The Words of the Uotani Family

Japanese Delegates Gain Insights and Hope through the ILC

Shunsuke Uotani
July 5, 2007
Tokyo, Japan

Japanese participants in the June 17-21, 2007 International Leadership Conference in Honolulu, Hawaii, gained new insights and hope for promoting world peace.

Mr. Hajime Matsumoto, Senior Advisor to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Director of the Policy Planning Bureau of the United Nations Development Program is dedicated to working for unity among the nations of Northeast Asia. "Iím very grateful that we have been provided with a clear vision for specific roles for Korea and Japan," he stated. He expressed a desire to pass on the Universal Peace Federationís core values and worldview to students and non-governmental organizations.

The delegation from Japan included diplomats representing Azerbaijan, Nigeria, Liberia, Albania and Bahrain. Ambassador Azer Tofig Aglu Huseyn of Azerbaijan was very impressed with Hyun Jin Moonís speech and commented that "the conference was very useful and informative."

Five Korean residents in Japan attended the conference; three were graduates of the North-Korean affiliated Chosun University, and two were from the South Korean-affiliated Mindan group. In Hyun Jin Moonís presentation, they found hope for the future peaceful reunification of the Korean Peninsula.

Excerpts from Reflections

Dr. Tomohiko Suga
President of Kumamoto Council of Ambassadors for Peace

Emeritus, Kumamoto Gakuen University "Through this seminar, I could clearly understand the meaning of Rev. Moonís words, which I had known only vaguely. That is, the centrality of marriage and family in realizing world peace. I agree entirely with the family-centered worldview that suggests that three generations of family members living together can lead to goodness. Now at the age of 80, I as an Ambassador for Peace make a strong determination to contribute to the work of building an ideal society for the rest of my life, though this world is facing many problems."

Mrs. Yukie Aoyama
wife of Hon. Takashi Aoyama
Former Member of the House of Representatives

"Through President Katsumi Ohtsukaís lectures, I could understand the importance of unity between mind and body. His statement that 'the collapse of family is equal to the collapse of the nationí struck me. Also, I was deeply moved by Hyun Jin Moonís powerful speech, which reminded me of our moving experience with Mr. Osami Kuboki who taught us the spirit of living for the sake of others several decades ago. I was able to learn about true love and the True Family with an open mind and heart."

Mr. Fasamlang Nam
Former Professor at Chosen University

"The unification of the Korean Peninsula is like a mission for me. I am directing a Korean language class and other events in my community based on my conviction. This seminar spiritually nourished me for my work. This is the first time I have ever seen Mr. Hyun Jin Moon up close. When I saw him, I felt hope for a coming new age and trembled with excitement. This time something touched my heart. My mission is unification! I would like to move forward step by step."

Mr. Sumika Oi
Trustee, Japan Photofabrication Association

"This conference made me rethink my life from now on. I was amazed by the fact that leaders from every religion and denomination are gathered here, and I was overwhelmed with the enthusiasm and earnestness of the participants from 52 countries. When I see Rev. Moonís accomplishments as a result of his longtime efforts, I can believe in God. Although my family is from an old samurai clan that believes in Shintoism, I am in sympathy with the idea of Godís plan that true love in the family expands to the society."

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