maria Carmen T. Segovia, F.I., a third order From the Catholic Cathedral gave her reflection. She expressed that she was really inspired of what she heard from the speaker regarding GPF. She agreed that we can attain peace by starting to form a good family and working together without any boundaries no matter what race, religion and culture. An intermission number by Monie Hara with her daughter followed after she gave her reflection. The combination of violin and piano gave a relaxing feeling to the audience. They are also from the Cathedral.

Prof. Angelita Obara spoke on the purpose and objective of FJMGP using power point and 2007 GPF video presentation was presented before she went into the details of her speech, giving everyone a clear understanding of FJMGP, specially the Filipino participants. She put a lot of power in it asking the audience participation by shouting "YES WE CAN DO IT!” After the powerful presentation of Prof Angelita Obara one of the Japanese participants gave her reflection. She said that her difficulty in speaking the English language prevent her from communicating with different races. She added that she needs to overcome this area to go beyond boundaries.

A 5 minute break was given to the participants after the first part of the program. The second part was resumed with the entertainment numbers as follows: PANSORI - a Korean festival presentation (invited performers)

WAWATA- an African Taiko (invited performers)

KAKAWATE- a Philippine Dance (FJMGP members) YOSAKOI - invited performers from Kure, Hiroshima The program concluded at 4:20 with the finale song WHERE PEACE BEGINS.

Everybody helped in the cleaning up of the room. All attendees are very inspired after the event with hope in their hearts and mind. They expressed desire to be invited again to a similar activity. They are willing to join us with their friends next time. The chairman of Hiroshima Filipino Association told me to visit them again. They are willing to work together with us. Thank you very much for today's inspirations we are so happy today. In behalf of FJMGP Hiroshima Chapter members …THANK YOU VERY MUCH! 

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